Signs and diagnosis of hepatitis b

The news of this disease almost always causes the person and his environment is a lot of stress. How to start a hepatitis b treatment how to cure a dangerous disease without consequences and complications? After the acute stage, which may end in recovery, the disease may become chronic.

Signs and diagnosis

For many years this form of hepatitis is called serum or a syringe, emphasizing parenteral (Latin for “bypassing the gastrointestinal tract”) way: through broken skin or mucous membranes. The causative agent-the virus is very resistant to the environment. Whole blood and products based on it can keep it for years. The antigen of this virus can be discovered on linen, medical and dental tools.

You can only kill him by autoclaving (outcomes of several atmospheres) at 120° C or by sterilization in hot-cupboard at 180° C for one hour. The virus is killed by hydrogen peroxide, chloramine and formaldehyde. The source of infection – people with acute or chronic hepatitis or healthy virus carrier.

The disease can occur in several forms:

  • prolonged;
  • asymptomatic;
  • fulminant (severe with signs of acute liver failure);
  • with a predominance of cholestasis (stagnation of bile);
  • acyclic (with periods of exacerbation).

The incubation period of the disease ranged from 3 months to half a year. Then during the two weeks starts predzheltushnogo stage. Ill feels weakness, fatigue, worried about his joint pain. But do not increase the joints, no redness. Lost appetite, develop constipation or diarrhea. Predzheltushnogo stage option for allergic: rash, urticaria, fever.

With the development of icteric stage, the urine becomes dark (beer) the color yellow whites of the eyes, skin. The feces becomes light. Icteric period is usually long and may take up to a month or more. If the disease passes without complications, after the peak of “bile crisis” comes improvement. Jaundice decreases, urine and feces have a natural color, the appetite comes back to normal.

The disease diagnosis is confirmed by history, complaints, appearance of patient, clinical and biochemical blood and urine. On ultrasound there is enlargement of the liver and spleen. But the ultrasound can not give the description of the disease: this viral hepatitis, toxic or otherwise.

General methods of therapy

For each patient, the doctor is an individual plan that takes into account all dominant symptoms and treatment will be comprehensive.

In General, the treatment of hepatitis b include all of the affected components:

  1. Diet.
  2. Bed rest.
  3. Drink plenty of liquids.
  4. Intravenous infusion: sodium chloride, glucose, colloids.
  5. Parenteral treatment with sorbents: a smektoj, enterosgel, Polisorb.
  6. The medications lactulose: duphalac, Lisa-Pak, normase.
  7. In the acute stage is prescribed antiulcer drugs: quamatel, ranitidine, omeprazole and nolpaza.
  8. The hepatoprotector Heptral, glutargin.
  9. The immunomodulators.
  10. Anti-inflammatory medicine and coagulation: contrical, gordox.

Is there a cure for hepatitis b? Doctors say that to achieve full recovery with the help of modern methods and medicines it is possible only in 10-15% of cases. The main task for the physician – the treatment of hepatitis b should be directed to the recovery of liver function and minimize risk of complications in the patient.

The General methods included in the treatment of hepatitis b in the acute stage included support, detoxification therapy, which aims to eliminate toxic substances and restore the liver cells. Treatment of hepatitis b in the chronic stage of complex, taking into account the individual characteristics of the disease, severity, and lasts from six months to several years.

Effective treatment of hepatitis b is impossible without a diet.The patient is assigned a table number 5. It includes low-fat dairy products, grechnevaya and oatmeal porridge, vegetables, steam, boiled or stewed. In addition, during the day the patient should drink about 2 liters of liquid: water, juices, tea with skim milk. The diet excludes soft drinks, sour and spicy vegetables and spices, mushrooms, legumes, fatty meats, sour cream, cheese. The diet should be rich in vitamins a and b, which contribute to the restoration of physiological processes in the liver.

How to treat? To this question to answer and find the right program of treatment can only specialist. Self-medication, non-traditional or folk methods are dangerous to health and may lead not only to very serious complications, but fatal.

Peculiarities of course and treatment in Pediatrics

Signs of the disease in children depend on the form. In the acute form the disease lasts about one month with typical symptoms, and as a rule, if the treatment of hepatitis b adequately, the child quickly recovers. A particular danger is the chronic form, which often is asymptomatic and is hidden in the incubation and predzheltushnogo period.

Treatment of hepatitis b in children aims to reduce viral exposure, to reduce the load on the liver and support the internal organs and systems.

The entire course of therapy is divided into 4 stages:

  1. The suppression of viral activity in the acute phase of the disease.
  2. Normalization of biochemical parameters of blood.
  3. The suppression of viral activity in the chronic phase.
  4. Preventive measures of possible pathological processes in the liver.

Basic treatment of hepatitis b in Pediatrics is as follows:

  • a strict diet;
  • limited physical activity;
  • herbal medications;
  • vitamins;
  • drugs that restore the microflora of the intestine.

In addition, children are observed by a specialist during the year since the onset of the disease. Follow-up starts 2 weeks after completion of therapy re-examinations 4 times a year. Treatment of hepatitis b In kids maybe in the infectious diseases hospital and at home. The choice is determined by your doctor. It will take into account the severity, age and individual characteristics of the child’s body.

All ill and their families need to know most importantly: beware of false and questionable treatment methods, be trusted only to professionals, and then will still have all the chances for a full recovery.

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