Gliatilin or Cerepro, drug choice

With psycho-organic syndromes, Gliatilin is most often prescribed, since its use not only eliminates the main symptoms, but also removes secondary disorders: decreased motivation, ability to concentrate, and confusion. It is actively used in the treatment of changes in the behavioral and emotional sphere.

With senile pseudomelancholy, Cerepro is used (in the treatment of elderly patients).

When traumatic brain injuries, cognitive and neurological disorders, modern nootropic drugs are used. Gliatilin and Cerepro remedies have become very relevant. They have a practically similar mechanism of action, but there are differences that can have a serious effect on the patient’s body. Therefore, the appointment is made exclusively by the doctor on the basis of the results of the diagnosis, taking into account the desired effect, indications, contraindications, the general condition of the patient.


Available in the form of soft capsules, injection. The main component is choline alfoscerate. The drug is neuroprotective, it is used in the treatment of psycho-organic degenerative and involutional syndromes, as well as conditions that arise as a result of the development of cerebrovascular insufficiency. It has a certain effect on the nervous system (relaxing effect). It forms the ability to prevent, as well as correct biochemical damage, which can cause pathogenic factors.


Provides the release of choline in the brain, positively affects the memory functions, as well as the basic functions of memory. The mechanism of action is based on the fact that the active component decomposes into glycerophosphate and choline under the influence of enzymes, the main components that take an active part in the biosynthesis of acetylcholine.

It improves the transmission of nervous impulses in cholinergic neurons, positively affects the quality of neuronal membranes (in particular, their plasticity), as well as the function of receptors. It forms an improvement in cerebral blood flow, which enhances metabolic processes in the brain.


  • With the complex therapy of traumatic brain injuries (in the case of a stem type lesion).
  • Conditions of coma, focal hemispheric symptoms.
  • With hemorrhagic strokes
  • With ischemic type strokes.

During pregnancy, as well as at the time of breastfeeding, the drug is not prescribed, is not used in pediatrics until the age of 18 years. It is not recommended to mix drugs in the same syringe. It is not prescribed in the presence of allergic reactions and individual intolerance.


Available in the form of capsules, as well as solutions for injection (intramuscular, intravenous). The main component is glycerylphosphorylcholine hydrate. It is used as the main means for stopping the psycho-organic type syndrome, which occurs against the background of involutional and degenerative changes.


Actively eliminates cognitive impairment due to the release of enzymes that improve mental functions, eliminate the symptoms of encephalopathy, and eliminate the manifestations of a decreased concentration of attention. It is often used in complex therapy in the treatment of various diseases associated with senile pseudomelancholy.


  • Chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency.
  • Cognitive Disorders.
  • Pseudomelancholy (elderly patients).
  • Psychoorganic syndrome.

It is not used to treat pregnant women, at the time of breastfeeding, with increased sensitivity to certain components of the drug, in pediatrics. In complex treatment, it is prescribed with caution when using other drugs that restore normal blood circulation to the brain.

General characteristics

Both drugs have a similar mechanism of action, provide improved neural membranes, improve blood flow, and also enhance metabolic processes. They activate a formation of a reticular nature and a linear blood flow velocity (taking into account traumatic brain damage). Beneficial effect on bioelectric brain activity. They have a positive effect on certain reactions of the body.

They have similar indications and contraindications. Not used in the treatment of patients under 18 years of age, women in position, while breastfeeding. As an contraindication, individual intolerance is indicated (can be used in complex treatment even in the presence of serious organ pathologies).

The main component of gliatilin is choline alfoscerate. The component during splitting activates the effect at various levels, which helps to improve the general condition of the patient, blood flow in the brain, improve memory, etc. Has a minimal list of contraindications. Side effects practically do not occur.

Cerepro is based on glycerylphosphorylcholine hydrate. It provokes an active effect on the blood circulation of the brain, it is used to eliminate the symptoms of senile pseudomelancholy. As side effects, nausea is often manifested, in which case the dose of the drug is reduced.

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