Causes of gallstones

The gallstones are formed from what? This can be determined only by the attending physician. After establishing the cause be grounds to carry out diagnostic procedures and diagnosis.

At present, this phenomenon occurs quite often.

This is due to changes in the quality of life and its rhythm. Why the stones are formed in the gallbladder, to determine not so difficult: it is sufficient to collect the anamnesis of life.

Factors affecting the formation of stones

The reasons for the development of this process are 2 factors: the stagnation of bile and high salt content in the body. All this impairs the performance of the metabolic processes and causes the formation of stones.

There are other causes:

  • irregular meals, the constant starvation or overeating;
  • a sedentary lifestyle, repetitive and sedentary work;
  • the period of gestation of the child;
  • administration of drugs based on hormones;
  • overweight up to obesity;
  • biliary dyskinesia;
  • pathological processes in the pancreas.

The stones are formed in the gallbladder due to the appearance of the precipitate on the solid Foundation of bile. Most of them consist of cholesterol and calcium salts. The stones do not allow the gallbladder to work in a habitual mode. Because of this, the formation of a special reservoir for the bile.

Heavy food, bumpy ride and other negative factors knock the stone out of the gallbladder. This process breaks the usual mode of the outflow of bile.

Man pesters strong pain. If you do not pay attention to this symptom, can develop acute cholecystitis. Inflammation is able to move to adjacent organs.

Why start trouble?

Here are the main causes of gallstones:

  1. Today it is possible to fix the deterioration of the quality of people’s lives. Poor environment, poor working conditions and poor quality food – all this leads to the development of health problems, including liver and the gall bladder.
  2. Heredity. All people inherit from their parents any outward signs such as eye color, nose shape and facial features. On the same level there is a “copy” of organs and systems, including inheritance diseases and addiction. It is possible to consider and the main reason for the formation of gallstones. If someone from the family suffered from this disease, the risk of developing it is large enough.
  3. The dysfunction of metabolism. Diabetes mellitus, excessive weight, the deterioration of the health of the thyroid gland – it is connected with incorrect functioning of systems and organs. Metabolism plays an important role, and if it is broken, there is a risk of various diseases. Falls into this category and cholelithiasis.
  4. Diseases of the liver. The stones can form in this body because of the violation of his health. The inability of the liver to perform its function leads to stagnation of bile, the result is cholelithiasis.
  5. Lesions of the organs of digestion. Problems with the digestive system increase the risk of calculous cholecystitis. This disease leads to disruption of digestive process. In such circumstances, the gallbladder can not cope with their functions and are not able to push bile. Result – the resulting stones, not allowing the body to work in the usual way.
  6. The quality of the food. The risk of stone formation depends on the amount of cholesterol entering the body. Production of bile increases, more amount of precipitate. As a result, problems with the release of the contents of the gallbladder. Where are the stones in this case and how to fight them? This is to determine not so difficult. Reduce consumption of foods high in cholesterol will help to avoid the development of problems.
  7. Daily diet. Long gaps between meals and the consumption of it in large quantities lead to increased production of bile. If she does not have time to get out of the gallbladder, the stones are formed.
  8. The lack of movement. This factor slows down all processes in the body. Why the stones are formed in this case, it is understandable, because movement is life, and a sedentary lifestyle is a favorable condition for the formation of stones.
Symptoms of gallstone disease and ways of treating it

Signs of stones may not appear for a long time. However, once the stone starts to get out of the gallbladder, the person immediately feels a sharp pain. The first signs of development problems is the appearance of bitterness in the mouth, constant nausea and belching. All this may be accompanied by painful sensations in the right hypochondrium. When the stone goes to the bile duct, appear colicky. In the upper part of the stomach a person feels a sharp pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, relief is not coming. If the stone could pass into the intestine on their own, the symptoms stopped. The stone comes out along with feces.

To eliminate the disease in different ways, and it’s not necessary to resort to surgical intervention. If the stones are formed, it is necessary to visit a gastroenterologist, who will decide how to get rid of the problem.

Drug treatment helps to eliminate colic and dissolving the formation. For these purposes, used drugs such as no-Spa, papaverine, and henodeauxiholeva ursodeoxycholic acid. Welcome absorbable drugs may lead to complications, to avoid which a person for 2 years must be supervised by a doctor.

If medication does not give a positive result, the stones are removed surgically. Method of operation is determined by a specialist: first, you need to find out where are the stones in the gall bladder, then proceed to eliminate them.

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