What to do if the foot cramp

What to do with the cramp in the leg right now

Here are three receive emergency assistance, which will help to quickly deal with any spasm of the foot muscles. Choose any or mix and match depending on the situation.

1. Load the affected leg

Stand on it and operacacheview weight from toe to heel. Option – jump on one leg. This will help the shortened muscle to relax.

2. Make a banner

Sometimes it happens that the loading leg can not. For example, you are sailing or are on uneven, steep, unstable surface. In this case, stretching is the most secure option self.

  • If brought caviar, sit down, put your legs straight in front of him and with two hands pull the sock over the injured foot. If you float, just try it without using your hands to lift the toe to the Shin.
  • If you brought the front part of the thigh, stand up, lean your hand on something stable, bend your affected leg at the knee and pull back toe to buttock. During the voyage enter in a deep breath, to not be afraid to dive under the water, bend the leg at the knee and have two hands try to pull up the toe to buttock.

You should feel stretch the corresponding muscles. In this case, will come relief. If stretching is for some reason difficult to do, skip to the third embodiment.

3. Massage

Actively massage the affected muscle with your fingers or any scrap massager. Can even pinch.

Your task is to provide blood flow to the affected place. This will help to relieve the spasm.

Acceleration of blood circulation was calculated and grandmother, who advised people bottoms a pin and poke it into the muscle cramp while in the water. Is also a kind of massage. Just to say the least, unhygienic. It is not known what the contagion floats around you. Therefore, to resort to this method only in extreme cases.

Why leg cramps

Convulsions are rare. Most people encounter them a few times in my life. If you do not have and muscle cramps come regularly, it is important to understand what may cause them.

1. You overextended

Muscle tension is often associated with microtraumas – tiny injuries and even tearing of muscle fibers. The healing of such injuries is accompanied by many familiar delayed onset muscle soreness and sometimes cramps.

In addition, intense exercises may cause overstimulation of nerve fibers running from the muscles to the spinal cord and brain. And this leads to involuntary spasms.

2. You have uncomfortable shoes

Shoes are under pressure, they are not suitable to your foot or Shoe, put, wrong size, because of what you have to “hold” the shoes with your fingers. All this is, firstly, affects the circulation in the legs, and secondly, makes the muscles unnaturally and constantly tense. In the end, when the “Spanish boots” finally lifted, the muscle did not believe his luck and can’t relax her cramping.

3. You supercooled

The big difference in ambient temperatures and body causing vasospasm. And the resulting poor circulation can cause painful muscle contractions.

This difference in temperature often occurs while bathing. In addition, a swimmer, as a rule, still very active, that is, vasospasm superimposed strain.

4. You don’t have enough magnesium, potassium and other microelements

Magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium – the essential electrolytes, which affects the conduction of nerve signals in muscle fibers and can cause muscle cramps.

5. You have varicose veins

Well, or the disease is just beginning to develop. Because of disorders in the blood vessels of the leg muscles may experience nutrient deficiency.

6. You are pregnant

Cramps of calf muscles, frequent companions of the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. The reason for their emergence in this case is not entirely clear.

7. Maybe you have a tendency to seizures

Often the occurrence of spasms is associated with an individual “settings” of the nervous system. Anyone not faced with convulsions, and someone they are chasing after each intense trip to the gym or, say, during the voyage.

What to do to prevent leg cramps do not occur

To avoid a nasty feeling, it is enough to observe some simple rules.

  1. Strive not with physical activity, know your limits.
  2. Choose comfortable shoes.
  3. Be careful in your diet are foods containing magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium. It’s bananas, nuts, lean meats, milk and milk products, citrus, apples, pears, carrots…
  4. If you have a tendency to spasmophilia, try to calculate the factors that provoke muscle spasms. In the future, either avoid them or take precautions. For example, when bathing, do not swim far from shore and do not swim alone.
  5. Before doing something that usually ends with a cramp, drink a glass of water with ginger and cinnamon. This drink will reduce the risk of spasm. To better prepare the drink ahead of time. 3 teaspoons of grated ginger and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon pour a liter of boiling water and let steep for 2-3 hours. For taste, you can add a little honey.
  6. Consult your doctor or flebologia about the possible varicose veins, and follow the recommendations of experts.
When cramping is a reason to go to the doctor

Even if you are prone to seizures, they should arise only from time to time, only in response to certain trigger factors.

If my legs several times a day or several days, this is a serious reason to consult a therapist or other observer doctor. The increase may be associated with developing disorders in the nervous system and other organs.

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