Ubusuna headache causes treatment

The various manifestations of headache in some extent familiar to almost every inhabitant of the Earth. At someone it occurs in rare cases, for others it is an almost constant companion.

In the latter case often occurs ubusuna (drug) headache. To eliminate her usual painkillers. Moreover, under the influence of drugs symptoms can only increase.

How to cure this unpleasant disease?

What provoked?

The fundamental factor that triggers the occurrence of aboutuse headache is a migraine. The direct cause of the disease is the misuse of the initial migraine drugs for pain relief, more regular application.

In most situations ubusuna headache appears in the constant use of such drugs as:

  • analgesic drugs;
  • NSAIDs;
  • derivatives drugs ergotamine;
  • combined with analgesics means;
  • triptan;
  • agonists of serotonin;
  • opioids.

Consideration the medical history of patients with abosutely headache reveals the presence in the previous time characteristic forms primary stage cephalgia, about 70% of patients have previously suffered from periodic migraine attacks.

In addition to the overuse of medications aggravating factors of the disease state are affective disorder:

  • anxiety;
  • depression;
  • stress.

According to medical surveys, the patients with depressive disorders are most prone to drug abuse. Many people with abosutely headache possess a genetic tendency to depression, alcoholism and drug abuses.

Interesting! The constant abuse of pain medications according to the testimony, unrelated to the pain of the head, is not conducive to the emergence of aboutuse headache.

Be aware that the daily intake of medication in small doses is much more dangerous than the use of shock doses of drugs occasionally. With the alternation of rapid consumption of medicinal products with long-term interval without taking pills much less contributes to the formation of aboutuse headache.

Pain may intensify under the influence of the intellectual and physiological loads or when the cancellation of medicines after prolonged use. Therefore, many patients re-start drug exposure for drug headache.


Because ubusuna headache appears in the background of the primary stage cephalgia, at the initial stages it manifests itself as periodic migraine. When autonego enhancement factor (with increasing dosage of the medication or when increasing frequency of consumption) pain in chronic transformirovalsya configuration.

Advanced stages aboutuse headache involves the daily occurrence of pain symptoms and the variation of their nature in the day. Usually, pain is felt at the time of morning awakening and is characterized as muted and small. Maybe she fronto-occipital, bilateral or diffuse.

Mostly symptoms aboutuse headache is:

  • despite the treatment of primary pain, pain attacks start more often and becoming more pronounced. Episodic pain gradually become more regular and occur daily;
  • head ubusuna pain transformirovalsya throughout couple of weeks. The analgesics used long before the emergence of infirmity;
  • often, headache autonego origin is characterized as two-sided, depressing and oppressive. In most cases this disease develops in the frontal and/or occipital. Intense painful symptoms in the head are present even in a moment of awakening in the morning;
  • drug is accompanied by headaches such issues as memory loss, General malaise of the body and anxiety, nausea with vomiting, severe irritability and difficulty concentrating;
  • strengthening cephalgia reinforced during physical exertion or when the interruption of the consumption of medications;
  • the pain symptoms have a variable character, so during the day, a man felt pain of a different nature.

It is noteworthy! Very often the patients aboutuse headache use analgesics before occurrence of painful sensations. After the expiration of drugs formed the “rebound” pain of the head, that causes the patient to increase the dose of pain medication.

Diagnosis of the disease

To diagnose abussou headache is very difficult due to the fact that absolute diagnosis can be established only if the refusal of a patient from the use of zloupotrebleniya of drugs.

The main criteria for diagnosis are:

  • the duration of cephalgia in the sequel to 15-20 days for one month;
  • taking certain medications for several consecutive months;
  • strengthening pain while taking drugs.

The main target areas in the treatment aboutuse headaches are:

  • complete elimination of medications contributing to pain;
  • rehabilitation of the patient after discontinuation of medication;
  • re-diagnosis of primary cephalgia, which was the reason for the development of abusus;
  • preventing the recurrence of excessive use of drugs.

Important! If the patient will continue taking the same medication, the risk of re-occurrence of the disease increases to 45%.

In the present period a particular scenario treatment aboutuse headache does not exist. The abolition zloupotrebleniya medications does not always bring the desired result. But, basically, used a momentary ban on the drug, while other doctors prefer a gradual decrease in dosage.

As preventive measures applied interview with the patient and informing him about the reasons contributing to the formation of aboutuse headache. Timely appointed medications to prevent recurrence of the disease.

Mainly signs of drug withdrawal persist for a period of five to ten days. But for absolute recovery of the body may need ten weeks or more. The use of pharmacotherapy is advisable not only to prevent but also to cancel all existing symptoms. That is, a doctor appointed by the replacement medication, acute pain.

In addition to the usual types of treatment, ubusuna headache treated by adequate therapy. Most often, this will involve a psychiatrist. In some cases, the patient is assigned to a session of relaxation therapy and cognitive-behavioral studies. The use of techniques that use biofeedback.

The most effective way to treat aboutuse headache is considered a complete withdrawal of the drug that triggered the disease. The only condition is that medication should be a narcotic analgesic. In severe situations is carried out detoxification of a patient in a hospital.

If the effectiveness of therapeutic procedures ubusuna headache transformered to the original form of cephalgia. Therefore, simultaneously with the prohibition of “harmful” medication given to the classic therapy of migraine.

Two days since the cancellation of the medications is causing the disease, you may experience:

  • severe migraine headaches;
  • nausea and frequent vomiting;
  • of restlessness;
  • disorders of the sleep mode.

These symptoms can take a few hours and last up to a month or more. Therefore, the treatment process aboutuse headaches should be planned so that it does not have a noticeable impact on the daily life of the patient may require a registration of sick leave for 1-2 weeks.

As a rule, medicinal headache treated at home. But it requires strict control of the doctor, any replacement therapy is allowed only with a medical prescription. In no event should not take place self. The consequence of self-treatment will be able to be strong cephalalgia. In severe situations you may need to stay patient at the day hospital to implement dezintoksikatsionnym measures.

Traditional medicine

Self-treatment of headache aboutuse the methods of traditional medicine will not bring success. For elimination of the disease requires the complete abolition of provoking abussou pain medications. Herbal remedies or essential oils can be used as a replacement therapy, but assign them only the attending physician.

Drug abuses during pregnancy

Able ubusuna headache to occur in pregnant women. The treatment is carried out in a standard way. But the doctor should carefully compare the toxicity of all prescribed drugs and to choose the least harmful to the developing embryo. In General, at the time of pregnancy women are recommended to refuse any drugs intended for the relief of pain attacks. Any treatment can be administered only after consulting a doctor.

To what expert to address in the medicinal aboutuse?

When presumptive presence aboutuse headaches, as well, and with all sorts of painful symptoms in the head area, should immediately contact their physician or neurologist. The diagnosis is made on the basis of a survey of patients and communicated their knowledge of the previously observed symptoms. If the patient addressed similar complaints in the past and is at the dispensary, diagnosed when accounting for pre-existing complaint.

Diagnosis of drug headache does not require any special surveys. The most effective method that can confirm the presence of drug migraine is a diary of all cephalalgias maintained by the patient. It is noted the time of occurrence of headache attacks, their duration and the amount of consumed painkillers.

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