How and what to be treated, when the air conditioner blew hand

A situation accompanied by a sharp emergence in humans in the background of draughts (under air conditioning) severe pain in neck, shoulder, scapular region occur frequently. Such Algie at night escalate, then the question arises, what should I do if I lost the hand and the neck air conditioning? How to help yourself at home?

Pain syndrome may be triggered by different available patient pathologies in this area – artrita-arthrosis, periarthritis, etc.

Often pain syndrome due to overwork muscle groups of this region. Also it is possible that warmed up people, even minutes while in the draft or the cold, able to chill the muscles, which is the result of a sharp temperature drop.

When it is known that the uncomfortable symptoms are the result of the fact that we have lost the hand, then with high probability we are talking about myositis (inflammatory process in myodani).

Cervical myositis

It mainly occurs sharply, and it is characterized by the development of inflammation in the muscle groups of the neck and shoulder.

Basic reasons:

  • hypothermia;
  • night sleep in an uncomfortable position;
  • prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position while performing work activities.

However, the main place is occupied by the drafts that affect the patient. This risk group includes drivers residing in the warmth of the car combined with the open window with his hand during the cold season. Often from a warm room sweaty people coming out into the cold winter air.

Usually clinic pathology occurs in the next or the day after. Involved in postprocess one or several muscle groups (cervico-thoracic departments). Pain is noted at a certain point, generalisimo from the nape to the shoulder with touching the lateral surface of the neck. Damaged the muscle during polerowania easy to identify. It often happens that the inflammation of the nerve fibers is asymmetrical and intense, even debilitating.

Myositis of the muscles of the neck and shoulder

He characteristically:

  • sharp unbearable pain, mostly of unilateral location, extends to the upper limb, megalofonou area;
  • tension and stiffness of damaged muscle groups;
  • the limited mobility in the cervical region;
  • numbness (paresthesia) in involved in postprocess muscles.

Often when drafts are affected not only by the musculature of the shoulder region, but the cervical-brachial plexus, up to the entire upper extremity. According to the statistics this happens in 10-15% of applicants for assistance.

Therapeutic interventions

The patient’s physician will be sent for consultation to the neurologist. This last will offer some therapeutic complex, comprising:

  1. The creation of the maximum rest for damaged hands.
  2. Use warming ointment-based drugs NSAIDs.
  3. The use of dry heat dry heat.
  4. Later shows mild courses of physical therapy.
  5. In the case of excruciating pain performed novocaine blockade, aimed at reducing edema and pain syndrome as the inflammation of muscles and its spazmirovannah.
  6. Good effect of manual therapy – an innovative method of post isometric relaxation (PIR). Its essence lies in the stretching of muscle and ligament fibers. In performing this procedure the patient helps the specialist to turn to relax or stretch muscles. At the time of meereslinie a chiropractor performs their stretching. Myalgia reduced, and the patient’s condition improved after several sessions.
Methods of treatment at home

A patient with a similar diagnosis may not always be able to promptly seek medical help, because the question arises how to treat the inflammation in the muscles at home.

  1. To ease the pain of flour should drink anti-inflammatory drug. A good effect has a dry heat, which is necessary to heat the pan table salt, pre-wrapped it in fabric, attach to the damaged areas. This procedure should be performed before going to sleep.
  2. Also has a warming effect patch based on capsicum tincture, paste it to the place of greatest pain for a long period – a day or more.

The same effect, even more, has been booked for 10-15 min.

The form of such patches include Nanoplast Forte. Its action is based on the removal of Algie and inflammation, normalization of Samoobrona, the Therapeutic effect lasts for about half a day. A good effect is achieved when using the rastertime alcohol-based.

In pharmacology there is a huge range ointment drugs with warming effect – Nise, Fenogal, Fastum gel. The analgesic effect has ointment Lioton and symptoms that have parallel and anti-inflammatory effect. These drugs are applied topically to areas of maximum pain

Menovazin liquid is also used as rastertime as rubbing. Component menthol short acting analgesic through the cooling spot of rubbing.

Preventive measures

To prevent exposure drafts on the cervical area and the upper limb is recommended to avoid severe labor conditions of reduced temperature and drafts, and conduct timely and adequate treatment of respiratory pathologies. It is forbidden to go outdoors after physical activity.

It is strictly forbidden to self-medicate for colds and, especially, to transfer them “on their feet” because in this state the patient is weakened, increased sweating, and even a slight draft can be a triggering mechanism for the development of myositis.

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