Do I need to swaddle the baby

The question, whether to swaddle a child or not, is confronted by many parents of newborn babies. About that in swaddling more – good or harm – doctors argue to this day. Therefore, each mother herself must decide for herself whether it is imperative to swaddle the baby, why swaddle, how useful it will be for the child.

There are several reasons why swaddled children.
  • These replace the missing items of clothing for the newborn (vests, body, sliders).
  • They fix the arms and legs of the baby so that it does not wake up from its sharp unconscious movements with them.
  • Contribute to the rapid development of the infant sense of touch (especially when there is a minimum of clothing under the film).

You need to know exactly how to swaddle the baby, so as not to harm him, but to help.

Do not swaddle tight, because:
  • it hampers the physical and psycho-emotional development of the crumbs,
  • his breathing is disturbed;
  • the thoracic region is under increased stress, and in the future the child may develop lung diseases;
  • blood circulation is impaired due to vessels that are squeezed by tissue, hence the inability of the body of the crumbs to independent thermoregulation (the child is supercooled or overheated);
  • gas exchange occurs slowly (the baby’s body suffers from a lack of valuable oxygen);
  • there is a risk of dysplasia, subluxation and even dislocation of the hip joints, as well as muscular dystonia;
  • suffers from the gastrointestinal tract of the baby: the discharge of gas during sleep is difficult;
  • baby can not take natural posture.

The meaning of free diapering is to allow the child to take comfortable physiological poses. You can wrap the baby with handles, and without them. Immediately after birth, as well as after the time before bedtime – better with handles. Still apply the so-called wide swaddling.

This option allows the baby to be in a pose with divorced and bent legs (in the frog pose). Usually, the children are without diapers. This method is relevant when a disorder in the development of the hip joints is suspected or has already been diagnosed.

How old are the children swaddled?

On the question of how many months to swaddle a baby, there is no definite answer. Of course, immediately after birth, the baby feels calmer when wrapped in a diaper. For him, this limited volume is familiar. On the 4-5th day, he begins to release his hands from the diaper to suck a finger or cam, as he did in the womb from 16-18 weeks of gestation.

Such a desire to release the handles should not be regarded as a desire to get out of the diaper. After a few more days, the crumb begins to show interest in the surrounding space and the objects in it. Then he tries to touch them, and a loving, sensitive mommy understands that it is time to switch to swaddling without pens. At least in moments of wakefulness.

Many babies want to sleep in diapers up to about 2 months of age. Most often this is due to the difficulties of birth. It is difficult for a child to accept a new reality, and he should be given time to get used to it. Therefore, it is recommended to swaddle a newborn until he himself expresses a desire to free himself. Adaptation to the new conditions of life will pass for the child gradually, and his psyche will not suffer.

Whether to swaddle, how and how long to swaddle, to decide, of course, moms and dads of newborn babies. The main thing is that this important decision should serve the child only in good stead.

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