Urolesan in drops or urolesan in capsules, which is more effective

Urolesan in capsules and drops has similar bases for use. Contraindications for all forms are the same, however, as are side effects.

The composition of the drugs are almost the same. A slight difference in the proportions of the basic substances.

The basis of the drops is ethyl alcohol, so it should not be taken by persons who drive vehicles. Such people need to take capsules.

The peculiarity of the drops is the sharp taste of mint and spruce, which not all people tolerate. Those people who do not like this taste should take capsules.
The cost of the capsules is less. From the point of view of saving money, it is more profitable to use drops. Their bottle lasts for a whole month with standard use.

A pack of capsules lasts 13 days.

According to the instructions, the drug should not be prescribed to children under 18 years old. Although the instructions prescribed dosages for the appointment of children under 18 years of age.

An overdose for children is categorically unacceptable, as it can cause dysbiosis in the child. The time of admission and dosage, depending on the degree of the disease, is prescribed by the doctor.

Urolesan helps strengthen local immunity and stimulate blood circulation in the bladder. Thanks to the bactericidal effect of the drug, it enhances the effect of antibiotics. Urolesan effectively eliminates pain. Drops, in addition to treatment, have a preventive effect, prevent the development of the disease.

This medicine should be taken taking into account the individual characteristics and specifics of the disease.

Capsules are convenient to take outside the home. They have no pungent odor. They do not need to be dosed, like drops. Drops, due to the presence of alcohol in the composition, may not be taken with all other medicines and should not be used while driving.

Every person sooner or later in life faces kidney pain. The kidneys are irreplaceable filters of our body. Their benefits cannot be overestimated. Past infections, injuries, toxic substances and poisoning, hypothermia, complications after viral colds can harm the kidneys. Urolesan helps to help with their recovery and removal of inflammation.

It belongs to the drugs of plant origin. Its action is aimed at relieving spasms. Urolesan relieves pain in kidney disease. It effectively enhances the secretion of bile and its formation. Effectively reduces congestion in the kidneys. This medicine easily destroys the action of bacteria in the urine and favors the removal of stones. It is prescribed with caution when stones are more than 3 millimeters, as they can cause blockage of the ducts.

This drug is prescribed for cystitis, cholecystitis, biliary duct dyskinesia, spasms of the ureters at the exit of calculi and cholelithiasis.

Affordable price and effectiveness  are the main advantages of this medicine. During the course of treatment with Urolesan, you can not drink alcoholic beverages.

The composition of the drug includes fir oil, peppermint, castor oil, as well as liquid extracts of wild carrot seeds, hop cones, and oregano grass.

Herbs are active substances.

Urolesan in drops

The medicine is brown. Sometimes there are drops with a slight greenish color, which is acceptable. They are taken with water on an empty stomach, before meals in 10-15 minutes.

Urolesan in drops

The basis of the drug is alcohol. Available in bottles with dark glass. The volume of each bottle is 25 ml. It is characterized by a sharp spruce smell with an admixture of mint. It is used by children and adults. The dose for children is different from the adult dosage.

Children from 7 to 14 years old are recommended to appoint  3 times a day. The number of drops on average 5-6, while you can drip on sugar or bread slices. The course of admission is quite individual.

Due to the fact that this medicine of plant origin and in its composition only natural herbs, then he can not bring significant harm. But like any drug, he also has contraindications. The main of them can be attributed an increased reaction to the main components, since they are of plant origin and it is impossible to avoid completely allergic reactions. If a person suffers from heartburn and nausea, then taking the drug must be delayed. Diarrhea is also a reason for refusing to take this medication. Since the drug has a rich, sharp taste, when taken, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, lowering or increasing blood pressure are possible. There is no direct contraindication in the instructions for the medicine, but it is necessary to carefully monitor, when taking it, the condition of patients with brain diseases and patients with alcoholism. Hepatic failure and hepatitis are also contraindications.

According to patient reviews, during pregnancy, he showed himself to be a quality drug that helped cope with cystitis, as it has an antibacterial effect. But there is no clinical and scientific evidence in this regard. A similar situation is with its use during lactation. There is no direct prohibition, but because of the plant components that are passed on to the baby along with milk, they may develop an allergy.

You can take it for up to a month. According to reviews, Urolesan is rapidly absorbed, and noticeable relief comes immediately after the first dose. This feature is more characteristic for drugs that are in the form of drops.

Urolesan capsules

Capsules are taken with plenty of water. They are packaged in blisters. Each of them has 10 pieces, and in total there are 40 pieces in the package. Their colors are green, standard, oblong. They are filled with yellow powder. They have no pungent odor. Because of the shell, they are quite easy to drink. There are no difficulties with the reception. The composition of the active substances in all forms of this medicine is the same. There are slight differences in additional substances, but the basic composition is similar.

Urolesan capsules

Features in the reception for adults and children are absent. The procedure for admission to children under 14 years of age is not prescribed. As a general rule, take it on a capsule 3 times a day. As in the case of drops, a clear number of days for admission is not prescribed. It all depends on the appointment of the doctor, but, as a rule, it is no more than 4 weeks.

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