Traditional methods in the fight against cirrhosis

Depending on the stage of the disease can be assigned to medical treatment of cirrhosis of the liver. And can be performed surgery.

Any modern treatment of cirrhosis of the liver is not completely cure. On this problem scientists are fighting all over the world. But they have developed measures only enough to affect still not dead cells.

The goal of this therapy is to delay the development of irreversible processes.

What is this disease?

Cirrhosis liver disease characterized by replacement of parenchymal organ tissue to fibrous connective. In this form, nodes, rebuilds the structure of the body. This happens due to the death of liver cells under the influence of various harmful factors.

In developed countries, cirrhosis is on the 6th place as causes of death. Usually people die at the age of 35-60 years. In recent years, the number of deaths is increasing. The disease is more common in men. The age of onset can be anything, but usually suffer from cirrhosis people over age 40.

Reasons that cause cirrhosis are:

  • viral hepatitis;
  • autoimmune hepatitis;
  • frequent intake of alcohol;
  • metabolic processes in the body;
  • toxins and medicines;
  • diseases of the biliary tract.

The symptoms do not depend on its causes. But at different stages of development of the disease they manifest themselves in different ways.

If you start treatment immediately, this will help to keep the body. It is important to eliminate the cause of the disease. The liver has the ability to recover. It healthy cells can work for themselves and for the affected cells.

Patients with cirrhosis complain of the following symptoms:

  • fatigue;
  • weight loss;
  • disturbance of consciousness;
  • lack of appetite;
  • jaundice;
  • various bleeding;
  • a low libido.

The disease develops slowly. Is divided into 3 stages:

  • compensation – the symptoms of almost not observed, the intact cells are hard at work;
  • subcompensated – first symptoms are felt, the cells work less well the liver is functioning in full;
  • decompensation begins liver failure requires immediate treatment.

For the diagnosis of cirrhosis is the biochemical analysis of blood. If the disease is present, the patient’s blood increased levels of liver enzymes and pigment bilirubin. Then biopsy. For this purpose, the study undertakes a small piece of the liver and examined under a microscope.

Treatments for cirrhosis of the liver is selected by the doctor after the diagnosis and identify the causes of the disease.

Methods of treatment of this disease

The doctor selects the treatment depending on the severity of the disease.

In the compensation stage the patient is medication. Pills and other drugs given to a patient, divided into 2 groups:

  • etiological, that is, those that eliminate the cause of development of cirrhosis;
  • symptomatic.

Etiologic agents assigned to the patient after complete examination. At the same time being immune testing, used in biochemical reaction analyzing histology after biopsy. If the cause of the disease lies in viral hepatitis, the patient may need to take antiviral drugs like Interferon. In the case of autoimmunity the patient is prescribed hormonal steroids, cleansing enema.

If the disease develops second (biliary cirrhosis) and is associated with inflammation of the biliary tract, it is assigned to antibacterial therapy, antiparasitic therapy. Shown removal of stones from the bladder. It will not help to cure liver cirrhosis completely, but will not give the disease the opportunity to progress further.

If cirrhosis is started on the background of cardiovascular diseases, the doctor will prescribe therapy with glycosides. Patient has to drink diuretics, antiarrhythmic agents. Shown supplementation with potassium.

Symptomatic treatment is aimed at restoring the liver. Treat the patient constantly in the hospital or home. The patient takes antispasmodic drugs type shpy. They have analgesic action, which is necessary for bile stasis or constipation.

Itching and yellowness are removed by means of deducing bilirubin. These include lipoic acid, tablets Lipemia, Ursosan. Prescribed and antihistamine, which also helps to get rid of itching of the skin.

Metabolic processes are regulated by vitamins and minerals. These complexes strengthen the walls of blood vessels. The B vitamins are used not only as pills but also in the form of injections along with folic acid. Protein and fat metabolism in the body restores the drugs Karsil, Essentiale Forte.

If the patient has encephalopathy, it is not enough to only take the medication from cirrhosis. He was prescribed a drugs that feed the brain tissue.

Surgical treatment is indicated for patients with severe signs of hepatic failure.

How to treat liver cirrhosis, what methods to use, solves a doctor. It all depends on the condition of the patient, stage of disease, presence of concomitant diseases.

Traditional methods in the fight against cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver is treated and traditional methods, but only in conjunction with the main course of treatment and always under the supervision of a physician.

The patient continues to drink all doctor prescribed drugs. And folk methods are used in parallel. All patients required a strict diet. Fatty, spicy and salty foods are contraindicated for edema. Should not eat cakes because it contains soda, which is not recommended in diseases of this type.

In this disease is broken and the work of neighbouring authorities. May develop gastritis and other ailments of the digestive tract. Folk healers recommend herbal medicines for cirrhosis of the liver. They will help the patient cope with the painful symptoms of the disease.

Oats is used as a medicine since ancient times. This cereal contains vitamins, proteins, fats in the quantities which are necessary when the disease. Use oats in various forms: broth, jelly, juice. But the drugs must be prepared correctly. To prepare a decoction of oats soaked for half a day. 1 Cup of cereal, take 1 l of water. Then within half an hour the solution is boiled and infused for half a day.

Jelly is cooked for a longer technology. Oats soaked for 3 days. Then ottsezhivajut grain through a colander, pounded and washed until then, until the water is clear. 2-3 tablespoons of thick residue and a glass of water boil the jelly. You can add honey. Juice is prepared from the stems and leaves. They should be scrolled in a meat grinder and squeeze.

Therapeutic effect have milk Thistle, chicory root, corn silk. You should use not only the means for the reception inside. Don’t forget about the cleansing enema, which is essential in the treatment. Treatment for cirrhosis of the liver – a complex process. Than to treat the disease and how to do it, tell the attending physician.

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