Headache after a long sleep causes treatment

During rest, the body recovers its strength, but many a headache after a NAP, still feeling tired. Symptoms in the morning or after a NAP. In the result of sickness when waking deteriorating the nervous system, disturbed biorhythms, you receive stress.

Why in the morning headache?

Morning headaches manifested after waking up, can be regular or periodic.

For them are characteristic the following reasons:

  • An uncomfortable posture during sleep. Blood flow to the brain is disturbed, if you sleep in an uncomfortable position for a long time. In the end, after sleeping pain.
  • Before sleep consumed coffee or alcoholic beverages. Hypertonicity is the result of large amounts of alcohol.
  • Stressful situations and emotional disorders. Many people often have unfounded anxiety, fear of anything. In the end, they begin insomnia, nightmares. After such a dream is a feeling of weakness, dull headache.
  • Overeating. Eating spicy or fatty meal before bedtime affects the blood vessels in the end, after sleep headache.

Indicates that a symptom?

List the disorders that may indicate a painful symptom:

  • Migraine. Attacks often occur at night, in the morning, the patients Wake up from the severe pain and other related symptoms.
  • The tumor in the brain. Headache in the morning manifests itself due to the fact that a brain tumor presses on nearby blood vessels. For this reason, in the area of its location there are problems with blood flow. If a malignant tumor grows, the pain appears to cause intoxication.
  • Trauma to the head. As a consequences may occur headaches.
  • Changes in blood pressure. High blood pressure often have headache in the morning because of a lengthy visit in the horizontal position. This also leads to spasms of blood vessels.
  • Internal hypertension. At night during long stationary cerebrospinal fluid retained in the brain structures, increased pressure on the circulatory system of the head and the adjacent tissue. In the end, the patient feels unbearable pain going after a specific period of wakefulness.
  • Sinusitis. Pain near the forehead and temples is considered an essential symptom of sinusitis. In the morning, the symptoms is most pronounced, as over the night time in the nasal cavity there is swelling. In the maxillary sinuses accumulate a lot of mucus and purulent masses.

When the headache appears after a night’s sleep and constantly reduces work during the day, you need to seek the advice of a specialist to the hidden pathology did not develop.

The pain after a long sleep

Experts advise adult patients to sleep for 8-9 hours a day to meet and stand in line with the regime. If you do not follow these rules, it’s morning cephalalgia, feelings of weakness and fatigue. Even after prolonged wakefulness attempts to sleep would be useless, feeling in the end, only worse.

Aching and arching symptoms as a result of the following factors:

  • Lose sleep phase. The body is experiencing stressful situations from which coming out in a few hours.
  • In the blood increases the increased serotonin. Sometimes it becomes the cause of migraine.
  • Few people are sleeping in ventilated rooms. As a result, the brain can suffer from a lack of oxygen.
  • Predisposition to deterioration of the circulatory system of the head or diseases of the brain.

Prolonged sleep exacerbates the situation, there is cephalalgia.

Headache in the morning, the duration of which is 9 hours, may eventually develop into serious trouble. The lag can cause changes in the endocrine system. This affects the functionality of the musculoskeletal system.

Recommendations doctors

Symptoms that occur after sleep and gradually subsiding, saying that is not respected technique of healthy sleep. In this situation, you need to make certain changes to the regime. When the patient goes to bed, you need to choose the correct position.

If migraine is a rare, not knock people out of the normal rhythm, it is possible to try to handle them yourself.

Some tips for eliminating headaches in the morning:

  • Use antispasmodic or analgesic.
  • Drink a decoction of ginseng or ginseng, a few drops added to tea.
  • To ensure the flow of fresh air into the room.
  • To drink some tea with honey and lemon.
  • Massaging whisky essential oil.

When severe pain is accompanied by additional symptoms, and the problem of concern each morning, you need to visit a specialist. Considering the diagnosis he will give recommendations on ways of dealing with the disorder, prescribe medications that cephalalgia.

You need to follow a healthy sleep, to abandon negative habits, correct diet. Such prevention of the symptoms of the most effective. Before bed recommended walks in the fresh air. In old age it is necessary at least every year to pay visits to the neurologist for examination of the Central nervous system. You need to consider the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and the blood pressure parameters.

The use of medicines

Eliminate the painful symptoms easy. It is enough to use the ointment “Asterisk”, to RUB it in whiskey.

The doctors suggest these drugs:

  • Analgin.
  • Citramon.
  • Nise.

You must read the instructions for use. Self-treatment is allowed when pain arises infrequently, can be traced to a distinct cause. The increased regularity and intensity of symptoms requires constant specialist.

Often patients are prescribed these drugs:

  1. For normalization of sleep.
  2. Eliminating headaches.

Rate taking sleeping pills lasts up to 2 weeks.

Traditional medicine

Medicines can be used only when other options are successful treatment no.

Morning headache is eliminated by such means:

  • Applied to the temples crushed to a pulp beet.
  • You can drink a little room temperature water.
  • Cabbage leaves applied to the head.
  • You need to use a small amount of juice of the currant, viburnum or squeezed potatoes.
  • Lemon peel is used for massaging the forehead or temples.
  • Onion cut into 2 parts and apply to the temples.
  • A light tap on the nose with your fingers.
  • The tea with lemon.
  • Mushrooms mushrooms help to cope with a headache.

When the head hurts the morning after sleep, herbal teas to facilitate elimination of the symptom.

Here are a few recipes:

  • 1 tbsp. lodges. Valerian root to pour the water, cook for about 20 minutes, wait until the liquid rises, then clear.
  • 1 h lodges. wormwood brewed for 4 hours.
  • 1 tbsp. lodges. St. John’s wort boiled for 15 minutes, infused and filtered.
  • 1 tbsp. lodges. dried rose hips brewed for 30-40 minutes in boiling water, then filtered.

All the tinctures from herbs should be consumed in small portions. Sometimes to stop a headache could put a cotton cloth on the head. After 30 minutes the symptoms are eliminated.

Headache is eliminated, if we follow simple guidelines:

  • As you can tilt your head in order to improve blood flow to the brain.
  • In this position you need to wait 30 seconds.
  • To raise his head for half a minute, the blood of the departed a little from the head.

The waiting period should gradually increase. If you repeat this exercise several times, feeling much better. Will stimulate the blood circulation, cleans the walls of the blood vessels of the head from the harmful trace elements.

Preventive measures

The best treatment is prevention.

To get rid of those unpleasant symptoms at night and in the morning, follow these tips:

  • Sleep and rest is necessary to secure a regime.
  • Unacceptable fatigue. To avoid unrest, the body of harmful stress.
  • Take deep and even breaths.
  • Proper diet is important.
  • Sports exercises are important.
  • Regularly examine the cardiovascular system and blood vessels.

Headaches prevent people to properly relax, as a result the productivity is reduced. Similar ailments allow us to understand that we need to adjust the way of life. Proper diet, training, attention to their health to help cope with painful symptoms.

It is preferable to get rid of most of the pillows, remove the feather bed. Some patients enclose under a head a few pillows for greater comfort. The result is often taken uncomfortable posture, because of this headache.

During sleep the human body relaxes the muscles to relax. The work of all the organs slows down, this also applies to the circulation. If the body will take the wrong position, the blood flow will be hindered. In the morning there is hypoxia. If you abandon the pillow in most cases, the head ceases to ache in the morning.

It is better not to lean on coffee drinks and tea. Alcohol has a negative effect on the circulatory system. Some believe that alcohol is useful for stomach and prevents vascular spasms, but this false theory. Actually from alcoholic drinks only harm.

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