Sports nutrition helps strengthen muscles

Sports nutrition means not at all familiar products that we buy every day in the store, and not even proper nutrition products. This is a wide class of nutritional supplements, which includes both familiar to many protein and carnitine, as well as more specific ones – gainer, BCAA, other amino acids and more.

The theme of sports nutrition is surrounded by so many myths that some people refuse to even hear about it and only exclaim: “Chemistry!”

Experienced athletes after each training drink protein shakes to replenish energy reserves for muscle growth, while beginners are just trying to understand all the terminology and compositions. Let’s see who is shown and contraindicated sports nutrition, how to choose the right supplements and how to take them correctly.

What is sports nutrition

Sports nutrition allows athletes to eat according to the regimen, which is especially important when gaining muscle mass.

The additives contain useful macro- and microelements, which, of course, can be obtained from conventional products, though you will have to eat them much more than the usual portion to get the same amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are contained in a portion of the dry mixture. It is worth noting that the additives for men and women are the same, only the percentage of specific substances in the mixture differs due to the different physiology of the sexes.

Who is contraindicated in sports nutrition
  • Allergy. The main reason you can’t take supplements is allergy. It occurs in about 10% of athletes – this is not enough, but you can’t forget to indicate this. If you are allergic to animal protein, then choose a mixture for vegetarians – they are made from squeezed different plants and dried vegetables. From vitamins, fat burners and other things when an allergy occurs, you should completely refuse. Typical symptoms are redness and itching of the skin, nausea, swelling of the skin or throat, and tearing.
  • Bloating. If you are prone to gas in your intestines, consult your doctor before going to a sports nutrition store. Protein and carbohydrates are high in protein and gainer, so people with sensitive intestines may feel heavy and even constipated.
  • A complete balanced diet. Before you buy something from sports nutrition, make sure that you need it. Calculate by the formula: 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of weight. Then, in the smartphone application, calculate how much protein you consume per day. If you see a shortage, then it is worth increasing the number of meals or supplementing them with a protein or protein-carbohydrate mixture. To understand whether you need vitamin supplements is also simple – take blood tests from your doctor. They will show if your body is deficient in calcium, phosphorus, and other important elements.

Who needs to take sports nutrition
  • Mass gain. If you are actively engaged in the gym, then you probably know that muscle growth requires a calorie surplus – you must consume more than you spend. The peak of muscle growth in athletes falls in the fall and winter – then they gain mass – both fat and muscle. To consume enough calories, but not to overload the stomach, it is worthwhile to include protein or gainer in the diet.
  • Mass discharge. It seems strange that sports nutrition is suitable for reverse processes? However, the paradox is true. During weight loss, girls hardly refuse their favorite foods – sweets, cookies, chips and other things that spoil the figure. Producers of protein mixtures solved this problem by releasing protein with different tastes – from strawberries and chocolate to caramel and ice cream. It contains only protein, vitamin supplements, a sugar substitute and natural flavoring additives. That is, you will receive the necessary protein for weight loss, but with the taste of a milkshake.
  • Inadequate nutrition. If a blood test shows that you are missing specific micronutrients, then you should take a course of vitamins. Also, sports nutrition will help if you work a lot and do not have time to eat fully. You can replace them with one of the snacks or dinner – you get a hearty meal, rich in protein.

How to take sports nutrition

The best guide for you will be the manufacturer’s recommendations. On the packages they write how many grams you need to take per serving, how often to take. Most often in packages there are measuring spoons with which it is convenient to measure the amount of powder. Typically, a serving of protein is 20-25 grams in dry form, all supplements in the form of tablets are taken 2-3 times a day with or after food.

Some supplements, such as BCAAs and other amino acids, are diluted in water or juice and drunk during exercise. Shop consultants are usually experienced people who play sports, so they can advise you on all issues.

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