Headache, stomach ache sick causes treatment

A headache, people rarely go to the doctor, because I think it common. Another thing, if joined by additional symptoms for example, discomfort in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting. People start worrying about their health, and their fears are not in vain. For these manifestations lies not only ordinary poison, but dangerous pathology. For this reason, you should immediately consult your doctor if headache, feel sick, stomach hurts.

Food poisoning

Headache, stomach ache sick causes treatmentWith this disease have had to face all people, and, as a rule, the unpleasant symptoms disappear within a few hours or days. It all starts with the fact that a person has a stomach ache and was starting to feel really sick. There may be a disorder of the chair, shown in the form of diarrhea. Also may open vomiting, after which in most cases comes relief.

In General, the patient experiences weakness, dizziness, aching muscles. We should not be surprised that the headache and the stomach, because it is quite a common phenomenon. Extremely important time to take steps to quickly improve the health of the person. It is recommended to use tools such as activated charcoal, POLYSORB, Sorbex. They effectively remove toxic substances from the body and immediately eliminate the unpleasant symptoms.

Sometimes it helps gastric lavage, if there is severe vomiting. You might also need medications that stop diarrhea. As a rule, at food poisoning the man quickly gets better. If this does not happen within a few hours, the correct solution is to call an ambulance. Some foods, for example, forest mushrooms, can lead to serious consequences. Do not delay and wait until the situation is even worse.


Headache, stomach ache sick causes treatmentThis reason is also fairly common, and it often hurts the stomach and head. There is inflammation of the Appendix, and the symptoms of this disease will not be able to ignore. When the disease passes into the acute form, a person begins to suffer from significant pain. Can get to the fact that it is impossible to straighten, and even more so to walk.

May increase the body temperature, significant flatulence, and diarrhea. The person begins vomiting, which is unable to hold back vomit. The pain is often observed on the right side under the liver, and the navel. It is recommended to go to the hospital because acute appendicitis is treated with surgery. Before arrival of doctors you should not take any medication, because this will lubricate the overall clinical picture.

Rotavirus infection

The stomach flu is not uncommon, it occurs primarily in children. His leading infectious agents that provoke the development of the disease. The symptoms are quite similar with the usual poisoning. Will poletjela, there is a disorder of the chair, there is vomiting.

The pain is abrupt, but due to intoxication it is observed not only in the stomach but in the head. Quite often there is body temperature, a man tormented by fever, can redden the whites of the eyes. Often the infection enters the body because of unwashed hands, dirty water, and not zagotovlen meat.

For treatment using various drugs, for example, Smectite, Polisorb, activated carbon. To maintain the water balance can be applied Regidron. When a person will be easy, it will be useful to use Linex. If a person gets better during the day, then you definitely need to consult a doctor to prevent serious complications.


Headache, stomach ache sick causes treatmentDuring gestation the woman can often vomiting, with a headache. These symptoms are not considered dangerous, and they are especially apparent in the morning. Sometimes you can pull in the abdomen, similar symptoms are characteristic for the initial stage of pregnancy. In some cases, unpleasant symptoms occur in the later stages, and gradually the symptoms pass.

It should be understood that when an intense pain is necessary to consult a doctor. It is possible that they indicate any abnormalities in the body. Definitely need to be examined by a doctor, because it affects not only the health of the woman, but the life of the unborn child. You may need to perform a pelvic ultrasound and esophagus, as well as to make a General blood test. Will need to visit the gynecologist, he will take a decision about further treatment.

High blood pressure

Hypertension mainly affects people at the age, this pathology can be observed in young. Often the attack provoke stress, vascular problems, and also other unfavorable factors. If there is increase in blood pressure, then often there are different symptoms.


  1. Pain in the head.
  2. Nausea and retching.
  3. Spasms in the digestive tract.
  4. Numbness of the limbs.
  5. Panic attacks.
  6. Nervousness.
  7. Sleep problems.
  8. A feeling of heaviness in the forehead and temples.
  9. The darkening of the eyes.

If a person suffers from hypertension, then it will need to control the HELL. In the case of increasing need to immediately take action. Need to drink a drug that helps to normalize the pressure. It is also worth to find out the reasons, which appeared pathology.

If possible, is to prevent attacks. In particular need to exercise, monitor your weight, and also give up bad habits. It will be useful to balance your diet to improve the condition of the body. If will increase blood pressure, then it is necessary to shoot it down.

Trauma to the head

Headache, stomach ache sick causes treatmentHeadache and abdominal pain can be due to concussion. In such a situation you can’t run a pathology and not to go to the doctor. Of course, a concussion can go through independently, and to lead to complications. If the pathology is severe, then your health will deteriorate. In some cases, there is brain edema, and hydrocephalus. You can also start the inflammatory process in traumatic brain box.

If, after the trauma of the man began vomiting, the weakness in the body, there is dizziness, then you should be diagnosed by a doctor. All the more reason to go to the hospital when he was unconscious. These symptoms are not accompanied by fever, the man can throw out in a cold sweat.

Treatment depends on how severe form of acquired pathology. To relieve discomfort used Analginum, Pentalgin, or Baralgin. May need sedatives to calm the nervous system. For example, used Valerian and motherwort. In more running situations prescribed tranquilizers-Phenazepamum, Elenium and Rotodel. The course is an average of 5 days.

During the period of rehabilitation the person can assign Cavinton and Teohnical. It is extremely important to watch for changes in condition, if necessary, could be time to take action. If the health of the patient will deteriorate, then you need to review the course of treatment.

Other reasons

There are a number of other reasons that lead to the emergence of negative symptoms. Definitely only a doctor will be able to tell what pathology had to face. It will be useful to consider further a number of reasons that lead to unpleasant symptoms.

Headache, stomach ache sick causes treatmentOther pathologies:

  1. Meningitis. In this case, there is inflammation of the brain, which is necessarily accompanied by fever, nausea, and vomiting. Need professional treatment, because the disease can even lead to death.
  2. A malignant neoplasm. It is also able to cause a man will have a headache and experience nausea and even vomiting. Mostly the symptoms appear in the morning. They are not associated with external factors, so people may not understand why he was having these symptoms.
  3. Poisoning by toxic substances. It is much more dangerous than an eating disorder. If time does not start treatment, then the consequences can be dire. In General, the symptoms resemble poisoning, you’ll be the cause of the disease.

In some cases the person may even hunger, headache and stomach, so it is not always necessary to worry about the appearance of the disease. It is extremely important not to run disease and to monitor changes in well-being. If will become worse, then you need to go to the hospital. You should not wait until the person gets really bad. The sooner you start treatment, the more likely to avoid complications and quickly improve health.

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  1. Before arrival of doctors you should not take any medication, because this will lubricate the overall clinical picture.

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