Diet to cleanse the body

Diet for cleansing the body. Today you can easily find many kinds of diets to reduce excess weight, and not all of them harmless. Permanent, rigid restriction of food intake not only affects the emotional state of a person, but can seriously damage his health.

This is not surprising because stringent diets for weight loss the body is experiencing an overall lack of essential vitamins and nutrients. However, diet diet strife. The refusal of many products to lose weight usually requires willpower and constant struggle with myself. But if a restricted diet means getting rid of the internal organs from the accumulated harmful substances, such diet for cleansing the body is useful for almost every person.

Why do I need to diet to cleanse the body

It is no secret that good mood of any person is a pledge of good mood, health and longevity. Unfortunately, these happy days happen not always. Most often, a healthy person feels well. But sometimes his body suddenly starts to signal about the problems in their work.

Warning signs of illness: chronic fatigue, poor sleep, heaviness in the stomach, occasional headaches, frequent depression, swelling, a pungent smell of sweat patches on the tongue, rashes on the skin. In most cases, such symptoms are evidence of the violation of metabolism and, consequently, reduced immunity.

And the main reason for the failure of metabolic processes – the clogging of internal organs toxins, toxins, nitrates, salts of heavy metals, radionuclides and other toxic “dead weight” that has accumulated in the human body. High concentration of all these pollutants can cause very serious diseases, including cancer. Why there is a blockage of the body of toxic substances?

In the neutralization of the decay products in the body involves the liver, kidneys, intestines. Many toxins are excreted through the skin with sweat, and the pulmonary system breathing. But the modern man the accumulation of toxic substances is so great that the body simply does not have time to cope with their responsibilities. Toxins are deposited and clog up the connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, body fluids.

The blame for the environmental pollution, Smoking, prolonged intake of drugs, but still the most important thing – the oversaturation of the body with carbohydrates, fats and proteins due to regular consumption of fatty foods of animal origin, salt, sugar, fast food and alcoholic beverages. In addition, food manufacturers now use flavor enhancers, preservatives, thickeners, dyes, that only increases the slagging of the body. That is why we recommend periodic internal cleansing is “spring cleaning”. Of course, there are radical methods of cleansing the body, for example, an enema or tyubazh (lavage of the gallbladder using the entered probe), but such shock therapy usually is not a health and medicinal goal. For a healthy person is the best way of getting rid of toxins is a mild cleansing of the body, which implies keeping a certain diet regime.

Preparing for a detox diet

First of all, it should be noted that a cleansing diet should not last too long. The most preferred variant of its implementation: 3 – 5 days once a month. You should also not forget that in the presence of chronic diseases to consult with physician before its implementation. And, of course, very important psychologically to adjust itself, constantly mindful of motivation and goals.

Take some time to get used to the diet, there will be discomfort due to the abandonment of many previously used foods, you may experience problems with bowel movement because the bowel is full of toxins. Therefore, dietitians suggest to prepare everything in advance: a week before the start of the diet to reduce caloric content of food consumed, to exclude from the diet of fatty and sweet food, to abandon a late dinner, because at night, the body needs to rest and be cleansed, not digest food.

The basic rules of diet for body cleansing

It is important to remember that the main objective of the considered diet is not weight loss, and the creation of conditions for recreation of the body from the heavy and indigestible food, with the aim of getting rid of accumulated toxic substances. Therefore, for best efficiency and achieve the desired result, you should adhere to certain rules of the cleansing diet.

First, a menu must prevail foods of plant origin rich in fiber. Dietary fiber contained in vegetables and fruits is the best “brush” to remove toxins from the intestines. Along with that, fiber improves peristalsis, removes beyond the limits of the body “bad” cholesterol, creates a favorable environment for beneficial microflora, which, of course, helps to restore metabolic processes. Fresh juices are also welcome, they will support the body with vitamins and microelements.

Secondly, you will need to drink more water. Daily drinking regime should be at least 1.5 – 2 liters. Besides the fact that the fluid by itself, dissolves harmful substances, it is necessary for proper functioning of fiber. Dietary fiber absorbs the water, swell and become like a sponge that absorbs and then effectively removes from the body toxins, carcinogens, nitrates and other accumulated “junk”.

