Ache right side of head causes treatment

Doctors diagnose people have dozens of pathologies, accompanied by cephalalgia. In rare situations, the formation of symptoms caused by neurological disorders. Unilateral localization of pain is of complex symptoms. In such situations you need to consult a medical professional immediately. He explain what to do if the right side of the head hurts.

Causes painful sensations

To determine the reasons why a headache on the right, you need to consider the kind and degree of pain, additional symptoms. Often experienced professionals can suspect the correct diagnosis, visiting and interviewing of patients. If more than 2-3 times in a week hurts right side of the head, the patient feels unwell. Functional or organic origin of the symptoms can cause complications that reduce quality of life and health indicators of the patient.


The neurological disease is diagnosed more in girls of reproductive age. When a patient has a headache with the right and left sides, symmetrical distribution of symptoms recorded infrequently. Such feelings often arise in the temples, frontal zones or in the back of the eye. They consistently spread across all parts of the skull. Kind cephalgia growing, throbbing, causes patients suffering.

Increased sensitivity to intense light, loud noises, intense odors, can last up to 3 days. Often at the peak of painful sensations arise retching and nausea. The patient becomes much easier. In some situations, the result of migraine is temporary loss of consciousness.


Inflammation of the meninges is the result of the actions of the pathogen from the external environment or the transition of the current source of the infection in the form of the disease. If there are additional symptoms it is necessary to exclude a dangerous condition. The clinical picture of the disease is nonspecific, so the pathology can be suspected by even an unskilled doctor.

Signs of meningitis:

  • Chills, increased body temperature to abnormal performance. The patient starts to shiver.
  • Strong arching headache located in the occipital division occur in the cervical or eyes.
  • The rigidity muscular tissues on the back of the patient dispenses with her head thrown back.
  • Nausea and retching without a sense of relief.
  • Rapid breathing, heart rate changes.
  • Sensitivity to external stimuli.
  • A rash on the skin.

Eliminating the painful symptoms revealed only in the hospital environment. It is aimed at elimination of pathogens with antibiotic use and elimination of harmful symptoms. The prognosis will depend on the speed of treatment.


An emergency condition is the result of injury, damage, aneurysms, malformations of blood vessels. Given the location of the damaged blood vessels in patients felt pain in the right and left hemispheres.

Symptoms over time is compounded by:

  • deteriorating clarity of thinking;
  • there was a problem with it;
  • there was a confusion of action;
  • the patient loses consciousness.

Patients require hospitalization and surgical intervention to control the bleeding.

Cluster pain

Similar attacks occur in men of large physique. Smoking increases the risk of developing the disease. Patients pain in right side of head noted suddenly. Intense burning and cutting pain localized in only one place. Symptoms grows and lasts for several hours. During the day takes place from 2 to 8 such attacks. Aggravation can take up to several weeks. On the basis of cluster pain to the patient increases the rate of blood pressure, there is a bursting feeling in the eye from the other side, where the pain, increased lacrimation, stuffy nose.

Tumors of the head

In the formation and development of tumors in the right hemisphere of the head of the clinical picture is compounded. Vomiting occurs, nausea after eating. The patient’s headache from the location of the tumor. Feelings are often stupid and arching. Sometimes there is acute shooting cephalalgia. With the development of tumors, the patient’s condition is aggravated by the added the brain, the patient loses consciousness.

Symptoms begin to manifest after waking up and getting worse. Symptoms may worsen on the basis of increased mental or physical activity. Painful symptoms in the right side of the head appear immediately after the injury or after some time. The symptomatology is caused by the kind and degree of internal organ involvement.

Accompanying symptoms:

  • Retching.
  • Dizziness.
  • Deterioration of appetite.
  • Weakness.
  • Short fainting.
Increased pressure inside the skull

Increased intracranial pressure because of brain swelling or inflammation, hydrocephalus, hematoma, etc.

