Diet for weight loss from General Motors

Diet for weight loss from General Motors. This effective diet was developed by General Motors Corporation for its employees to help them control their weight and health. Diet General Motors is a week-balanced program in which the allowable foods painted on separate days.

The complex power from General Motors does not provide strict fasting (although some discomfort is possible), and encourages exercise. In the diet of the diet includes lots of vegetables and fruits. On certain days resolve bananas, potatoes, milk and beef. In cooking you can use different spices, vinegar, lemon juice, garlic and salt. In small quantities allowed olive oil (no more than one teaspoon per serving).

Diet General Motors you need to drink a lot of water (at least eight to ten glasses a day), which allowed to add the juice of lemon, cucumber or lime. Without sugar or sugar substitutes can be consumed coffee and tea. Juices – only on the last day of the program. The diet diet General Motors are allowed some changes. There are versions for vegetarians and vegans. Usually the beef is replaced by beans, beans and lentils.

Alcohol is forbidden during the first week on the diet General Motors. When re-visits are allowed two drinks per week. It can be beer, champagne or wine.

Principles of the diet from General Motors

It is based on the diet strictly certain intervals of time, and consume every day only products from one group. In General, nutritionists include this type of food to diet-detox and low-calorie diets. Here is a classic meal plan:

Day 1 – Only fruits except bananas and 10-12 glasses of water. Water should be drunk throughout the diet, and in large quantities. Other drinks are not allowed, only 1-1 cups of flower or green tea without sugar.

Day 2 – Only vegetables. Breakfast – 2 potatoes for lunch and dinner, vegetable soup – “miracle soup” (in the original it is called GM Wonder Soup), which is prepared on the water from onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, celery, spices and herbs.

Day 3 – a Mixture of fruits and vegetables, but no bananas.

Day 4 – Banana and skimmed milk. You can do a mix of these products, or consume separately. Lunch vegetable soup possible, if difficult to stay on one banana Daiquiri.

Day 5 – Brown rice, curd, cucumber and tomatoes.

Day 6 – brown rice and vegetables. Day 5 and 6 – these are the days of protein-carbohydrate. But not vegetable. Need low fat protein is white meat, eggs, soy, cheese.

Day 7 – brown rice, vegetables and fruits. Two cups of brown rice may be consumed together with unlimited servings of vegetables and fruits.

Diet plan General Motors

Now briefly describe the power supply system of General Motors. Don’t forget every day to drink ten glasses of water. It will help to boost your metabolism. Also, do not be lazy to do exercise for weight loss.

The first day

Your diet consists entirely of fruits (except bananas). Especially recommended melons and watermelons. If you are limited to only watermelon on this day, you should lose weight more than one kilo.

Day two

Unable to dump to eat raw and cooked vegetables. In the beginning of the day allowed, for example, baked potatoes. Further recommended low-calorie vegetables.

Day three

Eat any fruit and vegetables except bananas and potatoes. Restrictions on the volume.

Day four

Allowed to drink up to three glasses of milk and eat up to eight bananas of medium size. You can also eat a special soup General Motors. Milk and bananas can make a great cocktail.

Day five

It’s a feast for your stomach! You can eat beef and tomatoes. The meat must be lean. Are allowed to eat slightly more than half kg of meat and up to six tomatoes. Can show imagination when you cook. This day should drink two cups more water.

Day six

Again resolved the beef and vegetables, but now you can eat them in unlimited quantities. If you decide to replace the beef with chicken, remember to remove the skin.

The seventh day

It is a day of vegetables and brown rice. There are no restrictions. You can also drink fruit juices. The next day the scales will please you with pleasant numbers.

Clear recommendations on how often you can repeat the plan of General Motors, no. Usually people who use dieting to lose weight, sit on her once a month, and the rest of the time eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. To maintain the form you can follow the diet once a season.

Results diet General Motors

If you follow the plan diet General Motor‘s, you should reset approximately four to seven and a half In the first place, diet General Motors are designed for relief of excess weight. It also has a cleansing effect on the body, helps to prevent various diseases and improves the overall health of the person.

The General Motors diet allows you to quickly lose a few pounds, and fast weight loss can cause side effects such as weakness, headache, fatigue, thirst, stool disorders, and so on. As a rule, their manifestations are short-term if continue to follow diet plan for weight loss, drink plenty of water and exercise.

Pluses of the diet:
  • Helps to lose weight quickly.
  • Has a beneficial effect on the body.
  • Allows you to eat a variety of foods.
  • Exclude from the diet of sweets, processed foods and other junk food.
  • Can be modified for vegetarians and vegans.
  • There is no acute hunger.
Cons of the diet:
  • A slight deterioration of health.

Overall, the GM diet really helps to lose a few pounds. But if you want to preserve the achievements, you have to lead a healthy life, otherwise the weight will quickly return. So tune in proper nutrition, detoxification and regular exercise, which will help you to successfully lose weight and keep fit.

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  1. This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want?HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

  2. People following the GM diet eat a different food group or combination of food groups each day. The main foods that the GM diet allows include fruits, vegetables, meat, and milk.

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