Thirdly, you will greatly reduce the intake of salt is the main enemy of the cleansing processes. In addition, the body is intoxicated the person is already a warehouse of salted cells, an excess of chloride of sodium holds fluid inside the body, slows the absorption of other beneficial vitamins and minerals, increases the load on the heart and kidneys. All this greatly reduces the effectiveness of the cleansing function.

Fourth, it was recommended that a fractional power – frequent food intake in small portions. This allows you to avoid overeating, promotes better digestion, stimulates digestive activity, increases metabolism. At the fractional power consumed food is quickly digested in the gastrointestinal tract, therefore the harmful toxins and wastes in the body is not delayed. Food means smaller portions, no more than 300 g per reception.

Finally, for a more effective cleansing and full body restoration it is necessary to maintain a diet full sleep, enough exercise and no stress, fresh air, water therapy (contrast showers, hardening).

Foods in a detox diet

About the benefits of plant foods for cleansing the body mentioned. Of course, it is preferable to use seasonal vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and trace elements. But in the winter they help to clear even in the frozen, canned and thermally processed (steamed, stewed). In particular, to efficiently remove toxins from the body cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, onions.

Garlic is the worst enemy of “bad” cholesterol, and beets – an indispensable tool in the prevention of chronic constipation. Useful for cleaning the body fruit should be allocated to apples, plums, apricots, bananas, grapefruit, lemons, oranges, tangerines. For example, it is proved that the apples (with pectin) contribute to the removal from the body of heavy metals and lemons purify the blood vessels and the circulatory system.

In the diet must be present cereals. Most cereal grains (oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, millet) are a great natural sorbents that can bind and output of harmful substances and compounds. Should not refuse and from the use of bran bread. Because bran is the hard shell of the grain (husk) is a natural cleansing fiber.

Among the products useful for cleansing the body also includes low-fat meat varieties, chicken, fish, vegetable oil, low-fat dairy products, natural juices, herbal teas. But food such as fast food, smoked products, canned food, sausages, fried dishes, pasta, sweets, alcoholic drinks, the diet should be completely avoided.

Sample menu diet for cleansing the body

Some people resort to drastic measures a body cleanse and a week of “sitting” on rice, buckwheat, oats or purely vegetarian diet. But such a restriction in food is rather painful, requiring a lot of willpower. Furthermore, such mono belong to hard power systems, the body begins to experience a lack of many essential vitamins and minerals, because no product contains all of the nutrients.

Therefore, the majority of dieticians recommends that a cleansing diet is to eat a variety of foods. Below we present a sample menu five-day cleansing diet based on refined food. Number 1 would mean Breakfast, 2 – lunch (afternoon snack), number 3 – lunch, 4 – lunch, 5 – dinner.

1). Oatmeal with dried fruit (dried apricots, raisins or prunes).
2). Grapefruit.
3). Boiled chicken breast with vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil.
4). Cucumber.
5). Vegetable broth with herbs, cauliflower steamed.

1). Bread with bran, a boiled egg.
2). Banana.
3). Rice porridge with carrot, vegetable cutting.
4). Apple.
5). Fruit salad (apples, oranges, kiwi, grapefruits), yogurt.

1). Pureed low-fat cottage cheese, herbal tea.
2). Tomato juice, walnuts.
3). Buckwheat porridge with boiled veal, cucumber salad with olive oil and lemon juice.
4). Orange.
5). The steamed fish, salad of sweet bell pepper.

1). Cereal muesli with honey.
2). Green Apple.
3). Beans and zucchini (boiled or steamed).
4). Melon.
5). Fruit salad with added rice cereal.

1). Oat porridge with honey and grated Apple.
2). Dried fruits, walnuts.
3). Baked potato with vegetable salad.
4). Yogurt.
5). Pureed low-fat cottage cheese, herbal tea.

Of course, during the cleansing diet, we should not forget about the mission – at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Finally, the last important advice of nutritionists: after the five-day diet to get out of it gradually. Do not just gang up on hard to digest food. Increased load on the digestive tract often leads to the development of so-called “syndrome nutritional recovery”, that can very badly affect the functioning of internal organs. So at the end of the diet to cleanse the body within two days best to stick to a menu that was recommended for preliminary preparation for the cleansing procedure.

Monthly session of the diet to cleanse the body ensures ease of movement, change in appearance for the better, increased immunity, weight loss and a great mood.

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