Lose weight with a protein diet

During a protein diet for weight loss, physical activity, which also contribute to weight loss, is useful. And such a diet is considered an excellent moment for strengthening muscles, because this requires a lot of proteins in the body. Exercise will help you quickly burn excess fat.

When there are many foods in the diet that contain carbohydrates and proteins, the so-called “simple fuel” enters the human body. But all buns, pizza, pastries and much more in this category contain simple carbohydrates with fats. When using these products, the body uses the obtained carbohydrates to maintain human energy, and it “puts aside the remaining fats for a rainy day”. The sides and belly are places for such “storages”, therefore a person is recovering from excessive consumption of sweets.

But the body can be “outwitted”, for this there is a protein diet, the products of which contain only proteins, and carbohydrates are excluded from consumption. The body will immediately begin to look for a way out of this situation and it has to burn its own fats to burn energy.

What are the benefits

This food system allows you to eat various foods, of course, there are restrictions, but not as severe as in other diets.

The protein diet menu will not allow starving, and its advantages are as follows:

  • losing weight is very fast. After the start of such nutrition, a person noticeably loses weight, and the fast pace of losing weight is the main advantage of the diet. Many people noted that literally in two weeks she dropped to 14 kg or even more;
  • all the extra lost kilos go back much longer. But here you need to consider what you will eat after the diet, your lifestyle and much more;
  • allowed to eat many different foods. Food will be varied and satisfying, so such a food system will not cause hunger after breakfast or lunch.

Bodybuilders are very fond of this diet, since they need proper nutrition and constant training to build muscle. Protein nutrition system will help in a short time to get the desired result.

In addition to the benefits, there are also disadvantages to a protein diet.

What are the disadvantages

In order to adhere to the protein diet for weight loss, you need to have good health, since unbalanced nutrition and health benefits it will not bring. Such nutrition is strictly contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, heart diseases, thrombosis and gout. No need to risk the elderly.

Such a nutrition system removes trace elements and calcium from the body, because only protein enters the body. This is fraught with problems in the health of the skeletal system – the bones become fragile, also do not be surprised if your nails begin to break and exfoliate and your hair has lost its former shine.

Diet foods and dietary guidelines

A person loses weight only if the calorie consumption in the body is greater than their intake, therefore, the menu in the protein diet is based on reducing the calorie content of food and there can be no talk about the uncontrolled use of large quantities of eggs and meat. However, the high protein content in foods will not allow a person to get hungry.

How to calculate the daily calorie content of foods

The right approach to menu planning begins with calculating the calorie content of products for a day. Such a calculation can be performed in various ways:

  1. calculate the basal metabolic rate using special formulas. With average weight and height, the task is simplified: you can take the average daily values, for women they are equal to 1400-1600 kcal, for men – 1600-1800 kcal. If you have sedentary work – add another 200-300 kcal to the resulting number, and with constant exercise in physical activity or work add 400-800 kcal;
  2. take average recommendations for those who want to lose weight. Here you need to multiply your weight by a factor of 26-29 and the final result is equal to the daily calorie intake.

These products are approved for use.

Product Preparation

It doesn’t matter if you have a protein diet according to a ducan or another diet from this category – you don’t have to stand idle for days near the stove for cooking. The diet is very simple and the main food will be products that contain protein.

What products are allowed
  • lean meats. Chicken, turkey and rabbit, as well as veal and beef are best. Fatty lamb and pork are undesirable to eat. In order for the protein to be better absorbed, the meat must be boiled, baked in the oven or cooked in a double boiler. Sausages and bacon are allowed;
  • the eggs. A lot of protein is found in the protein of quail or chicken eggs. Therefore, they must be present in the diet;
  • dairy products. Fat-free kefir and low-fat cottage cheese varieties are especially useful;
  • green vegetables. These are another necessary products of a protein diet, because the body still needs carbohydrates, although there should be less of them. This is cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers. In some varieties of diets, it is allowed to eat orange and grapefruit, but it is not recommended to abuse citrus fruits, otherwise the acidity of the stomach will increase;
  • low-fat fish. The fats necessary for the body are best obtained from white fish, which will favorably affect the functioning of all organs and will not put off folds on the sides;
  • ordinary water. A protein-carbohydrate diet and all other varieties require a large amount of fluid. Half an hour before a meal, it is recommended to drink 100-200 ml of ordinary water, in the interval between meals, you also need to drink clean water and, in general, at least 1.5 liters should be consumed per day.
Prohibited Products

