Separate nutrition for weight loss

The most amazing thing is that people began to think about proper nutrition back in the days of the great Roman Empire, when many Aesculapius unanimously reiterated the harm and incompatibility of certain products.

It will not be a discovery or secret for you that much depends on a good and high-quality, and, most importantly, balanced diet. After all, admit to yourself that you often like to overload the body with fatty or “heavy” tasty, but so harmful.

And it is not surprising that your body is gaining excess weight and lays the “fat” in the most prominent places. Thus, he protests, resists the harmful substances that you forcefully push into yourself.

Of course, with this type of food absorption, you will not have instant results and quick “evaporation” of excess grams. The specified method will contribute to a slow, confident and fixed result. With this approach to losing weight, your excess weight will not be returned, as is the case with most diets.

Separate nutrition for weight loss, like another system, has certain rules and requirements, which in any case must be met with the established accuracy. The following rules should be followed to achieve the desired result.

Power Sharing Rules

The very first and inviolable principle is your desire and faith in the result. Alas, without these two points, you can never really get a perfect and perfect body. Thus, firmly believe and wish to have a perfect figure.

The principles of separate nutrition will be described below, it is worth noting that some points may differ, because the separate diet itself exists in two directions for losing weight, maintaining the ideal shape and burning the “excess” of junk food, the following simple rules must be observed:

  • Flour + protein-containing products are prohibited. In this case, it is forbidden to mix various kinds of concentrates, because to digest protein, the stomach requires high-acid products, and flour-based products require other juices, which can lead to the fermentation of the second. But in fact, you just load the stomach with overwork. And some of the elements of incompatible food will instantly settle on your sides. And you do not need it at all!
  • Eat only the proteins of one group at a time. During an excess of protein, uric acid begins to be actively produced in the body, which can ultimately lead to diseases such as rheumatism and gout.
  • One snack – one product containing flour. To saturate the body with energy, one type of flour products is sufficient. Excess or oversaturation entails problems in the form of weight gain, this is especially dangerous for people who lead an inactive lifestyle.
  • The combination of sugar and living proteins is punishable. Sugar causes fermentation in the stomach and complicates the “processing” of protein.
  • Flour and sour fruits are contraindicated. Due to different levels of digestion, the stomach will not be able to “process” flour products that will settle on your waist and hips, and then again force you to buy jeans a size larger! Therefore, do not take risks with a combination of these products.
  • Use melon and watermelon before meals and only in a single form. These berries only seem light and harmless, in fact it is very difficult for the stomach to turn them into nutrients. And if you eat something else with them, they will be left without “processing” and can cause such troubles as gas, gastritis, belching and much more.
  • We drink milk alone. You can drink milk, combining with salads and fruits. And since milk is a substance containing protein, and as you already know, protein is difficult to digest. If milk is not perceived, you can replace it with kefir or yogurt.
  • Vegetable oils only. For cooking and dressing it is recommended to use olive, corn, soybean oil. These oils are very nutritious and beneficial for humans, and are also easily compatible with protein-based products.
  • Dried fruits are a hotbed of protein and flour elements. As you can already learn to combine these two types is strictly prohibited.

Please note that the diet with separate nutrition has strict requirements for compatibility of various kinds of products. And this compatibility can be easily demonstrated by the product compatibility table for separate nutrition.

Slimming Nutrition Table

So the time has come for you to study thoroughly what you can or cannot combine. This will help you a table of separate nutrition for weight loss with a detailed description. Called to ease your labors on your beautiful future figure.

Below the points it will be described why these nutrients are needed and what role they play in life.

  1. Meat section. The indicated section is the most insidious and at the same time very important for the human body. After all, it is here that it is easiest to violate all established rules for product compatibility. It is important to understand that the stomach needs the strongest acids to “pull out” useful and necessary substances from this product, which appear only in the first hour after consumption. The main point in this column is the need to prepare lean meat, that is, all external fats must be removed. The combination is acceptable with vegetables that do not contain starch and the so-called green category. The combination with alcohol-containing drinks and dairy products is prohibited.
  2. Legume item. This subparagraph implies peas, beans, lentils and many other elements that require some attention to combine with other species. All this is ensured by their dual property. Let’s say how starchy they are very good in combination with fats, and can be well absorbed when still containing vegetable oils or sour cream. As a source of natural protein, it is acceptable to use them with greens and vegetables containing starch. The exclusion of these products from the diet will lead to a loss, and soon, a deficiency of vegetable protein.
  3. Cream and butter. It is best to use this product in conjunction with salads, in which not starchy vegetables and a lot of greens are crushed.
  4. Sour cream. Best suited to vegetables when preparing various salads. Also goes well with other dairy products, such as cottage cheese.
  5. Vegetable base oil. Very healthy and excellent oil, it should be served with salads. It is best consumed raw and unpeeled. Note that it is very high-calorie, be careful not to overdo it.
  6. Sugar and various confectionery. Give up the temptation. This type of product is practically not absorbed. At the same time, it causes a lot of unpleasant sensations in the form of gastritis, excess deposits, and severely limit the secretion of gastric juice.
  7. Bread, potato dishes, cereals. These products are very harmful. It is this ban that is one of the foundations of separate nutrition, which ensures the maximum restriction on the production of heavy carbohydrates. But, bread baked on whole and unrefined grains can be consumed in any quantity.
  8. Acid fruits and tomatoes. These products are very useful if they are used correctly at different times with various other products such as protein and starch.
  9. Sweet dried fruit. Combine this food with anything else is not recommended, and it is best to eat them 20 minutes before the main meal.
  10. Green and non-starchy vegetables. This is the only category that has a green corridor everywhere. They can be eaten with all other types.
  11. Starchy vegetable products. It is best to add to starchy foods, but you can not combine them with sugar.
  12. Milk. Use exclusively separately. The nature of the use of milk in a single form. Indeed, in nature, all cubs feed only on milk, without any addition of other substances.
  13. Sour-milk products and cottage cheese. Carefully “combine” these products, as the final product is difficult and will require maximum effort for processing. It can be consumed with cheese or sour cream. But sweet fruits added to the cottage cheese do harm.
  14. Brynza and cheese. Only young home-made cheeses or soaked feta cheese are recommended for use, since the salts and pungency that are present in other types negatively affect metabolism.
  15. The eggs. Sufficiently heavy proteins that are difficult to process as part of a different product. But as a separate product, eggs are very useful because of the content of vitamins. But this type should not be zealous.
  16. Walnut. Vegetable fats are very easy to digest and are rich in vitamins.

