Shooting pain in head causes treatment

A problem such as a headache, unfortunately, familiar to everyone. In some people, it is often shooting in nature. This kind of pain can safely be called one of the most painful. Of course, the first desire of person to immediately correct the symptom.

But we should not forget that the headache may be a symptom of serious diseases. So when it occurs you must consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination.

Shooting pain in the head often occurs when such serious diseases as migraine, neuralgia, ear infection, or osteochondrosis.


This disease is of a neuralgic character. The exact cause of its occurrence is still unknown. But recent studies in this field show that, most likely, it is hereditary and most common in women. Migraine is a disturbance in the function of blood vessels of the brain. Due to a sharp expansion of vessels may experience shooting pain in the head. At the same time there dizziness, nausea, photophobia, hypersensitivity to sounds.

To provoke a migraine attack can the following factors:

  1. Bad habits.
  2. Unbalanced nutrition. Especially dangerous is starvation and violation of the meal.
  3. Food. Found that citrus fruits, chocolate, beer and cheese can lead to migraines.
  4. External factors. These include sudden changes in temperature, flickering lights, stress.
  5. Violation of a hormonal background of an organism.

Completely cure migraine impossible. But you can exclude harmful factors to the attacks called for you as little as possible. During the exacerbation should immediately take a painkiller. Helps the attachment to the head with hot compresses. Relieve pain with the help of massage.


To provoke this disease may be hypothermia, injury, intoxication or prolonged exposure to a stressful situation.

Among the major causes of neuralgia are:

  1. The compression of ternary nerve at its exit from the skull. This phenomenon can be caused by a tumor, aneurysm, or abnormal location of blood vessels.
  2. Inflammation of ternary nerve. This happens if you get an infection or hypothermia.
  3. Injury to the nerve. To neuralgia can cause mechanical damage, for example, a punch in the face. In rare cases the neuralgia occurs after surgery.

Shooting pain in the head may be accompanied by increased slezo – and salivation.

At the first suspicion of neuralgia, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor. Most often patients are assigned anticonvulsants, vitamin b, muscle relaxants and warming ointment for local application.

In order to prevent the emergence of such diseases, try to avoid overcooling and injuries. Strengthen your immune system and lead a healthy lifestyle. The positive effect of therapeutic exercise and vitamins of group B.


Cause shooting pains in the head can be a cervical osteochondrosis. It occurs due to compression of the branches of the occipital nerves.

This can occur under the influence of the following factors:

  1. Displacement of the spinal disc.
  2. The appearance of osteophytes – outgrowth of the lateral part of the vertebrae.
  3. Hernia of the spine.

To the emergence of degenerative disc disease may cause: lack of active lifestyle, the formation of salts in the cervical spine, unbalanced diet, metabolic substances in the body, prolonged stay in one position, for example, when driving a car or working at the computer.

In this disease in addition to the headache there is a whole range of symptoms. There may be numbness, drowsiness, tinnitus, blurred vision and hearing, pain in the heart area, fainting during a sharp turn of the head and some others.

To accurately determine the presence of degenerative disc disease only during a medical examination. This files most often for diagnostic purposes appointed by radiography, ultrasonic Doppler or CT scan.

During the exacerbation, patients are assigned to painkillers. If they do not have the desired effect, you will need a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. To ease the pain you can also use warming ointments or pepper patch.

Inflammation of the ear

If shooting in the head starts in the region of the ear on either side, this may indicate the emergence of purulent otitis. It can appear after injury or diseases such as meningitis, tuberculosis or measles. This disease is accompanied by formation of pus, which can spread to the middle ear. This can lead to serious complications. It is therefore essential to diagnose otitis media and to start his treatment.

In addition to head shooting pain when inflammation of the ear there is a sharp deterioration in hearing, fever, dizziness and pain in ear area.

To make an accurate diagnosis in only ENT. He would need to conduct a thorough inspection of the ear, nose and throat using special instruments. Only after that you can pick up competent treatment. In most cases, without the use of antibiotics do not succeed.

Where the pain is localized?

Regardless of the cause shooting head pain, it can be localized virtually in any area of the head.

  1. Frontal pain. Most often it occurs on the right side above my eyebrow. Sensations when pressed. This kind of pain mostly occurs when supercooling.
  2. Temporal pain. It often can be observed on the right side. The pain occurs with cervical osteochondrosis. Often there is a rise in temperature and vomiting.
  3. Pain in the occipital region. Such a cross usually seen with a sharp turn of the head. Also can stand out area, clicking on which there is a sharp shooting pain.
First aid

Remember that a specific list of therapeutic interventions should be appointed by the attending physician.

But there are some basic principles that can help relieve radiating pain:

  1. Use dry heat. A great option would be salt. It is necessary to pour into a small pouch, made from cotton fabric and reheat in the pan. Warm the bag should be applied to the area of the head where the pain is felt especially strongly. As such compress can also use a chicken egg, boiled hard-boiled.
  2. Complete peace of mind. During this attack should lie in silence. While it is best if the room will be arranged a constant flow of fresh air. Try to eliminate all the sharp sounds and smells. Try to speak as little as possible.

Supplementing prescribed therapies with the help of recipes of traditional medicine. Especially effective are:

  1. Take a sheet geranium room. Rinse it in warm running water and lightly fluff with fingers. This sheet must be attached to the place of the cross.
  2. Twenty grams dried black elderberry flowers pour a liter of boiling water. The resulting mixture steep for an hour. This amount of money will be enough for two days. It can be drunk with the addition of natural honey.
  3. Tablespoon of dried peppermint pour water and put on fire. Boil it for fifteen minutes. After that, remove from heat, cool slightly and strain. This decoction must be taken in the morning and evening.
  4. A tablespoon of dried and powdered willow bark pour a glass of boiling water. Diatomite will this mixture on a slow fire for fifteen minutes. Thus prepared broth strain and take one tablespoon four times per day.

After a full medical examination and finding out the true cause of shooting pains in the head, you will be able to undergo the treatment and get rid of this problem. The only way you can be sure that no serious complications will arise.

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