Examination without colonoscopy

If on palpation of the abdomen the doctor has a suspicion on the emergence of pathologists, the next stage is the gold standard diagnostic colonoscopy.


But it is not always able to check the condition of the organs in this way. Not all clinics are equipped, in addition, there are contraindications: anatomical characteristics of the patient, Crohn’s disease, pregnancy, remission of divertikulita or specific ulcerative colitis (in the latter two cases, the inspection delay). There are several methods in addition to a colonoscopy:

1. Hydrogen test.

  • The technique is that the patient within three hours to sit in one place, every 30 minutes, making the breath in a special device. Thus, to calculate the level of hydrogen that detects an excessive number of bacteria in the small intestine.
  • The procedure is based on the fact that the microorganisms break the flow of the liquid into the mucosa, leading to diarrhea and bloating. Carbohydrates are rapidly broken down, and hydrogen is absorbed into the blood and excreted with the breath.
  • When dysbacteriosis before the examination the patient is given lactulose to drink, because the maximum portion of the fresh air occurs in the first hour.

2. Sigmoidoscopy.

  • To evaluate the colon without colonoscopy in such a way, use special tool. Usually diagnosis is assigned when bleeding and pain in the region of the sphincter. Also use the identical technique – anoscopio. They differ from each other little devices. In the second case, a proctologist can drive up to a depth of not more than 10 cm, while in the first embodiment, the permissible value of dip up to 35 cm.
  • The interior is a plastic device with a circular lighting and scale of depth. Through the office the doctor sees the color of the mucous membrane, its blood vessels, the diameter of the lumen of the intestine, cracks, knots, scars, polyps.
  • Tube with obturator is introduced into the anus, and then send the eyepiece. For a good view medic pumping the air. The procedure is quite uncomfortable, so it is often prescribed to anesthesia.

3. X – ray barium enema internal organs.

  • This is another technique by which you can check the intestines, in addition to colonoscopy. Is visiting the arrangement of the walls, establish the degree of their stretching, assess the condition of transportation of the content.
  • Patient is prescribed a special diet for three days prior to the procedure, carry out cleaning with an enema. The doctor is preparing a barium mixture, which fills the intestines.
  • The solution allows you to spread your folds and stains the inner part of the body for high-quality images. Double contrast study is important in order to check the bowel for cancer.

4. Capsule endoscopy.

  • This gut check is a good alternative to colonoscopy, if the person for some reason cannot undergo the standard procedure. The main element is a miniature camera with a light source covered with a special membrane.
  • The patient should swallow the capsule, then it put on the cuff, equipped with a recording device, which checks and records readings tablets. At that time, as the camera travels through the mucosa and photographs, the patient does his own thing.
  • After 6 – 8 hours, the capsule exits the body naturally, the doctor gets full information about the state of your intestines. The only drawback of the survey – the inability to sampling tissue for analysis.

5. Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging.

  • Ultrasound cannot completely replace a colonoscopy of the intestine, as this method does not allow to verify and identify tumors at an early stage. Often used for analysis of germination metastasis of rectal cancer and diseases of the large intestine. But its kind – ultrasonography examines the disorders in the organs and the entire digestive system with a probability of 100 %.
  • MRI is suitable for diagnosis of formations of large dimensions, the detection of foreign objects. In addition, with the help of the agent based on gadolinium (which is administered to the patient before the procedure) distinguish polyps from healthy tissue. The technique helps to plan operations and assign timely treatment.
The positive and negative aspects

If the bowel is verified by colonoscopy, the doctor is obliged to warn the patient about the advantages and disadvantages of studies that include the following factors:

  1. 1. Today it is one of the most effective ways to obtain the most accurate information of the condition of the mucous membrane and walls.
  2. 2. High visualization provides a virtually complete overview of the on and loops.
  3. 3. The ability to remove polyps and coagulation of bleeding vessels without surgery.
  4. 4. Biopsy – sampling of tissue for further analysis on cancer education.
  5. 5. The procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes.

The disadvantages of manipulation not so much, mostly complain about the following factors:

  • Complex training. The patient should psych up, often fear of diagnosis is a strong emotion. Also, not all people can easily perceive thorough cleaning with an enema.
  • Pain. Particularly sensitive people can not tolerate the procedure without sedation or anesthesia.

The cost of the procedures

Price of colonoscopy, bowel and similar studies depends on the complexity and required additional manipulation. In addition, different clinics the value can vary 2 000 – 3 000 rubles. To check on and get the full picture, you need to understand prices.

Name of service Cost, rubles
Colonoscopy 7 000 – 10 000
Hydrogen breath test 3 000 – 4 000
Rectoromanoscopy flexible (sigmoidoscopy) without anesthesia

With anesthesia

5 000

7 500 – 8 000

Barium enema 1 000 – 2 500
Capsule endoscopy 30 000 – 35 000
Ultrasound of the intestine 3 000 – 4 000
MRI of the bowel

Contrast imaging

3 000 – 6 000

8 000 – 12 000

Polypectomy 16 000 – 18 000
Fence material for histological analysis 3 000 – 5 000
Definition Of Helicobacter Pylori 1 500 – 2 000
Stop intestinal bleeding 8 000 – 10 000
Removal of foreign bodies 6 000 – 8 000

Despite the fact that colonoscopy is not always comfortable method of examination of the intestine, it is difficult to overestimate the diagnostic performance. The decision on the appointment of additional procedure, the doctor takes, starting from a complete picture of the disease. In case of any doubt, if contraindications, individual intolerance, or if necessary detail, the physician can resort to alternative methods of examination of internal organs.

Traditionally, people are not used to monitor their health. A very small percentage of patients prefer to undergo early diagnosis, including examination of the colon to prevent the disease. Any method has a certain range of indications, their capabilities and limitations. The main task of the doctor is to clearly present the conditions and goals when performing the inspection. Thus, after receiving the results, the specialist has the final diagnosis and is able to appoint adequate treatment.

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