Fruit ulcer and gastritis

The basic requirement for diseases of the stomach – diet and the rules of the meal. The right approach to the diet reduces inflammation and helps to speed up recovery. Undoubtedly, fresh fruit saturate the body with essential vitamins and minerals. To bring even more benefit, patients should be consumed in powdered form. Priority sweet variety, especially when the disease is accompanied by volatile acidity.

Ulcer and gastritis are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in which the patient is forced to adhere to restrictions in food. The main menu consists of cereals and products, steamed. However, the body needs to and vitamin complexes, since their deficiency leads to reduced immune function. Therefore, the consumption of vegetables and fruits is necessary for maintaining health.

Fruit that is possible

1. Apple. In gastritis with high acidity, you should eat only the sweet varieties. They have a wide range of useful properties and contain the pectin necessary for the digestive process. Apples improve the secretion of gastric juice and provoke an appetite, so doctors recommend to eat them 20-30 minutes before a meal. During an exacerbation can be baked.

2. Banana. If the ulcer, and gastritis is not accompanied by bloating, belching or diarrhoea, this it is possible. This tropical fruit will saturate the body with trace elements and sugar. Supports normal functioning of digestive tract.

3. Strawberry. This fruit gastric ulcer is necessary. This is due to the vast positive effect in the normalization of metabolism.

4. Watermelon. You are allowed to eat all patients, if grown under the ecological conditions are ripe fruit. It brings excess fluid saturates easily digestible sugar and positive effect on the intestines and stomach.

These fruits for gastritis can you eat in the normal course of the disease. If the disease worsened, the doctors suggest to follow a strict diet.

In diseases of the stomach if the acidity is low, you are allowed to eat figs and kiwis. But you can eat them only at the time of remission in the form of puree. Fiber helps the bowels and increase the production of juice.

The rules of admission

1. Raw and sour fruit, enriched with fructose, such as kiwi, can be eaten if the gastritis with low acidity.

2. Remember that sweet fruits after cooking, produce more acidity than raw. So with caution to eat in the period of acute ulcers.

3. Despite the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, all the patient must not consume dried fruits.

Gastritis with hyperacidity and ulcer in the acute phase involve the exclusion from the diet of boiled vegetables, so start to wander and may exacerbate the disease. After normalization of the patient’s condition the benefits are not only absorbed, but also have a therapeutic effect. If the patient suffers from inflammation of the duodenum, then boiled the fruit stimulate the production bicarbonate, which serves as the neutralization of the acidity of the stomach.

To exclude or taken with caution?

Recommendations for the use of certain fruits, depending on the diagnosis:

1. Patients suffering from gastritis with high acidity do not receiving acidic varieties: all kinds of citrus, grapes and also do not eat peach and melon. This is because getting into the stomach, they stimulate the production of juice, causing cramps due to the fermentation.

2. Patients suffering from disease with low acidity, it is strictly forbidden to take grapes, melon, pineapple, avocado and papaya.

3. In peptic ulcer disease and gastritis accompanied by infections, you need to systematically eat the apples which speed up the digestive process.

Properly selected fruit based on the level of acidity help fight discomfort, saturate the body with beneficial elements and improve the tone of the stomach. It is recommended to eat after or before meals, but in any case not to bite them.

Compliance with diet food good for stomach gastritis, but to completely abandon the fruit, you should not. At least it will allow the patient to avoid vitamin deficiency.

There is a category of fruit that in any way should not be in the menu of the patient. They trigger a relapse trigger irritability of the mucosa and even if the disease managed to escape, they can be taken with high caution.

The list of prohibited products:

1. Any citrus fruits are taboo. Even an additive in coffee or tea cause heartburn and stomach pain. This is equivalent to apply on inflamed skin lemon juice – pain, burning, redness. Similarly, the acidity of this category acts on the digestive tract.

2. The grapes are long digested by the stomach, “wanders” in the body, causing intestinal cramping, retching and heartburn.

3. Melon. Itself heavy product that is difficult to digest even in the stomach of a healthy person. Contains a powerful allergen causing aggravation.

4. Peach, like melon stimulates an allergic reaction. He also has a laxative effect. In the end, after his admission appears diarrhea, increased production of juice in the stomach and discomfort.

Healing this disease is slow and often accompanies the person throughout life, so make the condition worse banned products is impractical. You need to understand that the high discomfort are the citrus fruits that is not recommended is, even after recovery. A healthy person is also a concern, as excessive drinking can cause allergies.

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