When driving headache causes

When a person has a headache in motion, but at rest, symptoms are absent, the reason for the pathology is difficult to determine. It can be associated with blood vessels and organs of the head and other parts of the body. After laboratory diagnosis can confidently make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Before diagnosis, every patient can know what to expect, what diseases may be lurking behind constant pain in the head that occur during movement, tilts or turns.

Brain tumors

If in the skull there are tumors in the initial stages of a headache only when moving and the combination of some other factors.

You can recognize the pathology for specific symptoms:

  • the pain occurs in the first 3 hours after awakening, the symptoms are likely to worsen over time and lead to loss of consciousness;
  • while in the supine position or cough symptoms are worse;
  • the pain is located in the area where the tumor develops;
  • morning the first rare attacks then occur more often and sharper;
  • pain after physical exertion;
  • with the progression of the disease numbness in different parts of the body, confusion, and vomiting.

Brain cancer in 95% of cases requires surgery if the tumor is within those dimensions are subject to operation. Additionally, the patient is undergoing standard chemotherapy and treatment of concomitant medications.


Another common reason due to which headache while driving. Symptom associated with exposure to toxins on the body. It can be harmful substances from products, or excessive use of medications. Sometimes headache occurs on the background of infectious or parasitic poisoning.

Important! Headache when moving as a result of possible intoxication after alcohol consumption, use of large amounts of household chemicals in a short period of time.

But often a headache after poisoning in continuous mode, there are additional symptoms: vomiting, weakness, nausea and fever. The symptom is once the body of toxins using chelators.

Intracerebral hemorrhage

Dangerous pathology with a sharp headache, which rarely depends on movement. Hemorrhagic stroke – an acute condition requiring emergency care. Occurs due to pressure, physical activity or stress (including, at sharp movements, strong vibrations).

The resulting rupture of the vessel wall is complemented by symptoms: the patient becomes ill, the pain is intense, intolerable, possible loss of consciousness. Sometimes feel sick and vomit.


At narrowing of the blood channels occurs hypertension. This process occurs due to various factors, including stress, hormonal failure, atherosclerosis, and violations of the day. Often a headache when driving, sharp climbs or slopes, there is pain after exercise. Less – worried constantly.

Additionally, patients reported facial flushing and pain are swelling, bursting and throbbing in nature. Often there is rapid pulse, weakness.

Temporal arteritis

The rare factor, which can be a headache in various movements of the torso, bending and vibration. Sometimes there is inflammation of the arteries in the temples, swelling of the surrounding tissues narrows the lumen of vessels. If pathology is not treated, evolves the thrombosis, dangerously located near the carotid artery and other systems of blood supply to the brain.

Painful sensations persist from swollen arteries, aggravated by any movement, including when chewing. In the acute phase of the disease, the patient is faced with a high fever and nausea. Need to be treated with special preparations, simple analgesics do not help.

Other diseases of the blood vessels and headache

There is a spectrum of causes that cause pain in the head. A large part of the vascular disease is accompanied by spasms, which are aggravated by any movement. Often those who have little moves or suffers from hypertension, vegetative dystonia, osteochondrosis.

In vascular diseases headache abruptly, without obvious factors. Can be so strong that people can’t do anything. To relieve the pain will help antispasmodics or analgesics, but the medicinal effect they give, just like any other compresses, poultices and folk recipes.

Osteochondrosis and neuritis

In osteochondrosis of head aches, when a person makes any movement. But it is more for the period of exacerbation. This happens due to the instability of vertebrae, compression of nerves or vessels. Headache often located in the neck and head.

When neuritis people lose sensitivity in certain areas of the body. In the head often found the pulsing, sharp pain. Also when inflammation of the facial nerve appears puffiness, numbness of the facial muscles. Unpleasant sensations become stronger when the patient moves his neck.

Other reasons

Experience headache when moving the head against the backdrop of the high tone of the neck muscles. Sometimes the symptom occurs on the background of myalgia. For elimination of symptoms it is not enough to take pills, use creams that improve the condition of muscles.

Long-term effects of head injuries a person receives a concussion or other diseases, and their complications begin in a few years. Sudden headaches with no other explanation, sometimes such a complication.

There are other causes of cephalgia, or headache, as it is called by doctors:

  • colds – as in the beginning of the disease, and in the course of its development. If a person experiences unpleasant sensations in the nose and throat, head hurts when moving eyes or body, you might suspect the early period of influenza, SARS or other virus;
  • sinusitis – when the accumulation of pus in the sinuses the pain is localized in different regions of the skull. The same occurs in other diseases of ENT organs: acute tonsillitis, sinusitis;
  • diseases of the eye and teeth – caries, hidden pathology of organs of vision. Sharp severe pain when chewing can occur when eruption of wisdom teeth in adults;
  • intestinal pathology – even in such diseases can be a pain in the head. This files most often detected acute pancreatitis, enteritis or colitis and other pathology of the intestine.

Hypertension is the cause of the pain is high intracranial pressure. In diseases of the teeth and ENT organs pain is often located in the temples or behind the ear.

Causes painful sensations in the physical education

During exercise headache is not always due to the development of the disease or any vascular disorders. This may be due to increased loads, wrong execution of the exercises.

Important! When swimming and other water sports headache associated with pressure change.

To get rid of these attacks, you need to take a warm shower and a massage head. If the sensations become permanent during and after physical activity, you should consult a doctor.

Pain in head when moving eyes

Such a symptom often associated with fatigue and inflammation in the organs of vision. Glaucoma is increased intraocular pressure that lead to the same pain. During infection there is pus, redness, itching and dryness.

Also pressive pain in the eye movement can occur when the diseases:

  • cysts and tumors of the brain;
  • high blood pressure;
  • encephalitis and meningitis;
  • VSD;
  • arachnoiditis;
  • swelling of the brain.

Sometimes this symptom is the only manifestation of the disease. If there is numbness of the skin or increased sensitivity, you must consult a neurologist.

If when driving a headache, it can be a symptom of a serious illness or poisoning. But in some cases is a normal reaction. To sound the alarm need if the symptom appears more than 1-2 times a month and is accompanied by additional sensations: numbness, vomiting, nausea, fainting.

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