It is often the result of overcrowding of the blood vessels of the head in the process of intoxication:

  • Patients have pain in the eyes.
  • Appear pressing and arching feelings in different parts of the head.
  • Retching without relief of nausea.
  • The increased heart rate.

Pain above the right eye manifested as the result of waking up and may persist for several hours.


The disease is characterized by a sharp and intolerable headaches in the right side of the head. This symptom predisposed girls. Male patients the disease is diagnosed in rare cases. This type of disease is often diagnosed in elderly women. For clinical picture characterized by the fact that the painful symptoms can arise unexpectedly. The symptom manifested in the frontal and temporal division. There is a feeling of burning or prosverlivayut type. Patients having such frequent headaches, that it becomes difficult to think about anything else. Symptoms occur every day and held up to several hours.

Diagnosis and treatment

To determine the reasons for a headache, you need to go to the doctors who will evaluate the symptoms, examine you and based on their suggestions will assign a list of diagnostic tests. For each example you need the right approach to treatment.

Most patients expect to stop the symptoms will be able with the help of painkillers. Such approaches do not contribute to the cause of the disease, the pathology develops into a chronic form. To avoid that happening, you need to contact medical specialists for qualified help.

For diagnosis are assigned:

  • CT scan and MRI.
  • Examination using ultrasound.
  • Electrocardiography.
  • A blood test.

If necessary, there are other diagnostic measures.

The nature of the disease determines the course of treatment. Often the unpleasant symptoms go away, sometimes relapses occur, so without proper treatment will not be able to do.

Most often diseases are treated in these ways:

  • With tension pain used pain relievers, is increasing physical activity.
  • Osteochondrosis is required to perform physical therapy exercises and massaging the cervical. To eliminate acute pain used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and ointment to warm up.
  • Post-concussion patient is necessary to ensure peace, you need to set compresses, to prevent the development of hematomas, eat painkillers.
  • The appearance of bleeding in the head are removed the hematoma and identify the causes of pathology to prevent the repetition of the painful situation.
  • Signs of otolaryngological disorders disappear after treatment of the main causes of the disease.
  • The tumors are cut with a scalpel. The method of treatment is driven by the quality of the tumor. Modern techniques mean laser excision, radiotherapy.
  • When the patient is in a prolonged state of depression, requires rest, performing breathing exercises, great benefit could obtain from autotreninga.

Treatment will not yield results if the disease is identified correctly. For this reason, at the first signs you need to contact the experts, because the disease may be too severe.

What to do if a bad headache?

When a migraine attack finds a patients home, you need to reduce the load on the neck muscles, not to get into a stressful situation, take recumbency. Often, the right rear is often a head ache because of neuralgia and nervous tissues. In such situations, doctors advise to wear a turtleneck. Useful water treatments with sea salt and pine branches. If the cramps are not too sharp, eliminate them succeed with the help of painkillers.

You need to follow the attacks over several days. You need to celebrate all the changes of intensity, there is the nature of the pathological condition, location, time of occurrence and duration of the disease.

Headache in the right side of the head sometimes occurs because of awkward postures during sleeping, working. The pillow may be too firm. You should try to eliminate all the causes of the disease, contributing to the development of spasms, attacks can be stopped after 2-3 days. When a pathological condition is aggravated, you need to quickly contact your doctor for help.

The massage is impossible to perform at the affected area. The malaise is not necessary to carry on the legs, pills are used randomly. Only a qualified specialist can cure the patient. Initially to reduce painful syndrome will be possible for 7-14 days in a state of neglect. There is often a need for prompt intervention.

You need to determine why it hurts the right side of the head, to be successful in removing feelings of discomfort. Migraine is not always well treated, but the integrated approach always yields positive results. Only a qualified professional will be able to prescribe the right treatments based on the diagnosis.

In the primary stages of the disease can be eliminated strong attacks. Prolonged sleep often has a positive effect on such symptoms. After awakening, the pain may disappear completely.

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