Causes of colic in a newborn

Another common cause of colic is the accumulation of air in the stomach. Gassing occurs, the air squeezes the intestines, and as it contracts, the baby suffers pain. The presence of gases can be determined by bloated hard stomach, rumbling during or after feeding, painful, defective stool in small portions.

Air in the stomach

In this case, colic can be eliminated by changing the sucking technique. Watch how the baby takes the breast during breastfeeding and the nipple with artificial. During sucking crumbs in the stomach should not flow air.

It is necessary to follow the regurgitation of air. Give the opportunity to go out to the air not at the end of feeding, when there is a lot of milk in the stomach, but also in the process. The first regurgitation should be organized when the activity of swallowing milk by a child decreases. Carefully take away his chest from him, to do this, insert a little finger between his gums and slightly open them, pull out the nipple and lift the child to an upright position.

For the successful discharge of air is required to create a small pressure on the stomach. Position the baby so that its tummy is on your shoulder, and your arms and head are behind them. Carry a crumb in such a position for a few seconds, then, even if you have not heard a belch, attach it to the other breast. The process should not be delayed. After the feeding is finished, repeat the procedure again.

For regurgitation, there are different poses and you need to pick one in which the air from the stomach will exhaust well. As the child grows, the shape of the stomach and its relationship with the internal organs grow and change, so it may be necessary to change poses for regurgitation. For example, if the crumbs in one month the air is well departed on your shoulder, then in two he can better retreat from a prone position, with legs tucked.

Binge eating

The newborn strongly pronounced sucking reflex, they constantly need something to suck. On-demand feeding is common, but the baby’s need for continuous sucking is confused with the desire to eat, hence overeating, one of the common causes of colic in newborns. This is the case when a nipple or other breast substitute, for example, a finger, was rescued by the parents and the child. If the baby has a tummy ache, then new portions of milk will provoke a new pain, especially if any allergen has hit it.

If the child has a reaction to what you ate, give him a breast just for feeding.

Lack of sleep

Many parents who are confronted with the constant evening hysterics of the child, confuse lack of sleep with colic. Sleep baby should last at least 40-45 minutes in a row. Only during this time he will be able to fully relax and recover.

Often, mothers wait until the baby falls asleep near their breasts while feeding, but it will be difficult to put him in bed with his hands in bed without waking. After the first attempt to shift the baby, he will begin to groan with displeasure, after the second he will begin to cry, and after the third he will begin to cry badly, a new feeding, motion sickness and laying will be needed.

If the baby wakes up, for example, every 20 minutes, you can be sure that he has not slept, he has a headache, so by evening he will get very tired and a hysteria similar to colic may happen to him. To avoid this, you should learn to put the child as painlessly as possible.

The best helper in comfortable wearing and settling the child to sleep will be the sling. From it it is easier to shift the crumb than with hands. You will need to remove the loop from the neck and with the sling gently lay out the child. It is desirable to settle the baby into something swinging, for example, in a cradle or stroller.

Mom’s mental state

During the period when the baby is suffering from colic, mothers are often depressed. At this time, sad thoughts only hurt, because stress affects the composition of milk. And if mother is nervous, you can be sure that the child will have a stomach ache, because even after birth, he experiences motherly emotions as he did in the womb. You must try to calm down and pull yourself together. All difficulties sooner or later pass and what bothered you today, in a month will only cause a smile.

Mom’s diet

If you are faced with a regular and inconsolable cry of a child, from whom nothing helps, you must pay attention to what mom eats. During breastfeeding, it is important not to mix different foods. A woman should remember that she has eaten in the last 24 hours, so it will be easier to identify which food causes colic. Meals should be complete, and not in the form of snacking. From the menu you need to exclude the factory multi-component sweets, sausages, canned goods and smoked meats.

It is not recommended to use some more products that cause colic in newborns. These are mushrooms, chocolate, black bread, apples, grapes, bananas, onions, coffee, milk, white bread, cucumbers, beans and tomatoes. Try to adhere to the principles of separate feeding.

70% of newborns are susceptible to colic. This is one of the biggest difficulties that young parents may face after giving birth.

Official medicine cannot exactly answer what causes colic in babies. Some believe that their occurrence is associated with imperfections of the nervous system, due to which there are problems with the nervous regulation in the intestine. Others are convinced that overfeeding or swallowing air is to blame. Still others are of the opinion that intestinal colic in newborns is a reaction to the mother’s diet. But what is interesting, some children have them every evening, others have them once a week, and some never. It is noticed that colic appears in the evening, often at the same time and more often bother boys than girls.

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