Stomach pain what to do

Before taking any action, you should determine the diagnosis.

To do this, you must know that in most cases causes discomfort in the stomach:

1. Overeating and a severe famine, the consumption of spicy, fried, fatty and smoked food. Modern man is difficult to avoid these causes as leading an active way of life, it is difficult to eat on time and correctly. It therefore suffers from the gastrointestinal tract and other organs. In this case, you need to take a pill, but you should normalize your diet, otherwise you may have health problems.

2. Poisoning. Symptoms include: nausea and vomiting, discomfort in the abdomen, irregularity, heartburn, tachycardia, increased body temperature and others. In this case, in addition to the pain medications you need to take something from poisoning. In severe cases, call an ambulance.

3. Gastritis, ulcer, duodenitis, and pancreatitis. People often experience discomfort in the digestive tract. That is why they also use antispasmodics set of tools for the treatment of the disease.

4. Non – malignant and malignant tumors. They cause pulling and slightly intense pain in the initial stages. In addition, there is a feeling of fullness even after small amounts of food, vomiting, burping, severe weight loss and other symptoms. It is not enough just to take pills, you need to immediately visit a doctor because treatment needs to start soon.

With the stomach pain you have to face every person for different reasons. This symptom is very unpleasant, as discomfort, impairs mood and significantly reduces efficiency. To quickly get rid of it, people rush to take pills. You need to understand in what cases this action is justified, and when not enough to numb the pain and need to see a doctor.

To define your problem better with the help of a specialist, so how in house conditions to make an accurate diagnosis extremely difficult. It is especially important to go to a hospital if abdominal discomfort occurs several times a month or more.

For self-identifying the problem, you will need to determine the nature of stomach pain:

  • Paroxysmal. She appears suddenly and also suddenly disappears, often sharp and strong. Cause: a tumor, a spasm of the nervous type.
  • Constant. Stupid and long in duration, occurs due to constipation, chronic pancreatitis and duodenitis, with overeating.
  • A slowly growing. It gradually increases over several weeks, sometimes it will disappear and then again appear. Possible diseases: tumor, Crohn’s disease, intestinal obstruction.
  • Emerging after meals and when fasting. Is both strong and mild. Found in gastritis, gastric ulcer, pancreatitis, pyloric stenosis and duodenitis.
  • Flagging. Such a view appears with a concussion, mild gastritis, frequent change of position and peritonitis.

Finding out your type of pain, you can see why. Then you have to decide simply to take your medicine or you may need a doctor’s visit.

Effective means

The pharmacy can buy a lot of drugs that help in pain in the abdomen. However, not all of them is effective, safe for children and during pregnancy and do not harm other organs. Each tablet works well only under certain reasons, which is also important to consider.

1. The Drug Zantac.

This tool is familiar to everyone who has to deal with discomfort after meals, or consuming alcoholic drinks and with heartburn. It is necessary to drink before a meal, if there are pains in the digestive tract. Just one capsule, which operates for half an hour to get rid of the symptom. The tablet can be used for a child (the dose you need to take less) and during pregnancy or lactation.

2. Activated carbon.

This medication should be in every medicine Cabinet because it is safe and effective in mild poisoning, overeating and abdominal pain during pregnancy. It perfectly removes toxins and bacteria, cleanses the body, helps to recover faster and eliminates nausea. An adult needs to drink about 5 pills at a time, and the child is 2-3 depending on age. The procedure is permitted to repeat no more than 3 days in a row.

3. No-Spa.

This means you can take the strong pain and cramps in the stomach. It is suitable for almost all people who have no renal and hepatic insufficiency, or sensitivity to a component. Allowed to give children from 1 year and for women during pregnancy and lactation, but in small quantities. A day not to consume more than 240 grams of the drug. Side effects: constipation, nausea and migraine.

4. Almagel.

It is prescribed for people suffering from gastritis, pancreatitis, ulcer and duodenitis. It is gentle on the mucosa of the digestive tract and reduces the levels of hydrochloric acid. Reduces inflammation, normalizes the work of intestines and acts as a pain reliever for pain in the stomach. It relieves discomfort already after 5 minutes after administration and the effect lasts about 2 hours. It is allowed to give the child, whose age is more than 10 years. Use during pregnancy or lactation is possible only with the permission of the doctor.

5. Maalox.

This tool is known as a medication intended for the treatment of gastritis. However, in order to remove intense pain without the presence of the disease, it is also used. Suitable as prevention, a day to drink not more than 12 tablets. Prohibited during pregnancy and for nursing moms, and for people with Alzheimer’s disease. The rest of you need to take care at home and avoid overdoses.

6. The Drug Omez.

It is suitable for people with high acidity of the stomach. Is indicated for gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. Drink before eating in those moments when there is abdominal pain. Not recommended for children and breast-feeding.

Therapy at home

Traditional medicine can prescribe both separately and together with the pills to achieve quick results.

1. The mint tea.

Beneficial effect on the digestive tract, reduces inflammation, improves bowel function and also helps the nervous system, as it has a calming effect.


  • green tea leaves;
  • currant leaves;
  • fresh or dried mint.

This home mixture is brewed like regular tea and is drunk during the meal. It can be used indefinitely, as it has no side effects. It is recommended to use Melissa struggling with insomnia and pain in the abdomen.

2. Tincture of Hypericum.

It is used for regular and severe pain in the digestive tract, when required in the near future to relieve the symptoms. You will need to take about 4 tbsp of dried herb St. John’s wort, pour 500 ml of vodka and leave in a cool place for a week. Thereafter, the mixture must drain and then add 25-30 drops in boiled water. Be taken after meals several times per day. Tincture is combined with the other folk remedies and pharmaceutical medications.

3. A decoction of plantain.

This plant is used at home when required to relieve the pain and remove the discomfort in the stomach or the intestine. Dried leaves can be brewed alone or in combination with green tea. It will be useful to add the honey – 1 h spoon per Cup of broth. To drink means you need 2-3 times a day at any time.

4. Cabbage juice.

The usual juice, which is produced from white cabbage, is effective even for gastric. 1 glass of juice will need to mix with 1 tbsp of natural honey to obtain a homogeneous mass. Drink 100-150 ml every day about 3 times a day.

5. Chamomile tea.

It would be useful to replace the regular tea of chamomile and drink it every day. Brewed from the dried leaves that are purchased in the pharmacy. Recommendations for the dosage, since the broth can be consumed as much as you like.

There are other folk remedies, but these are the most effective and affordable. The best result can be achieved, if together with them to take pills prescribed by your doctor.

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