Headache during menses treatment

This problem is very common, so we consider the causes and consequences of this condition, and learn how to deal with a similar problem.

All girls and women who have systematically during menstruation, are well aware that this is not the most pleasant time.

Discomfort and discomfort in the body is always unpleasant. But more than half suffer chronic headaches throughout the period.

The impact of PMS on the body?

Briefly explain what happens in the body of any young woman in this period. The body of each female intended primarily for procreation. Therefore, it is understandable why most of the biological processes tied to preparing to conceive.

This is what happens in a period of approximately two weeks before ovulation. Hormonal balance goes up sharply, the egg prepares for the conception of the fetus, and the blood goes an awfully large number of different hormones. If conception does not occur, then the egg body is no longer needed, and he rejects it that will cause ovulation.

If you have a headache during menses, so this should be approached very carefully. Such pain differ from regular migraines, and therefore to treat them it is necessary separately. Besides such violations of the normal state of the female body can be observed in the period of menstruation, and for 7-15 days before.

Causes of migraines during PMS?

Let us now consider the fact that a number of hormones in the blood of a girl or woman must have a huge impact on her health, especially if you think about the vessels in the brain. Every lady reacts in such a biological change in different ways, which is why some of us are not very good, but others suffer from unbearable migraines. It also depends on the General sensitivity of the organism.

Headache during menses also provoked the usual emotional instability. Mood swings, frustration in life, and the like – is just a symptom caused by the high hormone levels.

Often the reason for such state ceases and contraceptives. These drugs work by a sharp rise in the level of estrogen in the blood, and as soon as the menstruation, it also falls sharply. Such instability and significant changes in hormone levels and makes your head almost explode.

No less important a factor in the occurrence of headaches before menstruation is a water and salt balance of the body. More specifically, breaking it. During this period, and during ovulation, a woman’s body loses more fluids than usual. If it is not time to fill, or in any other way violate this balance, the body would simply fail, which will cause terrible headaches.

Symptoms of severe migraines
  • Strong throbbing headache for a long time.
  • The extremely rapid emergence of fatigue.
  • Frequent and long-term insomnia.
  • Frequent and sudden changes in arterial and venous pressure.
  • Headache concentrating in a particular area.
  • Acute unpleasant reaction to different stimuli (light, spices, and sounds).
  • A feeling of pressure in the eye, blurred vision, difficulty focusing.
  • Blanching, nausea, vomiting and sweating during menstruation.

If you ask for advice from a professional doctor, he will advise you non-steroidal drugs. These include an Aspirin, “Nurofen” and “Ketorol”. Simply put, use painkillers. But remember, don’t use medicines without medical advice.

Another option is to breathe the vapors of essential oils such as lavender. You can also RUB this oil into the temples.

Not less effective will be a cold compress for 15-20 minutes. Well, by and large, you need to keep your body in good shape. If you eat properly and adequately, and do at least some physical activity, you should avoid such problems.

Preventive procedures
  • Keep yourself in the mode. This applies to both sleep and nutrition. Need to sleep at least 7 hours a day. If you have this list still includes physical exercise is just perfect.
  • Don’t forget to breathe clean and fresh air from time to time.
  • Do not overload yourself with work.
  • Drink vitamin and mineral supplements for General vitality and immune support.
  • Forget about the harmful habits. Cigarettes, alcohol and night the feast for you is prohibited.
  • “Not serious” disease should be treated until the end, to run them is strictly prohibited.
  • Eat healthy foods (sesame seeds, black/brown bread, vegetables, preferably fresh, buckwheat, oatmeal and wheat).
  • Do NOT eat too spicy food and spices, ascorbic, flour products, fried and smoked products. During PMS they can greatly affect hormonal balance.
  • Keep your body in good shape and you will not be afraid of any headaches when menstruation or other problems. Health – the key to a happy and fulfilling life.

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