Bakery products are almost completely excluded from the menu. It is allowed to eat one small slice of brown bread or a couple of pieces of dietary cookies per day. Flour products contribute to overweight and are not considered mandatory for the body.

The list of prohibited products includes:

  • pasta and flour products;
  • all cereals;
  • milk;
  • sugar and its substitutes;
  • potato;
  • any alcohol, even beer.

It is worth noting that in different methods of such nutrition, prohibited with permitted products may differ.

For example, the protein diet of Ducan allows the use of cereals and bread at a certain time, and with other varieties of diets they are completely excluded. But the use of sugar is prohibited in any case and it is unlikely that sweet tooth can withstand such a tough diet for them.

Diet duration

Typically, protein-type diets are recommended for one or two weeks. It is undesirable to stick to them longer, because nutrition is not very diverse. After completing the diet, it is recommended to take a break for six months, and then you can repeat it.

According to the rules, you should switch to five meals a day, if it does not work out – still eat at least four times a day. The last meal is no later than two or three hours before bedtime. Eat food in small portions, every morning start with a glass of water and only after half an hour start breakfast. Food needs to be boiled, it is best in a double boiler or baked. The grill will also be a good helper – you can easily cook a dish on it without fat and oil.

Varieties of protein diets

There are many options for protein diets for weight loss, but they are all based on the use of protein and the restriction or even complete exclusion from the daily menu of fats with carbohydrates.

Ducan’s diet

Such a dietary nutrition system is divided into four stages, each phase is designed to solve a specific problem.

First phase

This stage is called the “attack” and is considered the most difficult. At this time, it is allowed to eat protein foods without restrictions: liver, kidneys, lean meat, fish, seafood, low-fat sausage or ham, eggs and low-fat dairy products.

Spices and herbal teas are allowed. But every day you should drink at least two liters of still water. The “attack” lasts both three days and ten days, it all depends on your weight, the more weight you lose, the longer the intake of protein foods.

Low-fat meat allowed in the diet

Second phase

It is called a “cruise” and in this case, you can alternate days with the use of protein foods with days without it. At this stage of weight loss, it is allowed to eat vegetables without starch for as long as you want. You can gradually introduce 30 g of hard cheese and a few drops of olive oil into the daily diet. The alternation of days is carried out taking into account extra pounds, if you have 10 kg of excess weight – alternate one day after one or three days after three.

And if excess weight is gained from 10 to 30 kg – the alternation of days occurs according to the scheme five through five. All products from the first phase are allowed to be consumed, they are joined by tomatoes with cucumbers, radishes, cabbage, green beans, bell peppers, eggplant, mushrooms, soy sauce and soy cheese (tofu). A cruise lasts as long as it takes to get the desired result.

Third phase

This stage of the Ducan protein diet is called “stabilization” and it allows you to add potatoes, pasta and rice twice a week. You can also eat every day two slices of wholemeal bread, any fruit, except grapes with bananas. 1 tbsp is allowed. olive oil and 40 g of hard cheese.

This stage should save the result and its duration depends on the number of kilograms lost by you – for every 1 kg of weight loss – 10 days of stabilization. For example, if you lost 9 kg, then the duration of this diet period is 90 days.

Fourth phase

It is called “maintaining the achieved result.” At this stage, almost all products are allowed to eat, except for confectionery and fast food. But there is one requirement – it is necessary to arrange a fasting day once a week with the use of protein foods. You can use fermented milk products, fish or meat.

At this stage, it is even allowed to arrange a feast and eat the most harmful product for your figure, but you need to eat such food at least once or twice a week. This phase of the diet should continue for the rest of your life and it usually does not cause difficulties, because almost everything is allowed.

