Chinese diet pills

Weight correction by a Thai invention lasts about a month. There are several product options that differ in composition. Everyone will be able to choose the right course for themselves.

The essence of all programs is the same – taking medication during the day. To take the course of weight loss, purchase a set of tablets.

Thai diet pills have become very popular among women. According to reviews, it is clear that in a short time, a miracle panacea helps to get rid of 6-10 kg.

The preparations and services of the Beauty Institute in Bangkok, which produce the tablets in question, have the international quality mark ISO 9002. The YANHI hospital has been dealing with the problem of excess weight for more than 18 years.

Each pack of medicines has its purpose:

  • decreased hunger;
  • reduced calorie intake;
  • removal of toxins and toxins;
  • purification from fat accumulations;
  • obstruction of the accumulation of fat.

Additionally, the complex includes vitamins that must be taken to adapt the body to innovations. Tablets must be washed down with a glass or two of boiled water. Carbonated drinks and alcohol are completely excluded. Taking Thai pills, you need to strictly observe the regimen of the day, do not violate the time of eating. You should also abandon fatty foods and sweets. A strict diet during the course is not needed, but an increase in the diet of fruits and vegetables will be useful.

Contraindications and disadvantages

Do not take pills for patients with diabetes mellitus, with renal failure, dystonia and heart disease. In the process, it can dry out strongly in the mouth, which is eliminated by drinking plenty of water.

If you experience dizziness or trouble sleeping, then you need to drink a glass of milk with honey at night. When purchasing such a product, you should make sure that it is certified. The export of such drugs from Thailand is prohibited, so it is very easy to face a fake.

Will Chinese pills help lose weight

Many enthusiastic reviews and recommendations can be heard and read from lovers of “free cheese”. Chinese diet pills at first glance seem indispensable. But it’s worth a little insight, as the seriousness of the situation immediately becomes clear.

First, the import of pills from China is prohibited. This means that among the miracle drugs, most of them turn out to be fake. Secondly, the composition of Chinese capsules is not declassified, so you are seriously at risk of poisoning and not only… Thirdly, as it turned out, many who lost weight showed serious problems with internal organs.

A side effect while taking the pill is sleep disturbance, high sweating, increased irritability, headaches, and depression.
What Chinese tablets are on sale

Quite famous are the Bomb Diet Pills. This is a tool for burning fat. It is available in capsules. The manufacturer claims that the drug helps to normalize the metabolism. The remedy is made on herbs, has red cayenne pepper, L-carnitine, plantain and Brazil nut extract. The drug sometimes causes an allergic reaction, redness and itching of the skin.

Take one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach, which is very convenient for those who are forced to be absent at home during the day. The drug is contraindicated for people with a sick heart and kidneys. The effectiveness of the bomb has not yet been proven.

Famous lida

Another remedy for the Chinese, which is familiar to almost everyone who thought about losing weight in an easy way.

Lida diet pills are based on herbal extracts:

  • Jerusalem artichoke;
  • guarana;
  • Garcinia
  • sweet potato;
  • pumpkin;
  • alfalfa;
  • coconut poria.

Scientists have found sibutramine in capsules, which treat severe obesity. Although the manufacturer kept silent about him, indicating the composition of the drug. This suggests that Lida should be taken strictly under the supervision of a doctor. But they, in turn, are categorically against such drugs. Nutritionists call Chinese medicine quackery.

The instructions say that they take the drug for 1 month, 1 tablet per day, washed down with a glass of warm water. During the course, a diuretic effect is observed, toxins and toxins are excreted. The heart, liver, and kidneys suffer from this intensity.

In Russia, they found that the drug is addictive. Therefore, the sale of Lida is prohibited. Be careful, fakes are possible! If the drug is on sale somewhere, then its price will be very high, because you can bring it to the country only illegally.

Achievements of Indian Pharmacology

There is an effective drug that reduces body weight, which is recommended by nutritionists. These are Indian Goldline Diet Pills. You can buy such in a pharmacy only by prescription.

The composition of the drug has an anorexigenic drug – sibutramine. It helps to get rid of hunger, having an effect on the parts of the brain. Prescribe the drug to people with severe obesity, which cannot be removed in other ways.

Do not take tablets for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Side effects and disadvantages

There is insomnia or drowsiness, headaches, increased pressure, increased heart rate, dry mouth. Take the drug for several months. Losing weight is slow. Many losing weight note increased irritability and depression. You need to carefully monitor the meals, because some almost forget that they are hungry. And you need to eat, so as not to earn an ulcer.

In no case should you take Goldline with other medications at the same time. It is also better to refuse to take the medicine for those who suffer from heart diseases. It is not recommended to drink tablets for more than 2 years.

Taking the drug should be accompanied by a light diet and a system of physical exercises. After refusing the medicine, the weight can return, therefore, dietary nutrition should become a way of life for a losing weight forever.

It should be noted that in a free sale you can find a similar drug Goldline Light. This is a completely different medicine with a different composition.

Domestic manufacturers

Reduxine diet pills are produced in Russia. They include the same sibutramine. This drug can only be prescribed by a nutritionist. It is available in the form of capsules of different dosages. The rate that is right for you is determined by the doctor.

Side effects of the drug are similar to those described above. Only to the previous list you need to add pain in the back, neck and chest, migraine, vomiting, constipation, gastritis, myalgia, asthenia.

With an overdose of the drug, the described adverse reactions are amplified. In this case, you need to stop taking the medicine and consult a doctor.

It is not allowed to take tablets for people with central nervous system disorders, thyrotoxicosis, central nervous system diseases, pregnant and lactating women.

The course of treatment can be long, but not more than 2 years. Drink 1 tablet in the morning before eating. During weight loss, monitor the calorie content of food and do physical exercises.

Be careful! The drug Reduxin Light is in no way associated with Reduxin. Their composition and manufacturers are completely different. This is a marketing ploy that misleads customers.
Swiss pills

Xenical, a Swiss diet pills, is very popular. They partially block the absorption of fats in the intestines. Nutritionists believe that with the right daily diet and intake of less high-calorie foods, the drug can help losing weight. Weight loss in this way is slow. But in a year you can get rid of 20% of the total mass.

Unlike the above drugs, Xenical is taken with meals or within an hour after. The medicine is washed down with one glass of water. 3 capsules are allowed per day. Taking a Swiss drug, you need to take care that the body receives a sufficient amount of vitamins. They are recommended to drink a few hours before bedtime.

During the period of taking the drug, increased gas production and bowel movement are observed. To reduce such side effects, it is not advisable to overload the stomach. During weight loss, it is necessary to perform physical exercises for pacing.

Xenical is not useful to everyone.

There are diseases in which taking the drug is not permissible:

  • diabetes;
  • impaired renal function;
  • gallbladder disease;
  • liver disease
  • anorexia.

Also, it is not allowed to take the medicine for people under 12 years old, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Pills have always been a concern for many. But a desperate woman is capable of many actions. If you are convinced that there really is no other way out, it is best to consult an experienced nutritionist. No need to follow the advice of friends and acquaintances. Not all drugs act equally on different organisms.

Avoid fakes, do not buy cheap diet pills, buy drugs only in trusted places. Be sure to check the quality certificates of the goods. Before you buy pills, make sure that you really need it.

This material is for informational purposes only, before using the information provided it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

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