In order to understand how approximately you have to eat, then an approximate menu for a week with separate meals will be laid out.

Dishes for a week

Approximate seven-day separate meals menu:

The first day:

  • in the morning you need to drink tea without sugar, eat oatmeal cooked in water, 2 kiwi;
  • second breakfast: salad dressed with a spoon of olive oil;
  • lunch: two slices of cheese, boiled chicken breast and broccoli;
  • second lunch: pear in the amount of one piece;
  • dinner: low-fat omelet from two eggs and vegetable soup.

Second day:

  • buckwheat porridge with orange, which should be washed down with tea without sugar;
  • one apple;
  • boiled fish with salad, the total portion size is 100 grams;
  • one jar of yogurt;
  • salad and soup cooked on vegetables.

Day Three:

  • rye porridge in milk, 100 ml of juice from oranges or purified water. Tea without sugar;
  • green apple;
  • boiled veal with salad and stewed vegetables, total serving weight 100 grams;
  • walnut 5 pcs;
  • cauliflower baked in cheese;

Day four:

  • tea without sugar, coarse toast, barley porridge in skim milk, tangerine;
  • green apple;
  • squid, green salad with stewed eggplant, 2 slices of cheese;
  • 4 prunes;
  • portion of boiled vegetables and fried eggs with the addition of tomatoes.

Fifth day:

  • oatmeal porridge with added fruit, yogurt and unsweetened tea;
  • an Apple;
  • green salad with broccoli and cauliflower + half chicken breast;
  • banana;
  • cheese and tomatoes together with vegetable soup.

Day Six:

  • whole toast, buckwheat, orange, “empty” tea;
  • apple + banana;
  • cheese, a portion of soup and fish, salad;
  • a small amount of almond nuts;
  • mushroom omelet with stewed vegetables.

Day Seven:

  • During the day you need to eat one and a half kilograms of apples.

This menu is recommended for those who want to “lose” excess weight and put themselves in order, of course, some items can be changed at your discretion, most importantly, use the alignment table.

Also, recipes and some types of diets for separate nutrition will be given below, which will help to get the desired result as much as possible.

Varieties of diet

Each diet has several types of methods for achieving results and a divided “table”. Therefore, there are two types of diets that will help you put yourself in order and deprive your body of harmful “accumulations”.

Diet for 21 days

The menu is designed for 21 days. It is mainly built on a huge amount of plant products: vegetables and fruits. They act as natural fiber, but with trace elements and vitamins, unfortunately, they are not very saturated, since the soil of the earth is very depleted.

Thus, nutritionists prefer to add a variety of vitamins and supplements of biological origin to the diet. This program is calculated exclusively by a dietitian for each person personally.

Diet for 90 days

90-day diet of separate nutrition, this technique is based on cycles. It is based on a four-day cycle in which on each specific day it is necessary to eat one type of food. In this technique, approximately one cycle is as follows:

  1. The first day in the cycle is called “protein.” On that day, you are allowed to eat any food containing protein.
  2. The second day of the cycle is called “starchy.” On this day, you are allowed to make a menu that includes starch products.
  3. The third day is called “carbohydrate.” You can safely eat cereals, pastries, dark chocolate before bedtime. The main thing is that the menu should not contain dishes containing eggs, yeast and milk.
  4. The fourth day of the fruit cycle. On the set day you can eat various fruits and natural juices. The main thing is to divide everything into small portions in order not to get an intestinal upset.

Using the system of 90 days of separate nutrition, already on day 29 you can make a fasting day to facilitate the work and restructuring of the body.

Menu Recipes

In general, each diet or a specific list of foods can quickly get bored, and this is one of the most important reasons for the “disruption” of the entire weight loss plan. And so that this does not happen, you are available a large number of different ways of cooking this or that dish. Separate food recipes can be found in specialized manuals, or on the Internet.

Also, regarding a separate menu, you can consult your doctor who can tell you how to add variety to the menu.

Thus, no matter what type of diet you choose, you can easily find recipes for separate meals for 21 days of diet, recipes for 90 days for separate meals, or just to keep your body in good condition.

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