The energy cleanliness of the apartment affects our condition

But is the ordinary order so important? Or is there something more significant? Let’s get it right.

There is a widespread belief that the physical cleanliness of an apartment is the main guarantee of a good emotional state. Of course it is.

After all, when you see that your apartment has order, that everything is in its place, you should not be distracted by creating special working conditions and you will immediately plunge into your own affairs.

Catherine Talwar

Is the order in your apartment so important? The answer to this question is known to Ekaterina Talvar – a practicing psychologist, parapsychologist, transformational trainer, founder of the project “Planet of Sorceresses”

Everything that is in the house inevitably affects our energy state, because every thing has its own energy, which inevitably affects and makes up the entire energy of the apartment. But how is this going? Everything is more than simple: objects store the energy that we give them. The house, in which frequent quarrels are the norm, in itself stores a similar negative energy. In addition, old or “spoiled” things play an important role.

The former will inevitably be drawn into the past, and the latter will provoke various kinds of quarrels or illnesses. Interaction with such objects every day makes a person more irritable and, in some ways, mentally unstable. Simply put, all objects that carry negative energy within themselves have a negative effect on both the physical and emotional states.

There are many signs that have firmly entered our lives. The most famous say that in a house with poor energy, pets can not find a place, and milk quickly turns sour. In such cases, various talismans and charms will become a faithful helper. You can also hang mirrors for a while, because it is mirrors from ancient times that are considered a magical item that has a connection with the other world. In addition, special attention should be paid to the individual parts of your home.

So, the hallway is responsible for the material component of life, which is why you should keep it clean and get rid of unnecessary attributes.

The bathroom is the face of the hostess. It is the order of the bathroom that indicates that you are happy with your life and are in harmony. Disorder will attract disease.

The kitchen, and in particular the dining area, is a constant gathering place for all households, therefore negative energy will affect the morale of the whole family here. For this reason, in no case should you store broken or chipped dishes.

And finally, the bedroom. It is this room that symbolizes the love and harmony of each member of the family. A positive mood in the bedroom will strengthen relationships and contribute to excellent recovery during sleep.

The most important thing is the attitude to the house. It is important to remember that this is the place where you return every day, there should not be a negative. Undoubtedly, maintaining order in the apartment is very important. But it’s also worthwhile to figure out if all the things you need?

Is there no need to get rid of some of them? Try to remove what gives unpleasant emotions, and you will immediately feel the result. You need to love your home, take care of it, just then the energy of this place will not work against you, but rather help.

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