Bipolar disorder – causes, symptoms, treatment, how to help.

Recently, much public attention attracted by one’s emotional ailments – bipolar disorder. According to some estimates only in the United States suffer from bipolar disorder 2% of the population, and millions of people. But dry figures do not convey the severity of the suffering of people who are forced to fight this emotional disease.

When depression is accompanied by delusions, the disease is called bipolar disorder. For bipolar disorder there is a sharp change of depressive and manic phases. Doctors say that each phase can last for months. Some people have a quick change of depression and manic phases occur several times a year, in rare cases differences can be observed for 24 hours. “Light” intervals between the phases can be 3-7 years, and may be completely absent.

Depressive phase of bipolar disorder.

During the depressive phase in patients, especially in the morning, observed a depressed mood, slow thinking, motor block, unmotivated anxiety, may even appear suicidal thoughts. Also lost appetite, lost weight, women’s menstrual periods stop. In the evening hours may improve mood and overall health, increase activity.

Manic phase of bipolar disorder.

During the manic phase, judgment abruptly disappears and people do not understand their actions. It can become extremely assertive and domineering, reckless and restless euphoria suddenly turns to irritability and even anger.

Some patients with bipolar disorder say that during mania, they are excited, they are intense, they feel a force that seems to have any business on the shoulder. In this phase the sleep they have very short, only 2-3 hours a day, but they Wake up cheerful and full of energy. But soon they begin to feel the restlessness, and in the blink of an eye their good-natured attitude replaced by aggression, a desire to crush everything around. Without any reason they start to pick on family members, they are overwhelmed with rage and anger, and with that there’s nothing they can do about it. After such a surge of emotions they feel completely exhausted, depressed and worthless that I want to cry. Or, on the contrary, they can be surprisingly cheerful, as if nothing had happened.

Because of this unpredictable behavior of patients with bipolar disorder, their family members are in total disarray. They don’t understand why the closest person of cheerful and talkative, suddenly turns into a gloomy and closed, and cannot accept that he is powerless in this. Therefore, bipolar disorder and pain not only discourages those who are ill, but also those around them. In their life there is stability and comfort.

If this behavior from your loved one, you should hasten to address to the psychiatrist. Currently emotional disorders effectively treated, important not to run disease, and the time to seek help.

What causes bipolar disorder?

Large role played by genetic factors. According to the American medical Association, the probability of occurrence of this disease in 8-18 times more the closest relatives (parents, children, brothers or sisters) than those whose relatives did not hurt them ever. In addition, they are more predisposed to depression.

Also the causes of bipolar disorder in predisposed to this disease people are: dysfunction of brain cells, stress (negative and positive), lack of sleep, excessive use of alcohol and drugs.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Unlike depression, which often occurs in women, bipolar disorder is equally striking, and women and men. It starts most often in adulthood, but there are cases of the disease at a young age and have children. Recognize the symptoms of bipolar disorder and to make the right conclusion even specialist difficult, because this disease among other mental disorders, like a chameleon. It is impossible to find two people that their symptoms were the same. The symptoms of bipolar disorder are manifested in different ways even one person at different times. The disease may disappear for years, then reappear. Emotional disorders are difficult to diagnose and to live with them even harder.

Treatment of bipolar disorder.

The earliest diagnosis of bipolar disorder is essential. The treatment is twice as effective if it begins after the first manic episode than after several. However, according to the American research, the correct diagnosis of bipolar disorder in third part of patients had been delivered only 10 years after the first manic episode.

During the treatment of bipolar disorder patients take a lot of hard drugs for a long time. The disease can recur due to residual symptoms, comorbidities and non-compliance with the treatment regime. Depending on the duration and frequency of seizures, the patient is transferred to a disability or being treated for sick leave. Though complete cure of bipolar disorder is impossible, but with the help of medications, therapy and support of loved ones can learn to lead a normal and full life.

How to help those suffering bipolar disorder?

If you know of a person suffering from bipolar disorder as you can to help him? Stick to the common Council: hate the disease but love the person. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has bipolar disorder and at times they just can not stand your presence, do not despair. Looking for information about this disease and try to understand that their behavior is caused by a disease, so you will learn to love and appreciate this man.

If bipolar disorder in a family member, he needs your love and support. A lot of talk with one another, go together to the doctor and try to know more about the disease. Then you will have a good understanding of how to cope with difficulties.

Be patient and sympathetic. Put yourself in this man’s shoes and see things from his perspective. Not inspire in the patient’s unrealistic expectations, he should understand that the fight against this disease hard and long.

Is it possible to avoid bipolar disorder?

Since the development of bipolar disorder plays an important role genetic predisposition, and it is inherited, it is to prevent this disease is impossible. However, it is important to recognize the first symptoms of the disease. Regularly visiting the doctor and taking necessary medicines, you will control your mood and avoid further deterioration of health.

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