Psychological significance of headache

The study of how human psychological condition affects his physical condition, is engaged in targeting the branch of medical science which is called psychosomatics.

Headache, according to the results obtained by researchers in this area is only in 10% of cases are a symptom of any disease, but the remaining 90% of migraine attacks are associated with the emotional state of the person that experienced them in events, etc.

Almost every fifteenth person on our planet suffers from headaches constantly, perceiving them, unfortunately, as inevitable and not amenable to correction.


Certainly if you are not lucky enough, and you were among those who have first-hand knowledge about psychogenic headaches, and you will be able to determine after what events in your life they are aggravated.

However, long-term monitoring of patients seeking professionals with such a problem, still allowed to generalize all the cases and highlight the key reasons why the person may suddenly develop a severe headache:

  • Reaction to psychological trauma. If human life was something that he was unpleasantly surprised or shocked, it is likely that it will dramatically start to get a headache. This group can be attributed to the headaches, associated with anxiety about loved ones, about which no necessary information. Simply put, any event that upsets the person and knocks him out of the usual rhythm of life, can provoke in it psychogenic headache.
  • Reaction to acute conflict. If you seriously had an argument with the man, or received a reprimand from management (especially in your opinion, unfair) – do not be surprised if after a short period of time you will begin to ache.
  • Pain as alternative. If you are angry with any man, mind him or any of his actions could provoke you angry flash, don’t be surprised if when you meet him you will start a migraine attack (fortunately, short).
  • Reaction to the fatigue. Everything is good in moderation, and if you believe that you will be able to do absolutely everything – think ahead: are you ready to pay for it with his own health?
  • A symptom of depression. Discomfort in the head can have various causes, including be a sign that the person is in depression. The presence of such psychogenic headaches are difficult to define, as the great depression itself is often “masked” under other diseases and to recognize it pretty hard.

Psychological significance of headaches

Any doctor will subscribe to the view that all the symptoms of various diseases that are associated with the person experiencing pain is good for the patient. Why? Everything is simple: good health to the doctor, they run very rarely, but if there is severe discomfort and/or pain – then the person is sent to be examined.

What is the purpose of psychogenic headaches and whether they are person in General? The human head is an organ that does not stop working never. Day and night she handles a mountain of information that transmits and receives information, and much, much more. Of course, for a long time in continuous mode can not continue, and therefore learn to perceive headache as a signal that it is time to drop everything and relax.

If you paid attention to the fact that often, the headache you replaces resentment, anger, or anger – do not try to prevent it: it is likely that your body will know what is easier for him to cope with, and tolerate physical discomfort much easier than psychological. Also of great importance for this phenomenon is that the discomfort helps a person to make the right decision.

For example, you choose the work and took you on probation. And like all good, arrange the conditions, etc., but every day you come home with a wild headache. If it can not be explained by the fact that you worked too much, then most likely, your mind is protesting against the fact that you held this position.

Such examples: unnecessary purchases, contact with unpleasant people, the choice of work or leisure – that people would make far fewer mistakes in my life, if not just ignored psychogenic headache.

That predisposes to the onset of pain?

As practice shows, those, who often suffers from psychogenic migraines, there are a few very similar traits. Undoubtedly, they are completely different people, each with their own personality and their Outlook on life, but something they all have in common. So, such people tend to depend on other people’s opinions. If you are constantly worried about what others will say, can not make a step without regard for the opinions of others – do not be surprised that you often and much headache.

Another character trait – commitment. Usually, such people figuratively say that they have for everything and for everyone “headache”, that’s just sick they have often in fact that neither is the literal sense, and hurts frequently enough. This phenomenon is seen for Executive employees, too responsible parents, etc.

Describing those who because of personal characteristics often occurs psychogenic headache, not to mention the people, greatly in need of social approval, especially if it is still burdened with altruism. These people really want around all was well, and if not – they are very worried about it and blame yourself. Unfortunately, if such a phenomenon takes protracted, the person threatened is not just a short-term headaches, and prolonged stress.


The main difference between this kind of pain from the usual is the absence of effects of the drugs: if headache, triggered by SARS, you can take a pill and after a time feel better when psychogenic nature of the pain can not even try to deal with it with analgesics.

The treatment of headaches of psychogenic origin should begin primarily from the elimination of the causes which provoked it. Without this time to talk about the treatment of the patient is impractical and is pointless! Therefore, if you know what triggered the discomfort – eliminate the cause, and then proceed to treatment.

Nobody talks about what to drink medicine for psychosomatic headaches inappropriate. Sometimes the discomfort is so strong that it is better to take an analgesic or a mild sedative. However do not be fooled into believing that this treatment will be limited: perhaps the symptoms will disappear and very quickly, but it will be only until such time as you have to deal with another aggravating factor.

In order to get rid of pain in the head, caused by psychogenic factors, be sure to go to a psychologist. Only a qualified specialist will allow you to understand what provokes the pain and teach you how to deal with it. A common misconception the opponents psychological assistance is that they think that most to understand more easily than an outsider. However, so can talk only by those who did not know anything about psychology, because often people not only don’t understand why reacting to a particular situation is a headache, but did not correlate these two phenomena. So if you often suffer from headaches, but the therapist claims that you have absolutely all right to health, go on consultation to the psychologist.


In order to avoid discomfort, which can cause a migraine, follow a few simple rules and remember that it is always easier to eliminate the cause of the disease than to deal with it later.

  • Never let the release of their emotions. If you are not satisfied with something – speak up. Can’t a man’s face – podromanija other, anonymously tell someone, etc. don’t become a storehouse of negative information.
  • Clearly assess their capabilities and do not attempt to exceed them. If you know that you can’t afford, not take it only in order to please someone else.
  • Don’t try to be all good – it’s impossible. Do not worry, I did not like like someone.
    • Try to always think positively. Even if you don’t have something strongly to you, do not dwell on this, and constantly remember the good things you have.
  • Indulge yourself with positive emotions, let it be and not buy something long desired, but at least communication with nice people. Remember that if you smile or laugh – your body begins active production of endorphins, the so-called “hormones of happiness”.
  • Let’s outlet for his negative emotions. Always. Two of the most effective ways to do this – a piercing scream or cry.
  • It is noticed that “zasypaniya” negatively affect the health of the person and his mood. So if you opened your eyes and saw that the alarm will turn on after 10-15 minutes – donate this time and get up early.

Of course, all of these recommendations only apply to the occurrence of headaches that are not associated with any disease. Don’t forget that this pain is the most frequent symptom of many diseases, including very serious, and therefore do not forget all the same initially to go to the therapist.

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