Gastritis with atrophy

In a healthy organism, cells of the mucosa are constantly being updated, this is necessary due to the impact of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes. In chronic gastritis of type A defense mechanism fails, there is a change in: fabric transformirovalsya, stop the production of juice, then die. Each serving of food trapped in the stomach, causing injury, so the size of the atrophied zones depends on the extent of damage.

Atrophic gastritis is the most dangerous form of pathology of all diseases of the stomach, which signals a greater risk of occurrence of malignant formations. Inflammation of the body turns into a slow change of the tissues is lost the ability of cells to regenerate, they gradually die off. Is completely impaired digestion, mucous stops to absorb the beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Responsible for the development of the disease

The causes of pathology may be several:

1. Among the exogenous sources doctors say poor nutrition. This factor implies not only the abuse of fast food, also the problem lies in too hot or cold food. Modeless diet, poor chewing of food often leads to damage of the gastric mucosa, disturbances of motility and microflora of the intestine, resulting in chronic gastritis with atrophy of the cells. The best treatment in this case strict adherence to a diet in combination with medication.

2. Toxic causes of chemical poisoning related to the work on harmful production. Interaction with such substances as lead, sulfonamides, arsenic, metal, cotton, coal chips. Also refer to the etiology of addictions: alcohol and nicotine can cause irreparable harm to the body.

3. The endogenous reason is the infection Helicobacter pylori, which certain conditions, timely diagnosis and adequate therapy, the microorganism can be eliminated.

4. Autoimmune processes, in which there are antibodies to the cells of the stomach that produce hydrochloric acid, which provides a critical decline in the level of the juice. When this occurs, the continuity of vitamin B12 and gastronomiepreise.

5. Many patients diseases of the digestive system begins with the reflex disorder. People susceptible to emotional extremes, begins to feel discomfort in the stomach, but doesn’t always know what it is, therefore, rarely go to the specialist in time. The later the patient undergoes a complete examination, the higher the risk of chronic gastritis and complications. To cure this type, you will need the help of the therapist including.

6. The illness, in which the food is returned from the intestine into the stomach is reflux esophagitis. Against this pathology often develops atrophy and cell death.

7. Uncontrolled medications, heredity, injury to the stomach, leading to violation of blood supply of the mucosa.


To define a particular type of gastritis of type A is possible, based on symptoms:

1. The acute form involves severe attack of inflammation with changes in the mucosal surface. The development is quite fast for a few hours or days. Nausea, accompanied by vomiting without subsequent relief, fever, severe sharp pain in the epigastric region, diarrhea, fainting.

2. The chronic form of atrophy is an independent disease, not associated with an acute manifestation. Processes are dolgorukij with power effect of changes of the epithelium. The symptoms are similar to signs at low acidity: sensation of fullness and heaviness after eating, dull pain, belching air with bitterness and dryness in a mouth. The reduction in appetite ends in weight loss and exhaustion. This type of almost all patients leads to chronic atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia.

3. Autoimmune form is due to genetic disposition and caused by disruptions in the functioning of the thyroid gland, anemia with vitamin B12 deficiency. Symptoms: heartburn, lack of appetite, mild swelling of the stomach after eating, belching with an unpleasant odor, flatulence; dry and pale skin, zaedy in the corners of the mouth.

4. Focal atrophic gastritis is manifested by the formation of damaged areas in the walls of the stomach with the strengthening of the compensating function in healthy sites. Often accompanied by relaxation of the sphincter and the release of juice into the lumen. Pathology is evident only in the last stages with specific characteristics: frequent belching after meals, nausea turning into vomiting, sudden weight loss, decreased hemoglobin, dizziness, fainting.

5. Multifactorial chronic gastritis leads to insufficiency of the stomach, often accompanied by bullicame and duodenitis. The atrophy is distributed to all the departments, there comes a precancerous condition. Symptoms include strong abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, in the later stages of internal bleeding. In the mouth there is a bitter taste, bad belching and heartburn.

6. Effects multifactorial – type atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia is observed in almost all patients. This happens because of long course of disease and the constant change of relapses and remissions. This reduces the number of glandular substances, begins restructuring of tissues, cells of the gastric mucosa is replaced by columnar epithelium of the intestine. In the first stage, symptoms do not appear pronounced: nausea, vomiting, weight loss, diarrhea, or constipation.

Methods of examination

Treatment is prescribed after identifying the causes, signs and research.

