Changes in diet than speed up metabolism

The exchange process translates the components of food into molecules that are available for absorption (proteins, carbohydrates, fats). The body spends these molecules for two purposes: it builds a physical body (bones, muscles, internal organs) or oxidizes molecules to produce energy.

The food that enters the human body undergoes multi-stage processing: first, complex substances break down simple levels (amino acids, sugars, lipids), then molecules of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are synthesized from simple substances.

Metabolism or metabolism is the transformation of food into physical tissues and energy. The more food comes in, the greater is the ability to gain weight and the greater is the ability to move and expend energy.

Thus, if a person needs a lot of energy (an active lifestyle), then food is spent on energy reserves. If a person needs a small amount of energy (sedentary work, a quiet life), then food is spent on building the body (including body fat).

In people of different ages, metabolic processes occur at different speeds:

  • The fastest metabolism is in children. All excess food is processed into energy and growth, without the formation of nutrient deposits.
  • The slowest metabolism is in the elderly. Nutrients are broken down, absorbed slowly. Therefore, with age, high-calorie foods create the conditions for weight gain.

The question is how to improve metabolism?

The main exchange – what is it

Nutritionists have such a definition – “the main exchange.” They call that amount of energy that we spend on maintaining the body in a calm state (without active loads, training). For men, this figure is defined as 1 kcal per 1 kg of physical body in 1 hour. That is, the average value of the number of calories for a man weighing 80 kg will be:

80 kg x 1 kcal x 24 hours = 1920 kcal (for 1 day)

For women, the average is less than 10%. So for a woman weighing 70 kg, the daily amount of calories will be 1500 kcal.

These indicators clearly show us why women are more obese than men. Women need significantly fewer calories (firstly, physiologically, and secondly, because of a less active lifestyle).

Metabolism in action: transformations within the body

Metabolism provides the main function of the body – to live, act in the environment (move, talk, grow, multiply, think). After the splitting of complex components into simple constituent parts of the molecules are converted into water and carbon dioxide with the release of energy. So the body receives the necessary energy reserve.

Another part of the cells is used to build muscle, bone, ligamentous tissue, skeleton, internal organs, skin integuments.

The ongoing processes are regulated by the needs of the body. Food is converted into cells or into energy by the action of enzymes and hormones produced in the body by the commands of the brain. It is he who decides what is needed at the moment: cells for building the body or energy (or nothing is needed, which means that excess food will be left in reserve). If the human brain can regulate the metabolic process, can a person through his actions accelerate the metabolism for weight loss?

Metabolic conditions

In order for the metabolism to occur, the following conditions are necessary:

  • We need enzymes – catalysts for processes: protease (for the breakdown of proteins to peptides and amino acids), glycodase (for the breakdown of complex carbohydrates into simple sugars), transamenases (for the breakdown of protein groups). The presence of a sufficient number of enzymes allows you to speed up the metabolism in the body.
  • Oxygen is needed – it oxidizes simple molecules, resulting in chemical reactions with the formation of new components, the release of energy. Increasing the amount of incoming oxygen (active movement, deep breathing techniques) also help improve metabolism.
  • A balance of hormones is needed (they affect the formation of enzymes, as well as the permeability of cell membranes).
  • The normal functioning of nerve fibers is necessary (they transmit commands to the cells from the brain to regulate intracellular processes).

To affect the metabolism, speed up the metabolism or slow down its flow in the body, it is necessary to change the conditions of its reactions. What does this mean and what needs to be changed to accelerate food reactions and lose weight?

Changes in diet: how to accelerate metabolism

Improving the metabolism in the body helps a healthy balanced diet. The term “healthy” – means that food that brings maximum benefits to the human body, while not complicating its work.

By the term “rational” we mean the quantity and caloric value of food that a person needs (depending on his gender, level of physical activity, lifestyle). Let’s look at which foods that speed up the metabolism and burn fat can be easily included in the daily menu.

Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables, fruits, berries – this is the number 1 choice in the list of products that accelerate metabolism. Firstly, they contain fiber, for the digestion of which the body consumes a significant amount of calories (for the same reason, to improve digestion, ground cereals are replaced with whole cereals, and bran is added to baking flour – a large amount of fiber is contained in the shells of grains).

Secondly, they contain enzymes that are used to digest food and determine the rate of metabolic reactions. The more enzymes, the faster the food will be digested. Thirdly, vegetables, berries, fruits contain vitamins that affect the formation of additional enzymes.

It is important to know:  enzymes are living organisms. They die during heat treatment.

Therefore, the maximum benefit is for raw vegetables, fruits, freshly prepared juices (they have both enzymes and fiber). Cooked, fried vegetables have lower benefits (there is fiber, but no enzymes).

Greens and smoothies

Greens – the choice number 2 in the list of products for weight loss. This includes green leafy vegetables (lettuce, leafy beets, dill, parsley, broccoli) and herbs (dandelion leaves, nettle, knotweed). The green parts of plants are rich in vitamins of group B. These vitamins more than others, accelerate digestion, because they affect the formation of additional enzymes.

In addition to fresh herbs, the so-called “green smoothies” significantly accelerate the digestion of food. They are prepared in a blender: green herbs are crushed, mixed with a small amount of water, fruit or yogurt.


Spices are another important digestive enhancer. Chili, ginger, black and hot red pepper, cloves, coriander, onions, garlic are your best friends. They not only accelerate the metabolism, but also drive away parasites (worms), reduce allergic manifestations.

