What organs suffer from alcohol

Ethanol is one of the main enemies of modern man. Its ingestion is incredibly dangerous. will tell you why.

Any dosage of alcohol affects vital organs. A person may behave inappropriately, performance decreases, and only the psyche suffers almost the most. We decided to consider how alcohol affects our bodies, which organs in general suffer, and what passion for high degrees can turn into for you.

Digestive system

Even one glass of vodka can seriously harm. A minute after taking alcohol begins its destructive effect. The stomach and pancreas are the first to suffer.

To be more precise, the organs are affected in the following sequence:

  • Stomach.
  • Esophagus.
  • Digestive system.

Destroying the mucous surface of the organ, alcohol leaves a burn, which is quite difficult to cure, since the tissues are destroyed very quickly.

The effect occurs not only on the integrity of the organ, but also on its functioning, since the production of gastric juice can be seriously impaired, and cell death begins from here. As a result of these manifestations, food ceases to be absorbed, stagnating in the stomach, and this can lead to serious consequences: from sharp pains to oncology.


Our natural “filter” is very sensitive to any negative influences. If the liver is disturbed, dangerous toxins begin to flow into our body, which, as they accumulate, lead to serious diseases. The most common is cirrhosis. With this lesion, the vessels of the organ are compressed, the liver itself decreases and wrinkles.

If you do not control the pressure in the vessels, severe bleeding can begin.

Nervous system and brain

You probably know that the work of the brain when drinking a large amount of alcohol, to put it mildly, is disrupted. People become aggressive and lose control over themselves, which leads to disastrous consequences both for him and for others.

How does ethanol affect the nervous system:

  • Memory begins to fail, information is absorbed worse.
  • It becomes difficult to count and perceive what others have said.
  • Chronic alcoholism completely destroys brain cells.
  • Hearing and vision are lost.
  • Manifestations of delirium tremens, hallucinations.

Scientists estimate that with the constant use of alcohol for 5 years, the brain decreases by 90%.

The cardiovascular system

Blood cells also fall under the negative influence of ethanol: the blood body loses its shape and cannot move throughout the circulatory system, and therefore the supply of oxygen to the body is disrupted, and this causes:

  • Arrhythmia.
  • Diabetes.
  • Blood pressure jumps.
  • Atherosclerosis.

In contrast to the brain, with alcohol, the heart, on the contrary, increases, and the frequency of its contractions increases. After some time, the probability of a heart attack becomes almost one hundred percent.

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