Pressure in the temples Treatment

Headache is a symptom of various diseases. If the patient presses whiskey, it is accompanied by discomfort and a reduced capacity to work. Therefore, if you encounter the symptom, it is recommended to contact the doctor who will be able to establish the cause of disease and prescribe effective treatment.

The causes of pathology

Patients to push in the temples may be under the influence of precipitating factors or the occurrence of certain diseases. If one eats food, which includes flavor enhancers in large quantity, it leads to the emergence of pathological process. It develops with an increase in blood pressure.

The fairer sex crushes whiskey after puberty. A symptom in women during menopause.

The appearance of the symptom is observed on a background of migraine or intoxication. If the person is a long period of overstraining the eye, it causes a symptom. Experts can diagnose the development of cluster headaches. The temporal region is affected in increased intracranial pressure. Crushing type of pain is observed during the course of infectious diseases. If the people in a long time, overstraining of the muscles of the neck or head, it becomes a cause of pathology.

If the temporomandibular joint, the flow of the disease, patients can push whiskey. The pathological process develops in atherosclerosis. With neurocirculatory dystonia. If a person frequently drinks or energy drinks containing caffeine in large quantities, it leads to the occurrence of symptoms. The cause of the pathology is lack of vitamins. Bad habits lead to the symptom. It develops in people who listen to loud music.

There are plenty of causes of symptom that must be defined for the purpose of effective treatment.

Diagnostic measures

If there is a pressive pain in the temples, the patient should undergo a diagnostic, which is a measure of reason. The patient should seek the assistance of a doctor. Examination of the patient and medical history will let the doctor make a preliminary diagnosis. For confirmation recommended for additional activities.

The patient is measuring blood pressure. This is recommended to pre-learn the individual characteristics of the patient. This is because for each person, normal levels can be varied.

During the diagnosis of the pathological process is recommended to determine the possibility of exposure to trigger factors on the human body. If the process of resolution of the diagnosis is complicated, it is recommended to use laboratory and instrumental diagnostic procedures. When suspicions arise on the course of infectious and inflammatory processes in the body recommended urine samples and blood.

To avoid the development of tumors benign and malignant nature of the conduct electroencephalogram. Determination of functional changes in the brain is carried out by means of computer tomography and magnetoresonance. Highly informative diagnostics metol is rheoencephalography. If you experience symptom of the patient is advised to consult with professionals such as a cardiologist, neurologist and therapist.

Diagnosis of the pathological process must be comprehensive, allowing the doctor to identify the cause and prescribe a treatment that is directed to its elimination.

The treatment pressure in the temples

Pressure in the temples, patients have a variety of diseases in which the treatment is selected:

  1. Viral and diseases of catarrhal nature. To relieve unpleasant symptoms it is recommended to use anti-inflammatory drugs which have antipyretic effects. The treatment is carried out with the use of Ibuprofen and Nurofen. If your head starts to hurt, it is recommended to use the drug based on vinegar, which is pre-mixed with water. In the resulting tool moistened towel that is placed over the forehead.
  2. High intracranial and arterial pressure. Patients recommended the use of diuretics, Furosemide, herbs bearberry. Drugs are difficult tolerated by the human body, so their dosage determined by the doctor according to the severity of the condition. The treatment is ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers and alpha-blockers.
  3. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. If presses the head against the background of this pathology, we recommend the use of anti-inflammatory medication. To improve the process of treatment for the disease is recommended to use massage and physical therapy. Recommended wearing a corset, which secures the removal of the excessive load on the spine. For vacation it is recommended to use orthopedic mattresses and pillows. Therapy pathology is muscle relaxants and chondroprotectors – Teraflex, Hyaluronic acid.
  4. Spondylosis Shay. If in this disease the patients have a headache, it is recommended to use physiotherapy, manual therapy, exercise therapy.
  5. Seal the neck muscles. For the relief of pain it is recommended to use painkillers, for example, Pentalgin. For the treatment of the underlying disease, use of muscle relaxants and steroids. Patients recommended the appointment of therapeutic mud, shock wave therapy, electrophoresis.
  6. Angina. In this infectious disease patients may have a headache and pressure in temples. For disease control recommended the use of antibiotics, Sumamed, Amoksiklav, Cefalexina. If pathology is accompanied by fever, consider taking fever-reducing medications – Nurofen, Ibuprofen. For topical treatment recommended to use spray with antiseptic properties – Gevlekte, Ingalipt. The disease can be cured by using antihistamines – Tavegil, Suprastin.
  7. Hypertension. Patients recommended the use of antihypertensive drugs that have an immediate effect. The treatment is carried out using 25% of magnesium sulfate, Captopress, Nifedipine.
  8. Migraine. The treatment of the pathological process is carried out using ANTIMIGRAINE drugs. Patients are recommended to use Amigrenin and Remiga.
  9. Hypotension. When lowering blood pressure patients are recommended to take the Tablets. The preparation is developed on the basis of caffeine, which leads to increased blood pressure.

There are plenty of methods of treatment of a pressing pain in the temples. The selection of a specific of them is a doctor in accordance with the characteristics of the flow of the underlying disease.

Additional recommendations

In pathology, the patient needs to adhere to certain recommendations of the doctor. People should respect the day. Sleep duration should be at least 7 hours a day. During the period of treatment of pathologic process it is recommended to completely abandon bad habits. When Smoking, patients present destruction of blood vessels, which negatively displayed on the cerebral circulation.

Therapy of the pathological process requires to normalize the emotional climate. The patient is not encouraged to relive stressful situations and to prevent nervous tension. People must daily walk in the fresh air. The duration of walking should be at least an hour. Frequent pressure in the temples of the person recommended to meditate. This process will ensure full relaxation of the nervous system.

In accordance with the cause of the symptom is recommended to conduct a contrast shower or a warm bath. The first ensures a better blood circulation that will lead to the elimination of pain in the head. A warm bath has a calming effect, which guarantees pain relief. For the relief of pain it is recommended to conduct a self-massage of the head.

During treatment, a pressing pain in the temples, the patient should strictly follow doctor’s recommendations, which will ensure its effectiveness.

Preventive measures

To avoid the development of pressure in the temples people should promptly carry out its prevention, which is to perform certain rules:

  • After work, the person recommended to ensure complete relaxation.
  • Smoking and regular intake of alcoholic beverages a person needs to stop.
  • The human being is advised to follow the rules of a balanced diet, because overeating can cause symptoms.
  • When you exit to the street people should dress in accordance with weather conditions.
  • Should not conflict with colleagues and family members, as it causes nervous tension or stress.
  • The room in which the person is located should be regularly ventilated.

If the patient has a sedentary job or is he a long period in one position, it leads to compression of blood vessels and impaired the health of the spine. Therefore, patients are recommended to do regular breaks carrying out physical procedures. Excellent preventive activity is swimming.

Pressure in the temples as an unpleasant symptom, which accompanies various diseases. The severity of symptom depends on the characteristics of the behavior of the basic pathological process. The appearance of pathology are recommended to have a checkup at the doctor. The specialist will determine the cause of the pathology and prescribe effective treatment aimed at its relief. To eliminate oppressive pain recommended to timely hold its prevention.

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