Does diet by blood

What is the diet for blood group

The idea that blood type affects the body’s ability to digest different types of food to cope with stress and respond to physical activity, came to head the American naturopath Peter D’adamo (Dr. Peter D’adamo).

At the time, the book, D’adamo became a bestseller, and the diet is still a lot of followers around the world.

Based on this, in 1996, D’adamo created a diet for people with different blood groups:

  • Type O (I blood group). In the diet should be high in protein from meat, fish, poultry. You need to restrict the amount of carbohydrates, grains and legumes. Recommendations close to paleodiet.
  • Type A (II blood group). People are well digested carbohydrates and bad animal proteins and fats. You can eat plant foods: vegetables, fruits, legumes, gluten free grains. Eliminate milk, meat, coffee and alcohol.
  • Type B (III blood group). You can eat vegetables and fruits, milk, most meats except chicken. Eliminate wheat, corn, beans, tomatoes and some other products.
  • Type AB (IV blood group). You can eat vegetables and fruit, meat except red, seafood, milk, legumes and grains. To exclude beans, corn, beef, alcohol.
What the science says

There are many studies dealing with the diet for blood group, but their quality leaves much to be desired. In 2013, researchers tested 1415 studies of this diet. The trust deserved only one. And it did not confirm the effectiveness of the diet.

A large study 1455 participants also found the use of offspring D’adamo.

So whether or not to follow a diet according to blood group

In principle, this diet is pretty healthy. Absolutely everyone D’adamo prescribes to avoid processed foods and simple carbohydrates, choose organic foods, and taking supplements. This is enough to lose a little weight and improve health, though, regardless of blood group.

Diet for blood group is as effective as a normal healthy diet.

However, sometimes it can to hurt you. For example, if you want to build muscle and have an II blood group, you will have to give up meat and milk – foods rich in animal protein and is required for fast muscle building. And vegetarians with III or I to blood have no bad beans – source of vegetable protein.

In General, follow a diet, but without fanaticism, focusing primarily on your goals and preferences.

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