Why chest is so bad in the middle after sleeping

Pain in the chest in the middle is one of the most common manifestations that compel the patient to seek medical help.

The etiology of problematic question is often find out by results of consideration of the history of the disease, it is necessary to evaluate the nature of pain and time period of its origin.

Such information can significantly reduce the list of probable causal factors of the pathological process and to select the diagnostic scheme.

Symptomatic picture

Patients complain of such symptoms:

  • feeling of compression in the chest;
  • a feeling of tightness in the region of the heart;
  • burning sensation;
  • algicheskom discomfort.

Painful syndrome that occurs periodic manner and spreading after sleep or during wakefulness, may be the most important indicator of potentially severe cardiovascular or neurological weselnych pathological processes.

Etiological information

Pain after sleeping in some variants develop due to costal chondrite. Inflammation in costao cartilage and costal-sternal astroelite determine the appearance of uncomfortable manifestations of a sharp character. In 91% of cases the inflammation involves more than one joint, but several.

The chondrite may develop sudden way. Often etiolation becomes even a minor injury or the performance of unusual for the lifestyle of the patient heavy work activities (e.g., moving furniture).

The clinical picture is also evident in the time of polerowania, initially algia felt from the lateral surface of the chest, then damaged rib. It can be intensified when you cough the process, a deep breath or thisactivity. A feeling of aching or oppressive in nature often occurs in the morning after sleep and regress against the background of changes in the position and quiet respiration.

The muscular nature of pain

The walls of the thoracic cage is made of muscle fibers that attach by tendons to bone structures of the chest. To the exclusion in the diagnosis of cardio-respiratory diseases, should pay attention to the condition of the muscular frame.

Etiopici muscle pain syndrome:

  1. Injury. Algicheskom sensations are due to surgical intervention or even a small blow to the cage.
  2. The overexertion of muscle groups. At some points of the thoracic trunk are the so-called “trigger zones”. When polerowanie in these places, the patient notes a sharp, burning pain.
  3. Muscle cramps due to dehydration, hormonal imbalance, metabolic (diabetes), rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. Fibromyalgics syndrome. Pain discomfort of this nature generally occurs after the patient wakes (after a dream), it is periodic in nature. The basic and primary cause of this syndrome acts as a psychological disorder caused by emotionally stressful situations, General fatigue, accidents, injuries or incurable diseases.

In the most part healthy people experience pain in chest after waking up. The most frequently fixed ethiopienne is the overexertion of miadana or spasserovannye.

Diagnostic approaches

To determine the causal factor of discomfort state in the Central part of the thoracic section of body will help the blood test, x-ray examination of the chest and CT (MRI). It is important at the initial stage of diagnosis to exclude three threatening diseases, cardiac attack, pulmonary embolism and aortic dissection of the vessel. A qualified diagnostician becomes sufficient meticulous gathering of anamnestic information for the selection of adequate therapeutic scheme.

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