Carbohydrate and Protein Diet

If you chose a protein-carbohydrate diet, then you did it right, because it is simple and convenient.

The essence of such a dietary nutrition system is the alternation of:

  • proteins are consumed on the first day;
  • the second day is devoted to carbohydrates;
  • on the third day, protein food is again consumed.

And with this method, alternate foods until the end of the diet. On a protein day, fats with carbohydrates are not at all excluded, and you can eat a little protein food in a carbohydrate. This diet lasts about three weeks. In the menu of protein days, you can include cheese, vegetables, eggs, boiled fish with meat.

On carbohydrate days it is allowed to eat chicken, legumes, bread, oatmeal, vegetables and fruits. A varied low calorie menu will come out. This diet food is safe for the body and balanced, but it will also allow you to lose weight.

Protein diet during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the baby in the belly of the future mother eats what she does. Therefore, every woman should review her daily diet and in order not to gain excess weight, it is necessary to eat low-calorie, but at the same time useful foods. This will help the protein diet for pregnant women, it positively affects the intestinal microflora, supports immunity and is useful for the unborn baby.

The essence of this diet is the use of pure protein in an amount of 2-2.5 g per day per one kilogram of a woman’s weight. In this case, the daily norm is usually from 100 to 120 g. But the diet is not limited to only proteins, fats with carbohydrates are also allowed, they just need to be slightly reduced. Flour, sugar and bread should be excluded.

But with each meal you need to use only one serving of protein, because if there is an excess of it in the body, it will negatively affect the liver and kidneys.

At the heart of a protein diet for pregnant women are these products:

  • two glasses of milk and 2 eggs 2 in a “bag”;
  • two fresh cucumbers or another green vegetable, as well as several leaves of green salad;
  • three slices of oil and 150 g of seafood or fish;
  • 120 g of red meat – beef, lean pork, steamed veal;
  • 200 g of cottage cheese, low-fat and slightly hard cheese.

Once a day you need to eat a product in which there is a lot of vitamin C and drink water in moderation. It is necessary to refuse chocolate, condensed milk, fresh bread, sweet fruits of hard-boiled eggs and confectionery.

During pregnancy, diets must be treated very carefully.

Diet with proteins and vegetables

A protein-vegetable diet has many options, but cereals, pasta, sugar and starch are forbidden in any of them. The basic product will be not only protein, but also vegetables. It is necessary to alternate protein and vegetable days. The liquid can be drunk in any quantity, but alcohol is prohibited. Immediately you need to increase the consumption of vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes, cabbage, peppers and eggplant. Of the proteins allowed poultry, low-fat ham, boiled eggs, cottage cheese, fish.

In the protein-vegetable diet, potatoes, legumes, corn, all cereals, confectionery and flour products, as well as sweet vegetables and fruits: carrots, beets, bananas, grapes and apricots are prohibited. The duration of such nutrition is from five days to 1.5 months.

Vitamin and Protein Diet

Vitamin-protein diet allows you to effectively lose weight and at the same time does not harm your health. It is easily tolerated, it lasts 10 days and during this period of time you can lose up to five kilograms of weight. The essence of such a diet is that you can consume vitamins and proteins, and carbohydrates with fats are practically eliminated.

As a protein, you can take meat, fish, eggs, feta cheese, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled sausage and low-fat poultry meat. Vitamins in the vitamin-protein diet can be not only fruits, but also vegetables – boiled and raw. For example, carrots, beets, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and much more. But potatoes are prohibited, and you do not need to eat very sweet fruits – bananas, grapes and others.

You can drink as much as you want mineral and regular water, herbal infusions and sugar-free teas. You need to eat every 2.5 hours in small portions, all seasonings must be discarded. The use of vitamins and proteins alternates: if there were proteins for breakfast – eat vitamin products for lunch.

Now you know all the details about protein diets, and what they are. And if you follow all the above rules and in parallel with following the diet, go in for sports – the weight will go away very quickly. Moreover, a slim figure will last a very long time.

This material is for informational purposes only, before using the information provided it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

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