Hurts under left ribs

Pain occurs in the left side has many causes. For diagnosis the important role played by the nature of discomfort, precise localization, communication with physical or emotional stress.

Only with additional research methods, the doctor makes a final conclusion. This could be functional condition or a serious pathology.

In the abdomen are many organs, all of them have their own innervation and are a source of pain, injuries, inflammatory reactions. Diseases of the heart, lungs give in this area.

Types of pain

The nature of the discomfort is different:

  1. 1. With visceral type of pain – the abdominal cavity. Ulcer, rupture, spasm of the intestine contribute to the activation of nerve endings.
  2. 2. Peritoneal nature of irritation observed in the sheets of the peritoneum. In this case, the pain clearly localized, sharp or stabbing. Abdominal muscles spasmatic, belly becomes maskoobraznym.
  3. 3. The reflected type occurs in diseases of distant organs such as lungs, heart, pleura. Because of the common innervation, the pain gives to the left side.
Possible causes

You can often hear a complaint that a man had colitis in the left side. But is this always a pathology?

The most common reasons:

  • Physical activity for the unprepared body is stress. Because the fast running, heavy exercise can manifest itself acute painful feeling under the left rib.
  • Disease, or a ruptured spleen.
  • Diaphragmatic hernia.
  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, ulcer, perforation, colitis, enteritis.
  • Inflammation of the pancreas, cancer, abscess.
  • The tumor in the abdominal cavity causing compression of adjacent organs, the irritation of the peritoneum.
  • Intercostal neuralgia.
  • Pleural effusion, lower lobe pneumonia.
  • Heart disease: myocardial infarction, angina, cardiomyopathy.
  • Osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine.

1. Exercise.

Stabbing pain in left side under ribs been bothering every beginner in the sport. Experienced trainers know that before the start of classes need a good warm-up, stretch. If you just load the body, the heart, the respiratory system can’t instantly join in the work. Blood flows to the muscles with the depot, but the outflow does not occur, as a result it accumulates in the spleen. Capsule on stretch. That’s why while running colitis left hypochondrium, when breathing is enhanced. To avoid this, 15-20 minutes before the main workout pay workout, the stretch.

2. Diaphragmatic hernia.

The thoracic cavity is separated from the abdominal muscular partition – the diaphragm. It has annular hole, through which passes the aorta, the veins, the esophagus. Obesity, pregnancy, excessive physical exercise the muscle ring is weakened, the lumen becomes wider. In the chest cavity retracts cardiac section of the stomach, in parallel, there is the reflux of hydrochloric acid into the alkaline environment of the esophagus. The pain of a permanent nature, occur after meals, are accompanied by belching, heartburn, nausea, vomiting.

3. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The stomach is in the epigastric (above the navel), and the bottom and large curvature are placed in the upper quadrant. The cause of flank pain – gastritis. Helicobacter pylori infection is, poor diet, stress causes inflammatory reaction. In chronic process are observed in the discomfort of the stupid character. In the case of aggravation, erosions – acute. The patient complains of lack of appetite, feeling of fullness in the abdomen, early in the filling. Nausea may result in vomiting. To confirm the diagnosis and choice of tactics of treatment should be endoscopic examination.

Peptic ulcer disease has more pronounced symptoms. The symptoms of gastritis joins sharp pain an hour after eating. If one compares it with the blow of a dagger, the belly is dramatically tense, maskoobraznym should be suspected perforation. Urgent hospitalization in surgical Department will save the patient’s life.

4. Lesions of the spleen.

The spleen occupies the main part of the left hypochondrium, is the main depot of blood, covered by the capsule. Under tension the person feels pain. The most common cause of increasing the size of the body, infectious mononucleosis, the disease indicate additional symptoms:

  • Headache, weakness, dizziness.
  • Fever, sweating.
  • Inflammation of the tonsils, lymph nodes.
  • Enlargement of the liver.
  • Pain in joints and muscles.
  • People with mononucleosis are more susceptible to infection with herpes simplex virus.

5. Pancreas.

Pain in left side herpes nature is the main symptom of pancreatitis. Poor diet, alcohol abuse, viral infection leads to inflammation. Additional complaints: nausea, vomiting does not bring relief, fever, symptoms of intoxication. If there is a lack of appetite, loss of weight, rejection to meat, should be suspected pancreatic cancer.

6. Neuralgia.

A pinched, compressed nerve fibers often is manifested by pain in the left side.

  • The nature of the pain sharp, shooting.
  • The condition worsens when inhaling, turn torso, slopes. The patient is forced to sit in the same position for some time.
  • The pain experienced in the arm, under the shoulder blade along the rib on the other hand, that is, along the nerve trunks.
  • Joins a sense of numbness, pins and needles, increased sweating.

7. Pathology of the heart.

If a patient complains that he has colitis on the left under the ribs, we can not exclude angina or myocardial infarction. Specific symptoms: palpitations, burning sensation, squeezing behind the breastbone, shortness of breath. Pronounced fear of death. The pain gives to the left side, under ribs, in the scapula, shoulder, lower jaw. First aid – ingestion of nitroglycerin tablets. If the condition improved, it was angina not suspected myocardial infarction. For further treatment requires urgent hospitalization.

8. Lung disease.

Lower lobe pneumonia accompanied by dull, aching pain.

Pneumonia is indicated by the following symptoms:

  • Cough at first dry, then becomes wet with phlegm.
  • Body temperature reaches high numbers, pronounced signs of intoxication: headache, weakness, sweating, lack of appetite.
  • Pain in the muscles, eyes.
  • Breathing quickens.

If the colitis is under the rib on the left side, it is possible to suspect pleurisy (inflammation serous membranes of the lungs). The discomfort associated with the position of the body, the patient hard to breathe, to move. Coughing, sneezing worsen the condition. Breathing shallow, man traps air in small SIPS. He lies on the affected side, reducing the mobility of the thorax. At the forefront shortness of breath, fever, pallor, protrusion intervals between the ribs.

9. Low back pain.

Pathology of the vertebrae is accompanied by pain in the left side. When exiting nerve root from the spinal cord is pinched. Because it is a frequent complaint is that the tunic along the ribs, limited mobility in the spine. Before you start treatment, it is recommended to do an MRI or CT scan of the chest area.

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