Before menstruation headache causes treatment

Each month girls experiencing menstruation, which is accompanied by unpleasant disorder. Before each menstrual cycle appears PMS. Below is information about why headache before menstruation?


With premenstrual syndrome of increased irritability, excitability due to the concentration of a large number of progesterone in the body. The level of hormones drops during PMS, so before menstruation, headache, nausea. It is undesirable to expose the organism to physical loads.

Salty foods can cause headaches. The fluid retained in the body increased intracranial pressure. The symptoms can be too strong in an unstable hormonal background. Therefore, it is recommended to stock up on painkillers.


When a headache during menses, to have these accompanying symptoms:

  • Breast enlargement because of changes in hormone levels. Sometimes it hurt to touch the nipples because of severe pain.
  • Cinches waist and lower abdomen. Such symptoms appear during the first weeks of gestation.
  • Changing mood. Different things can dramatically irritate.
  • The appetite is impaired or enhanced.
  • A bad dream. A high level of anxiety causes insomnia. Therefore, it is advisable to use sedatives.
  • Fatigue, weakness.
  • The problems with digestion.
  • Migraine.

The symptoms subside after the end of menstruation. The discomfort associated with immune system or nervous activity.


The female body during the month preparing for a possible pregnancy. For gestation the progesterone accumulates. Fertilization does not occur, but the body needs to be transferred to its previous state. Therefore, before menstruation hormonal is significantly reduced. Headache is the most troublesome symptom.

List other reasons:

  • The concentration of estrogen also decreases, there is swelling and feeling of heaviness in the muscle tissue. This is the result of fluid retention increases the overall HELL that is causing the headache.
  • The use of oral contraception also refers to the possible reasons for headache during menstruation. Reproductive function is reconstructed, if ovulation is suppressed regularly.
  • The head can get sick from emotional overload. in the doldrums of this symptom can not be avoided. When stress causes tension, PMS continues, there is a delay. In such a situation it is advisable to use sedatives.

If you have pain you need to consult neurologist who will help you choose a suitable treatment.


Neurological disorders are vascular cephalalgia is manifested by painful narrowing and widening of blood channels. The body many women predisposed to this disorder. The symptoms are blurry, weak.

A few days before menstruation the rate of hormones increase vascular changes. In the end there is a reinforced cephalalgia together with nausea, react to smells and loud noises. All signs of discomfort are eliminated on their own after menstruation.

Methods for the treatment of headache during menstruation is determined on an individual basis. Sometimes doctors prescribe chemical, natural remedies, physiotherapy.

Possible bowel problems

If the digestive system is clogged with toxins, often when menstruation starts, headaches. Bowel bad processed foods, toxins are excreted. Additional load supplied during menstruation. The mucosa of the digestive system begins to absorb harmful components, which penetrate into the blood, provoke the formation of the minor symptoms of intoxication.

In such situations, you will receive nagging headache, dizziness, malaise. Analgesics impair the digestive process.

Pathology of blood vessels

Before menstruation when there is severe headaches, nausea, need to pay a visit to the doctor to make sure the normal condition of the blood vessels. In the critical days the intensity of the flow of blood increases, the load on channels is greatly increased. The lack of elasticity of the vessel walls or the increased permeability does not allow to adapt to changes.

The result is a spastic or compressive cephalalgia. Relief of symptoms in a similar situation do not give the desired effect. It is necessary to eliminate the source of the problem to get the result.


Low hemoglobin and reducing the number of blood telly accompanied by a decrease in blood pressure, cephalalgia, weakness, dizziness.

Bleeding when menstruation worsen the overall situation. The clinical picture is compounded starts oxygen starvation of the brain. The girls on this background, there is a headache, identifies the above symptoms, worsening appetite.

Thus it is better to walk in the fresh air, eat right, drink mineral complexes with iron and vitamins. When problems occur during menstruation, it is recommended not to ignore it, and proceed to the treatment.

The use of contraceptives

Often hormonal disruption in women, are created artificially. In 99% of examples to blame the girls themselves. They use hormonal means without prior consultation with a specialist. It often happens that the disorder is aggravated by the medication oral contraceptive.

Such drugs are appointed individually, taking into account the age and condition of the patient. When the girl with the use of this technique of contraception headache, you need to visit a gynecologist because there can be negative consequences for the body, lose metabolism, appears a stroke.

The balance of fluid and salt

During menstruation the water balance. The rate of progesterone increases, there is swelling. Body weight increases due to fluid retention. The increase in the number of circulating cerebrospinal fluid causes swelling of the brain. Pressure in the head rises, develops cephalalgia.

Painful symptoms after menstruation does not appear, if you observe the following rules:

  • Not to drink water in large quantities.
  • Do not eat smoked products, pickles.
  • To reduce the amount of salt in the diet.
  • More recommended diuretics.

The use of diuretics requires approval of a specialist. If you use these drugs, there are changes in AD, worsens the General condition. Long careless use may result in renal failure.

How to deal with a headache?

Periodically arising pains are eliminated with analgesics. It is undesirable to abuse drugs as they can only remove the symptoms. The problem here lies in the hormonal background, which stabilize analgesics not. To solve this problem it is necessary to use special medicines.

Doctors often recommend to rest. This does not mean that you need to take the day off work and spend days lying on the couch. You need to walk outdoors for 1 hour per day, try to sleep.

The intensity of the symptoms can be reduced the following ways:

  • Aromatherapy using essential oils.
  • Chilled compress on the spot of the forehead and temples helps to reduce blood vessels.
  • Sleep during the day in a room with fresh air and a small amount of light.
Preventive measures

Most girls don’t know that certain foods aggravate the pain. The composition of the foods included irritating chemicals that can affect the frequency of headaches.

It is desirable to exclude:

  • Sausage.
  • Chocolate.
  • Coffee drinks.
  • Canned.
  • Pickled food.

Proper nutrition can reduce the likelihood of headaches, will help to improve the body.

Before menstruation is necessary to reduce the amount of salt that holds the moisture in the body to prevent cephalalgia. A day can be consumed a maximum of 5 g of product.

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