Causes of diffuse changes of the liver

Diffuse changes of the liver parenchyma detected in the ultrasound study, with their running form in the body is observed pathological process. To identify violations using a comprehensive clinical examination. Anomalies are characterized by a change in hepatic tissues, which may occur as a result of violations in the form of light or in severe lesions a natural filter of the body.

With diffuse changes of the liver parenchyma is formed by deformation or thinning of the walls of the parenchyma or surrounding tissues, is a violation of the integrity and normal functioning of the liver. Doctors divided the sclerotic, degenerative and fibrotic changes of the liver structure. This classification determines structural changes in the cells of the body and requires correct diagnosis of fibrosis for subsequent successful treatment.

Detecting diffuse changes of a parenchyma of a liver, it is necessary to conduct additional studies (all abdominal organs) to identify the stage of the disease.

Causes of diffuse changes of the liver

Often these manifestations are due to serious illnesses that exist in the body and develop rapidly.

Diffuse changes of the liver parenchyma can be caused by such diagnoses:

  1. An excessive amount of fat in the organs.
  2. Any form and stage of hepatitis.
  3. Hepatitis autoimmune in nature.
  4. Cirrhosis.
  5. A sharp decrease or increase of body weight.
  6. A long course of antibiotics.
  7. Excessive alcoholic drinks.

Need to know what focal or diffuse changes of a parenchyma of a liver and pancreas may be due to addiction, the common diseases viral nature, unbalanced diet and the contaminated environment. A factor that triggers changes of the liver parenchyma can be hereditary tendency. Surface inspection does not give a complete picture on the basis of which it is possible to make an accurate diagnosis, so you need to the issue be approached more conservatively and undergo a full examination with the delivery of all necessary analyzes.

It is important to know that diffuse changes in the liver can be formed not only of adults but also and children, if they moved parenchymal jaundice, enlarged liver, or there are some other anomalies.

Signs of diffuse changes of

Identify the extent and the presence in the body changes of the liver parenchyma without ultrasound is not possible. Often, this phenomenon manifests itself in the advanced form of the disease only after studies by ultrasound.

Signs of diffuse changes of the liver:

  • aching pain in the right upper quadrant;
  • the presence of yellow color in the sclera;
  • yellowness around the eyes and a yellow tongue coating;
  • pain in the right shoulder.

Diffuse changes of the liver determined by the method of ultrasonic research. The disease can arise from pathological processes in the liver, as well as anomalies outside the body, for example, the seal may appear in diabetes. The liver will increase in size, and increase in the echogenicity of its surface, the structure will be uneven and grainy. If we talk about the symptoms when in the body of this anomaly, they are extremely rare.

The most common signs of fibrosis is a heaviness in the right side after eating fried or fatty foods, bitter taste in the mouth upon awakening, fatigue at low loads, nausea, severe headaches, irritability, sharp mood swings. The most vivid signs of diffuse changes of the liver parenchyma are yellowness of the tongue, eyes, skin (parenchymal jaundice), pain in the right hypochondrium.

These are all signs of fibrosis should be an alarming signal on the possible pathological processes in the body and require treatment to the doctor.

What are the possible changes in the parenchyma?

Diffuse changes of a parenchyma of the liver and pancreas are observed quite often. These two bodies are unpaired, they form a fabric (the cavity inside is missing). The digestive system connects the ducts, so it is often failures in the work of the other body also suffers. Such changes occur due to failures in metabolism, vascular disease, chronic or acute infectious processes.

Disrupting the normal hepatic functioning noticeable in the presence of such factors as yellowing of the eye sclera, skin (parenchymal jaundice), dark urine, light color feces. Itchy skin when there are failures in the normal functioning of the liver is due to the large amount of bile in the blood. Pancreatic tissue change due to various factors, such as swelling, excess adipose tissue, abnormal tissue growths, appearance of scars on them.

With regard to diffuse changes in the liver and kidneys, the diagnosis is made after one ultrasound and is caused by the presence of congenital or acquired abnormalities in which can change the structure of the body and its tissues.

In this process, can thicken the liver parenchyma, in the kidneys accumulate fluid, occur purulent inflammation or thrombosis. Sometimes the kidney tissue change due to the presence of stone fragments or sand in large quantity.

Changes in the liver and spleen affect the entire body. The spleen is responsible for normal blood circulation and a rich blood flow, any diseases of this organ occurs malaise, no appetite, frequent insomnia appear. If the spleen is disturbed, the person feels pain and discomfort, a feeling of pressure (if the organ is increased in size).

Diffuse changes in the liver are diagnosed using ultrasound, which can see any changes in the structure of organs and their work. This technique allows you to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe successful treatment. In the case of a predisposition to such pathologies, the patient is prescribed the prevention of fibrosis, which is a proper diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, timely receiving necessary medicines and folk remedies. If diffuse changes in the liver manifested moderately, there shall be a lifetime appointment necessary medicines and therapeutic diets. In the case of advanced stage of disease should immediately begin treatment.

The diagnosis of any degree of fibrosis suggests that liver tissue has undergone major changes. These pathological processes are characteristic for the initial stages of the disease, and when there is a severe degree of the disease. Therefore, in addition to the usual studies, to conduct additional laboratory diagnostics, allowing to determine the degree of fibrosis and liver damage.

Varieties of ailment

Minor changes in liver parenchyma appear often accompanied by disorders of the pancreas. If this abnormality is accompanied by development of any type of hepatitis, the liver can not cope with its function of a filter, and toxins are excreted. If this problem is to get involved in excessive drinking or drug use, this pathology can cause death.

Moderately diffuse changes of a liver are formed under the influence of external factors. It can be poisoning, unhealthy diet, viral infection. If symptoms of the pathological process, it is recommended to go to the liver diet: remove from the diet of salty, fatty, sweet food. The recommended course of antiviral drugs, medicines that help the liver to cleanse and keep its function (hepatoprotectors). If the ultrasound examination detected moderate diffuse changes, is assigned to a multivitamin course.

Expressed diffuse changes of the liver characterized by swelling of the parenchyma. This kind of pathological process due to the presence of diabetes, overweight, any kind of hepatitis, malignant or benign tumors. It can be triggered by parasites or viruses, unhealthy diet, craze in alcoholic drinks. Treatment is prescribed after establishing the underlying causes, of which there was a pathology.

Changes in the parenchyma of the newborn can be formed after the transferred hepatitis pregnant or cause birth defects. Sometimes they occur after a prolonged use of antibiotics, because these drugs aggressively affect the immature immune system of the baby.

The treatment of the disease

As these processes are in the body occur due to any disease, you have to first find out the reason and start treatment with her elimination. Doctors assigned therapeutic diet, antivirals, drugs for restoration of damaged hepatic cells (hepatoprotectors), are advised to abandon harmful habits (alcohol and Smoking). You can use folk remedies to restore the normal functions of the liver, for example, medicinal herbal teas, juices, tinctures. A good effect for the treatment gives milk Thistle. Assigned for multivitamins strengthen the body.

The diet is based on the rejection of greasy, salty, sweet, spicy food. You need to avoid smoked meats and fresh pastries. It is recommended to eat omelettes, vegetable soups, low-fat soups, dairy products, lean meat. It is necessary to promptly diagnose and treat focal changes.

For prevention of various ailments in a natural filter of the body, should eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle, time to treat the disease and to undergo mandatory medical examinations.

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