Where are the back acne and how to get rid of them

In fact it is not a complete list of external causes. Science frankly admits that not always can catch the situations that are prerequisites of the rash. This is due to the individual characteristics of each person and with the fact that sometimes pimples arise, seemingly ridiculous reasons.

For example, it could be a backpack or your love to drive (the seat presses on the back, is irritating to the skin – and you are the owner of acne).

Where are the pimples on the back

At such unpleasant situations, as the back acne, the causes by and large, only two: external and internal. Well, then, as usual, there are nuances.

External causes

It is about those cases where the lesions become inflammatory reaction of the skin to an adverse environment. Most often, such reactions lead:

  1. Insufficient hygiene. On the skin in the area of the blades a lot of sebaceous glands. Sebum is a perfect breeding ground for the breeding of various bacteria, which cause acne. Someone fat produced less, someone more. And if you belong to the second category, it is important to approach health back carefully.
  2. Synthetic clothing. If the clothes made of natural fabrics are well wicks away moisture and allows the skin to breathe, synthetics often plays the role of a thermos. Due to poor ventilation, we actively sweat, the sweat stays on the skin and as fat, improves mood and personal life of germs. With all the consequences.
  3. Too tight tight t-shirts and sweaters. They can literally RUB the dirt and sweat in the pores.
  4. Flowing hair. They share a private dirt and grease from the skin of the back. In addition, the tips of the hair irritate the skin, causing it to produce excess servings of fat.
  5. Using the wrong cream or lotion. For example, greasy sunscreen can protect your back from the sun, but shamelessly clog the pores, increasing the risk of inflammation.

Internal causes

Including physicians mention:

  1. Genetics. Susceptibility to acne often gets from parents.
  2. Hormonal changes. Acne on back and shoulders many have in the teenage years is associated with changes in the body. In women acne can also be caused by hormonal irregular during menstruation and pregnancy.
  3. Stress. Emotional stress does not directly cause rashes. However, they can affect hormonal balance or immune system which, in turn, provoke rashes.
  4. Features power. Fall under suspicion of foods with a high glycemic index (the list can be found here) and milk. Not that the link between diet and back acne has been proven unequivocally, but studies of the American Academy of dermatology show that diet helps get rid of acne.
  5. Side effects of medications. So, for rashes can lead taking certain antidepressants.
  6. Hidden disease. Endocrine disorders (diabetes), dysfunction of the liver (hepatitis), urinary system, gastrointestinal tract can all manifest in a rash.
How to get rid of back acne in simple ways

Sometimes that causes the rash is almost obvious. It is enough to analyze the changes in lifestyle that preceded the appearance of acne. You may become more active to exercise? Or in your wardrobe appeared the thing from which you do not get out? Maybe you started using a new means for care of body skin?

If you have in mind was similar to a trigger, try to delete it (set aside a comfortable dress or sweater, go back to the usual cosmetics), and monitor the condition of the skin. The improvements will give a definite answer.

If no obvious cause and we must act comprehensively. Here’s what doctors recommend to take in the first place.

1. Often take a shower

As you finish each workout. If you just sweat, also possibly run off in the shower or at least wipe back with a damp napkin.

2. Use an antibacterial soap or gel

Such means are well cleanse the pores from dirt. If your skin is not sensitive, you can try and heavy artillery – cleansers with salicylic acid or benzoylperoxide in the composition.

Well established and cosmetics with tea tree oil.

3. Make tall or short hairstyle

Your goal – to remove irritating hair from the back.

By the way, when you wash your hair, try to keep the conditioner or conditioner did not flow down over the shoulders and shoulder blades: these funds can clog the pores.

4. Discard the fat remedies for body care

In particular, this applies to sun creams and nourishing lotions. At least for the back as light as possible, use moisturizing products.

5. Change clothes if you sweat

Driving in a hot bus or actively run for office, but opportunity to shower at work there? Then carry a change of dress, shirt, shirt and change clothes as soon as you sweat. It is important to act quickly: the longer moisture is in contact with the skin, the higher the risk of more acne.

6. Wear loose clothing made of natural fabrics

Breathable and wicking properties of cotton and flax in this case, it is difficult to overestimate.

7. See ration

Try to avoid foods with a high glycemic index: white bread, pasta, cakes, potatoes… Let them take their place vegetables, fruits, lean meat, wholegrain breads and cereals.

8. Examine the medications that you take

If rashes appear in the list of possible side effects, ask your doctor for advice. Maybe he will recommend you an alternative drug.

9. Allow yourself to relax

Happens and so: the less stress – the less pimples. Maybe that is the case?

How to treat back acne

Unfortunately, simple tools can help. If you adjusted the lifestyle, but within a week or two the number of spots has not decreased, be sure to consult a physician or dermatologist. Maybe the rash is a symptom of disorders in the body.

The physician will question you in detail about the way of life and health, and will also be asked to take a blood test (optional – to make scraping). According to research results, further treatment will be prescribed.

Back acne can be one of the first symptoms of diabetes or hepatitis.

If the tests showed that the health of the internal organs are all okay, the dermatologist may prescribe this:

  1. Medicated creams and ointments. There are many drugs for external use that help to curb acne. Some of them are struggling with excessive sebum production and efficiently kill other bacteria. Such tools can contain as already mentioned salicylic acid and benzoylperoxide and more potent ingredients like retinoids and antibiotics.
  2. Pills. They affect not only the skin, but also on the entire body from the inside. This can be antibiotics, hormones (e.g. contraceptives), isotretinoin (an active form of vitamin A). It is important to remember that these drugs can be quite serious possible side effect, so do not self medicate!
  3. Laser procedure. With the help of a special device that generates a laser beam of a certain intensity, the medic destroys the accumulation of microbes under the skin. And the number of spots is reduced.
  4. Chemical peels. Their main active ingredient – acid in varying concentration. Exfoliation allows pretty painless to remove the affected top layer of skin, aligning its relief.
  5. The drainage procedure. They help to output the contents of the cysts; purulent formations deep in the skin.

What types of procedures will be effective in your case, tell the doctor. And again: do not self-medicate in order not to aggravate the situation and not to miss serious disease.

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