Pulsating pain in the head causes treatment

Headache may occur in different forms. In the occipital division occur knocking sensations spread to the temples, forehead, face. Throbbing headache is always localized in a certain way. Given these symptoms neurologists diagnose disorders.

The cause of the pain

Often painful symptoms in the head are not indicative of any particular disease. Can occur the body’s response to harmful lifestyle, changing weather conditions, a small amount of vitamins.

To serious pathologies affecting pulsating pain in the head, include:

  • Migraine. Refers to a poorly understood pathology which is manifested often from one part of the head. The location of painful symptoms varies. Form of therapy differs, therefore, the correct description of the symptoms is impossible. Painful symptoms are formed in the temporal and frontal parts. Often you receive a throbbing headache in the occipital division.
  • Atherosclerosis is triggered by pathological disorders of the cardiovascular system. This clenching dull pain, a feeling of pulsation in the temporal region. In the end zaselyalsya nerve tissue and blood vessels dilate. The attacks are aggravated by changes in blood pressure.
  • With dystonia there is a pulsation in the head. This is a common phenomenon. Pain focused in my temples or the back of the head.
  • When the ENT organs are inflamed, pain occurs in the temporal areas and the occipital part.
  • Cooling of the body, a cold sore.
  • Throbbing pain indicates eye disease, acute glaucoma.
  • Painful symptoms caused due to glasses, contact lenses with improperly matched dioptric. Pinched nerves provokes pressure on the organs of vision, have the feeling of twitching, often after lunch, accompanied by tension of muscle tissues in the neck.
  • Tumors and other tumors in the brain. When a complex of disease symptoms manifested in the morning, accompanied by an emetic reflexes, nausea, psychological disorders. The pain occurs inside the head on the localization of the affected area.
  • His teeth hurt, give in the head. Common problem if the gums have abscesses or affected nervous tissue.
  • Neuralgia – symptoms manifested in the facial area. You can feel the pulse in his head.
  • Low back pain and pressure on nervous tissue. Painful symptoms are transferred to the neck and spine, there is a darkening of the eyes, problems with coordination of movements, poor tolerance of light.

Often the symptoms manifested with age or after repeated stress:

  • Problems with food can provoke a knock in the head. The individual products contain thiamine, influencing migraine. Throbbing pain caused due to red wine: a drink is contraindicated in patients with high intracranial pressure.
  • A difficult job, poorly equipped workplace, long hours can relate to the reasons that provoke the attacks.
  • The vessels of the head are pulled together, if too tight braiding cornrows or wear a compressive head piece. The result goes into a spasm.
  • Excessive physical activity.
  • Conflict environment, the lack of understanding from other people.
What we know about migraine?

Pulsating pains appear often with migraines. Modern medicine is unknown the real reason of developing this disease.

The development of migraine following factors:

  • Change the height of a man.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Negative reaction to food.
  • Changes in weather conditions.
  • Stress.
  • The noise in the environment.
  • A lot of preservatives and spicy food.
  • Intense lighting.
  • Hypothermia.

Migraine is often inherited.


  • In the temples or on one side of the head occurs paroxysmal pain.
  • Appears trembling hands.
  • Patient has nausea.
  • Dizziness.
  • Hands and feet isn’t getting enough circulation, lowers their temperature.

It often happens that a migraine attack is troubling in the morning when the patient wakes up. The pain lasts for hours or even for days. After the seizures patients breaks weakness, lost power, somnolence.

This complex disease is eliminated ordinary dream. The patient, suffering from a migraine, it is enough to sleep in a calm environment to ease their condition.

How is it treated?

To tolerate such undesirable symptoms. When the pain it is advisable to use aspirin, Advil or other medication. Do it better immediately after the pain because in the future to eliminate painful symptoms will be more difficult.

The chronic nature of headaches need to pay a visit to the doctors. They will determine the cause of the pain and prescribe appropriate therapy.

Breathing exercises allows you to eliminate the headache.

Require the attention of the recipes of traditional medicine:

  • To eliminate the nasty symptoms are allowed to lower his head briefly in hot water.
  • When the migraine is not caused by the cold, you can treat yourself to ice cream or a cold drink.
  • Doctors advise to drink black coffee in small quantities.
  • If the rate of AD is too high, you need to use normal medicines.
Diagnostic procedures

To determine the causes of a throbbing headache, you need to get poisoned for examination to the therapist.

The doctor will evaluate all complaints and determine the degree of development of associated symptoms, frequency of occurrence of pain, referred to a specialist:

  • Neurologist – if the signs point to the development of vascular or neurological pathology.
  • Spine in problems with the spine.
  • The ophthalmologist in various eye disorders.
  • The neurosurgeon is dealing with symptoms indicating disease of the brain and the presence of tumors.
  • Endocrinologist if you have problems with the endocrine system.
  • The dentist with inflammation, cuts to the mouth.

To confirm a particular disease assigned instrumental examinations:

  • CT to detect tumors.
  • MRI of cervical and brain structures to determine their condition and identify diseases.
  • EEG for the analysis of the circulatory system of the head.
  • Electrocardiogram with heart problems and signs of hypertension.
  • Pressure changes under the action of pneumotonometry.
  • Angiography is performed when stenosis and aneurysm of the vessels of the head.
  • Ultrasound of the liver, kidneys and other organs indicate symptoms of the disease developing in these organs.

Often the results of this survey sufficient to determine the appropriate therapeutic techniques.

Treatment of disease?

Throbbing headache should not be ignored. In the event of a surge you need to use a painkiller, to put the doctor in any situation.

Effective drugs to eliminate symptoms include:

  • NSAIDs used in ripple-induced inflammation.
  • Antispasmodics eliminate spasms of blood vessels. In the end, the intensity of fluctuations is reduced.
  • Protivomigrenoznae drugs eliminated pulsating symptoms characteristic of migraines.

Before the use of drugs is necessary to study contraindications patients. Only the doctor chooses a valid method of treatment. If you assign their medications on their own, you can get more health problems.

Diagnosing disorder in which throbbing pain occurs in the form of the accompanying symptoms should be addressed comprehensively under the supervision of experts.

With this purpose, such methods:

  • The course of treatment with tablets and injections.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Massage.
  • The technique of acupuncture.
  • Surgery to eliminate the cancer, bruising, damaged areas of blood vessels, if other treatments have not given the desired result.
  • Treatments using laser is performed to eliminate small growths without opening.
  • Chemotherapy is carried out to eliminate tumors in the head, located in inaccessible places in the primary stages of development. Compressed nerve centers, provoked by painful throbbing.

When ripple due to busy work schedule and regular exposure to stressful situations, it is advisable to adjust your lifestyle:

  • Not to subject the body to physical and intellectual fatigue.
  • Working time and rest you need to strictly distinguish between.
  • Often walk in the fresh air before bedtime.
  • Bed should be comfortable.
  • To avoid stressful situations, to perform breathing exercises.
  • To eat more fruits, vegetables, and other vegetation.
  • To drink fresh tea to calm my nerves.

With regular appearance of pulsating pain in the head, you need to consult a doctor. So you will be able to prevent the development of complex diseases.

The use of drugs often has a negative impact on health. Kupirovan single symptom, you can hurt yourself in another question. It is therefore advisable to consult with doctors before use of medicines. With frequent renewal of the symptoms people have depression.

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