Chronic gastritis with atrophy of the walls is determined based on the following activities:

  • Analysis of complaints and medical examination. The survey is to ascertain how long the symptoms with which the patient connects their appearance. Palpation allows to determine the zone of painful sensations and their nature.
  • Laboratory methods involve the General analysis of blood the number of white cells, the absorption of vitamin B12.
  • Helicobacter pylori find with the help of special breathing test.
  • At faggs is the inspection of the inner surface of the esophagus, stomach and intestines flexible optical devices. It provides an assessment of the condition of the mucous for the treatment of chronic gastritis, at the same time conduct a biopsy.
  • Radiography with contrast drug allows you to see a reduction on the depth of the folds, disorders of motility. For the same reasons assigned additional diagnosis ultrasound.

Therapy drugs

A conservative approach is the use of the following drugs:

1. When a virus is detected Helicobacter pylori using antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors. The most popular are antibacterial agents, able to withstand the acidic environment, and penetrate into the deeper layers. It’s Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin, Tetracycline.

2. De-Nol colloidal bismuth subcitrate forms on the surface of organs with a protective film that does not allow aggressive factors to the tissues, having a depressing effect on chronic gastritis.

3. Omez and Omeprazol – proton pump inhibitors, which eliminates the synthesis and release of excess hydrochloric acid, thus facilitating the adjustment of its level.

4. Severe pain treatment of chronic form of atrophy is receiving anticholinergics: imposed solution metatsina, Platifillina, Gastrotsepin. To relieve discomfort spazmolitiki no-Spa, Buscopan, Papaverine.

5. Such substitutive therapy of chronic gastritis as the introduction of the missing substances, involves the use of drugs, complementary hydrochloric acid, enzymes, gastric juice and vitamins. This Acidin-pepsin, Wobenzym, Idental, Mezim-Forte.

6. Will require the use of drugs, regulating the motility. This group includes Mosig, Reglan, itopride does. The drugs help the smooth transit of food.

Surgical treatment of gastritis type A is not carried out. In the development of cancer-damaged tissue is assigned to a surgery – gastrectomy, which is the removal or resection of the stomach.

Diet and folk remedies

Gastritis can be treated, only resorting to an integrated approach that includes medicines, proper nutrition:

1. Diet 1A are assigned with the purpose of reducing inflammation, we need to accelerate tissue regeneration, reduce irritation and excitability of the receptors. It is the basis of grinded boiled dishes or steamed. You need to eat at least six times a day.

2. In the therapy of chronic forms of atrophy can be consumed mucous soups, porridges on the water, lean meat or fish, steam omelets. From dairy products are recommended puddings, souffles, jellies. Fruit – sweet, peeled and seeds, vegetables are best eaten in the form of casseroles. Drinks: green tea, rosehip tea, as a dessert – med.

3. It is desirable to eliminate with a diet of bread and flour products, broth, pasta, beans, cheese. To treat the disease is necessary, refusing from fried and fatty foods, coffee, cocoa, sour berries and fruits. You absolutely can not drink alcohol, to stop Smoking.

4. After improvement, while maintaining positive, therapy refers to moving on to table # 2. Food should spare the mucosa, the risk of damage to the walls should be kept to a minimum. This diet allows you to add to the diet of low-fat dairy products, a bit of butter.

Therapy of atrophic gastritis folk remedies:
  • Herbal teas from peppermint, wormwood, plantain, St. John’s wort, calendula, aloe Vera juice help get rid of heartburn, contribute to accelerated regeneration. In addition, infusions provide a normalization of the bowel. Medicine brewed in a thermos, using three times a day.
  • It is possible to treat chronic disease with the help of aloe juice and honey. Propolis is a good erosion heals and repairs cells. The ingredients are mixed in equal proportion and drink 50 GM 40 minutes before a meal.
  • Potato juice to cope with heartburn, corrects the levels of hydrochloric acid, eliminates the discomfort. The tuber is cleaned, scrubbed, squeezed of liquid. You can add aloe juice, ginger.
  • Treatment of folk remedies also implies the use of oats. Prepare the pudding two tablespoons of cereal and boiling water. Insist broth for six hours, take on an empty stomach and before sleep in the strained form. You can add sea buckthorn oil and a little milk, but only at the initial stage of the disease.

In this disease the risk of development of malignant tumors, therefore, timely diagnosis is necessary for any patient. After a thorough examination, the doctor will prescribe the most effective therapy for each kind of tissue damage.

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