Andipal and Kapoten, the choice of drug

Both drugs have the same picture of the effect on the body, with a comparable dosage. Tablets can be taken by both a child and an adult. Only the dosage and frequency of administration are changed.

An essential common feature is the positive effect when stopping pain syndromes with hypertensive crises. After several receptions, the patient feels an improvement. The main thing is to take drugs regularly, as required by the instructions.

Andipal and Kapoten are also excellent medications in the treatment of acute heart failure. Combination of the drug with the main course of treatment is allowed.

High blood pressure causes the death of elderly people in 3% of total medical statistics. The same figure applies to children whose diagnosis is a little more difficult.

To avoid not only death, but also to prevent any complications to the nervous central system, it is necessary to take the right medications. Among these are Andipal and Kapoten. The tablet form of the drugs allows you to use them anywhere.


This medicine is from the category of combined drugs with an antispasmodic effect. Its main task is the expansion of blood vessels and the generation of an analgesic effect (analgesia). The drug is dispensed without a prescription, but the exact dosage and combination options with other drugs are best done as directed by a doctor. Andipal is produced in tablet form.


Its composition is as follows:

  • Dibazole
  • Novolat.
  • Phenobarbital.
  • Acidic salts of hydrochloric acid.
  • Opium alkaloid.

Among the additional components that are excluded from the current treatment group are: talc, starch, stearic acid. Such tablets are available in blisters, exclusively for 10 tablets.

Andipal produces a complex effect, which is due to the inclusion of several ingredients. Dibazole promotes vasodilation, eliminates spasms and significantly reduces blood pressure. Its additional function is to stimulate the activity of the spinal cord. Additionally, a pronounced immunostimulating property is noted. This set of properties helps to treat some pathologies of the nervous system.

Andipal is recommended for the termination of pain from peripheral and cerebral vessels. The total duration of admission is a week. It is strictly forbidden to combine this drug with alcohol, for the entire course of treatment and after it, for 2-3 days. Children and adolescents can take the medicine only as prescribed by the doctor.

As for arterial hypotension, the administration of andipal should be done very carefully. Violation of the recommendations can lead to liver failure and increased other peripheral diseases.

If intolerance to the substance is noted, it is worth choosing something else among the analogues, namely:

  • Insuman.
  • Indomethatin.
  • Clemen.
  • Intal

Kapoten is the trade name of the drug, which includes the active substance captopril. The drug can be used on its own (consultation with the attending physician is recommended), if observed or requires help with:

  • Hypertension.
  • Emergency care for hypertensive crises.
  • Chronic heart failure.


To exclude significant differences in pressure and the likelihood of a fatal outcome, Kapoten is taken 3 times a day, at approximately the same time. It does not apply to long-acting drugs, therefore, it is cheaper than modern analogues. It is regular admission (violation leads to significant surges in pressure) that can achieve the desired result for less money.

A dosage of 25 mg, with the same schedule of administration, is recommended in the treatment of hypertension for adults and adolescents. As for the elderly, the dosage is halved. Further adjustment of the dosage of the drug is carried out only by the attending physician, exclusively after controlling blood pressure.

With a similar regularity, the drug is also taken for heart failure, but with a dosage reduction to the level of 6.25 mg. Such preventive measures reduce the risk of mortality by 20%. As for the aggravated form of the hypertensive crisis, kapoten can improve the symptomatic picture and make up the general base of treatment at a dosage of 12.5 or even 50 mg. The exact dosage is only as prescribed by your doctor.

It is important to note! Kapoten acts only after complete dissolution in the stomach, therefore, it is best to pre-dissolve the tablet under the tongue.

What is the difference?

These drugs belong to different pharmacological groups. Andipal – angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and β-blockers. As for Kapoten, it is a calcium channel blocker and sympathicolytic. Kapoten is a substance with a pronounced vasoconstrictor effect.

If we consider them from the point of view of effectiveness, then Andipal begins to act after 3 hours, and the period of exposure to the body is limited to seven hours. Kapoten, due to the need to take 3 times a day, has a shorter period of exposure to the body, namely 5 hours.

A cardinal difference is the fact of the possible intake of Kapoten by people who suffer from bronchial asthma or diabetes. If renal failure occurs, a doctor’s consultation is necessary. Both drugs are not recommended if cerebrovascular insufficiency is diagnosed.

Who is better suited to?

Both drugs can be taken by both children and adults. Based on the information contained in the instructions, Andipal is better for teens and children. The latter contains in its composition a natural analgesic with antipyretic properties – metamizole. As for Kapoten, it is an excellent vasodilator and pain medication. A similar concomitant effect on the body will be useful to people of advanced age.

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