Symptoms and signs of jaundice

The disease is manifested during the process of decay of erythrocytes. This is a normal action for the human body. But it is worth noting that the proper functioning of the pigment excreted by the liver. And leaves no traces.

If significant signs of jaundice, then the problem lies in the functioning of the liver. And the emphasis in the treatment be done on it.

There is a widespread disease that is called jaundice, the symptoms of which is clearly to know in order to start a fight with her. The disease itself is a symptom in which the skin of the sick begins to acquire a yellow color. Bilirubin is to blame. This pigment, which is contained in the blood and tissues of man and has a yellow tint.

Advance is necessary to say that this pigment appears in all parts of the body and is present even in the secretions. The manifestation of jaundice in adults different from the signs of jaundice in the baby. Age factor greatly affects the disease. At different ages there are various biological reactions and the degree of transfer of the disease. Worth to consider in more detail the basic symptoms which occur in the manifestation of this disease, to further define the course of treatment.

Symptoms and signs of jaundice

The disease has 3 main symptoms that may appear:

  1. The first is called suprarenal. When this symptom occurs excessive secretion of yellow pigment.
  2. Liver. Its origin lies in the violation processing of bilirubin.
  3. Subhepatic. It is connected with the opposite property, with insufficient amount of bilirubin with bile.

To determine which of the symptoms appeared impossible. To establish the diagnosis, to the decision of a qualified physician using a variety of examination methods.

If you pay attention into the manifestations of the disease, it is necessary to talk about its causes. Each symptom has its origin, manifestations and signs. Speaking more broadly, the first type of disease is caused by the fact that actively secretes bilirubin. This may entail a huge number of diseases, including anemia, leukemia, viruses, etc. If we talk about the disease, which is associated with the pancreas, this is just bad and slow rollback of bile, which leads to a number of diseases.

There is another interesting feature, which is referred to as about jaundice. This expression cannot even be called a disease. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the skin acquires a yellow tinge due to unusual reactions to products that have similar pigments.

Most people who encounter this, immediately panic and begin to undergo a thorough examination. A qualified expert must conduct an analysis showing whether a disease is false before you assign the survey.

The manifestation and transmission

With regard to the symptoms, the signs of jaundice are seen immediately. After the person caught the disease, it starts to develop instantly. In order to define it, it may take a while. Most often the required period of 2-4 weeks. However, there are cases when the slightest manifestation of signs is necessary to wait a time equal to half a year.

Throughout this period, the disease is actively developing within the body, adapting to the environment. Over time the disease developed to a certain stage and is ready for its manifestation. In the first stage the disease is extremely difficult to determine, due to the fact that it resembles a simple cold. Minor headaches, slightly elevated temperature, drowsiness. At first glance, it can be argued that this is the first symptoms of hepatitis A. If it comes to the manifestation of hepatitis b and C, then we can talk about more significant increase in temperature. Hepatitis C also implies loss of appetite.

After a couple of days, if any of the forms of the disease the appetite is completely lost. There are severe pain under the right rib. Characterized by severe nausea, possible vomiting. It is necessary to take into account that the most dangerous bear species b, C and D. of Course, we should be talking about the changed color of feces and skin.

Finding out how to manifest jaundice, first identifying the signs in the development of this disease, should be paid time and issues such as transmission of the disease.

Jaundice has two primary methods of education. The first relates to improper flow of processes within the body. In this case, the disease is not dangerous. But if it is transmitted by the virus, the consequences can be severe.

The different kinds of hepatitis virus can be transmitted in different ways. Ranging from food and water, ending up sexually and from mother to child.


After ascertaining the cause of the disease and symptoms in adults, you need to determine the course of treatment. All preventive and curative activities should be conducted under strict supervision of a specialist. First we need to determine the root cause of the disease, only then can you begin the course of recovery. It is necessary to donate blood for various tests, monitoring of liver blood tests. Treatment may include a huge number of methods, from therapy to surgical intervention.

When the weakest forms prescribed course of drugs that are supposed to block, suppress and eliminate the causes of the disease.

We also recommend the use of special supplements that will speed up the healing process.

When severe forms of the disease is localized pain. To treat more severe forms are written over existing drugs. The patient is placed in a Department of the hospital, the entire course of treatment he is in the hospital under strict supervision of doctors. In extreme cases, if you are not able to suppress the disease, you can resort to surgery, which removes the infected part of the body.

With any form of disease doctor must prescribe a strict diet that you must follow in which you cannot eat a large amount of harmful products, from fatty food to alcohol.

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