Milk products

This group of products that are very important for humans includes sour milk, fermented baked milk, yogurt, cottage cheese.

They are useful:

  • Enzymes and bacteria that provide processing, assimilation of food. An obligatory glass of kefir at night ensures the complete processing of all food components in the intestine.
  • Calcium contained in them (which is an accelerator of metabolism).

The listed products can be an independent meal or be part of the finished dishes. In this case, the most useful products that accelerate the metabolism are raw, without thermal cooking.

What else can improve the metabolism to lose weight?

Slimming water

Known fact: man and other living things are 75% water. Blood, lymph, intracellular environment – are fluids. Water is essential for metabolic processes. It is in the aquatic environment that reactions occur, toxins, and accumulated deposits are eliminated. Therefore, to normalize weight, it is necessary to consume 2 liters of fluid per day (teas, compotes, first courses).

You can enhance the effect of losing weight from water if you replace ordinary water with ice. The body will spend additional calories on heating the liquid (figures for comparison: up to 25 Cal per 200 g is spent on the absorption of cold water, 16 Cal on the warm absorption).

Take a note: for a good weight loss effect, they use 1.5 melt water per day (not including tea, first courses).

Physical activity and muscle mass

If it is difficult for you to deny yourself sweets, then excess nutrients must be spent in active physical movement:

  • Daily jogging in the stadium or walking (5-7 km per day).
  • Training in the gym (gymnastics, fitness, fitness equipment, swimming).
  • Active games (volleyball, football, tennis and table tennis).
  • Physical labor (cleaning, work in the country or in a personal plot).

In addition, new muscles build up during the movement. And they are the most active fat burner and metabolic accelerator.
An interesting fact:  human muscles consume kcal 4 times more than adipose tissue. Therefore, a trained woman will spend more calories per day than an overweight lady (even if they both lie on the couch all day).

The more muscle mass, the more calories a person spends per day. The human muscles consume energy even in a state of rest or sleep. So, they do not allow excess weight to form, they accelerate metabolism.

And one more fact in favor of physical education: during active movement, the lungs are more strongly ventilated, more oxygen enters the blood. And its molecules are one of the main oxidizing agents and burners of fat.

Protein Slimming Products

To build muscle, you need protein. Nutritionists confirm that plant protein is absorbed better than an animal. Therefore, eat nuts, seeds, legumes, as well as lean meat, fish.

A number of medical studies confirm the fact that with frequent fractional nutrition, muscle mass grows faster. Therefore, you can eat more often (instead of 3 times – up to 6 times a day) and in small portions.

Breathing for metabolism and weight loss.

Breathing supplies oxygen to our body – the main oxidizing agent, due to which energy is released from oxidized cells for life. The more oxygen is absorbed by the body, the faster metabolism occurs.

Thus, oxygen allows you to speed up the metabolism for weight loss.

The fact that breathing is enhanced during physical exertion, we have already said. Now let’s pay attention to how you can increase the amount of oxygen without physical activity. Deep breathing is a way of filling the lungs with air, in which all pulmonary alveoli are involved in the breathing process: upper clavicular, middle thoracic, lower abdominal. A person inhaling “full breast” increases the saturation of cells with oxygen by 5-10%.

Digestion and liver

The liver provides digestion. In this organ, juice for digestion (bile) is formed, glycogen (energy carbohydrate reserve) is accumulated, enzymes are synthesized, vitamins are formed, hormones are activated. The condition of the liver directly affects the speed of metabolic processes.

To normalize the liver during metabolic syndrome (disruption of the liver) make it clean: vegetable juices, special procedures.

Sleep and daily routine

The metabolism of people who sleep less than 7 hours a day is markedly reduced. This is due to an increase in the amount of ghrelin (the hormone of hunger) with chronic lack of sleep.

In addition, sleep time affects metabolic rate. If you lead a nocturnal lifestyle, go to bed after 4 in the morning (it doesn’t matter if it’s a disco or a night shift), this mode disrupts the hormone production process (recall that hormones are the link that transmits brain commands to enzymes, reduces or increases their number, which means it slows down or speeds up the metabolism). This once again confirms that our appearance is 90% dependent on lifestyle, and only 10% on heredity.

The role of stress and negative experiences

Stress, depression, negative experiences slow down the metabolism. Sometimes a person stops eating altogether, not because he restricts himself to diets, but because there is no appetite and desire to do something. Food “stands” in the throat, the stomach “stops.”

In such situations, all processes slow down – the movement of blood, lymph, the rhythm of heart contractions, and brain impulses. All functions fade away.

It is important to know: the metabolic rate reaches its maximum when a person is in an excellent mood, full of optimism, as well as with good muscle tone.

Drugs for metabolism and weight loss

The pharmacy industry offers a number of drugs that accelerate the metabolism, burn fat. These medicines help to lose weight without restrictions and diets.

We list some drugs that improve metabolism:

  • Reduxin, Goldline – affect the saturation center, lengthen the time of the presence of the saturation hormone, accelerate metabolic processes, burn fat.
  • Xenical, Orsoten – block the digestive enzyme lipase, which is responsible for the absorption of fats.
  • Biologically Active Supplements (BAA) – Turboslim, LiDa, MCC, etc. They have laxative and diuretic effects, thin the blood, cleanse the liver, intestines.

And yet, take a note: metabolism slows down alcohol, depression and fatigue. Avoid these conditions, be slim and healthy!

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