Pain in left side in neck causes treatment

Headache for many people is a constant companion of life. It often occurs due to frequent stress, poor nutrition and lack of sleep. It also causes fatigue, both mental and physical. In some cases, the pain left in the back of the head appears due to various diseases.

For this reason, if the symptom is ongoing, is to test your condition. Many diseases are easier to cure before they are launched. It is also important to prevent such serious complications as stroke or bleeding in the brain.

Additional symptoms

Some people are suffering not only from headaches, but also experience other manifestations of the disease. It is important to remember them, then it is easier to make an accurate diagnosis. Of course, not always headache indicates severe disease. We should not deny the possibility that there are problems with health.

Satellites of pain in the neck:

  1. Nausea and vomiting. This is a classic symptoms that can be part of a headache. They often indicate that the person has a serious pathology.
  2. Loss of balance, disturbance of consciousness. Enough serious symptoms, the appearance of which we should call a doctor. They can say that have a stroke or another dangerous disease. For example, you may suspect inflammation of the brain.
  3. Numbness of hands and feet. Often limbs are going numb on only one side. In such a situation is suspicious, because this phenomenon cannot be considered normal.
  4. Mood swings. For headaches, a person may be in the doldrums, become aggressive, or Vice versa indifferent to what is happening.

If the temperature rises, then we can suspect viral and inflammatory processes. You should know the exact reason for headache in the back left. Only then can we take the right steps and significantly improve health.

Non-hazardous factors

Before you start worrying about your health, you should definitely consider safe causes of headache. If the symptom occurs rarely or in certain periods, then it may provoke an external factor.

Possible causes:

  1. The presence of harmful habits. If the person abuses alcohol, or smokes, he can often suffer from headaches in stylesheetcache.
  2. Physical or mental fatigue. It is important not only to work but also to relax, to avoid feeling worse. It should be noted that in some situations, headache may occur due to lack of activity.
  3. Pregnancy, menopause, premenstrual syndrome. When changing hormone levels, women may experience unpleasant symptoms such as headaches in the back of the head on the left side.
  4. The lack of a dream or the person is too much sleeping.
  5. Constant stress, starvation, a long stay in an uncomfortable position.

Usually, in such situations, the headache occurs infrequently. If you eliminate a negative factor, it does not happen again. With the constant appearance of a symptom should visit a doctor and get a professional diagnosis.


As already mentioned, pain in the back left can occur due to pathology in the body. With the help of unpleasant symptom the body may indicate a serious failure. In most cases, discomfort in the head frequently occurs and may be poorly addressed by conventional painkillers. In such a situation should definitely go to the hospital, there to undergo the necessary tests.

Often can hurt the head with lewistion if there was an aneurysm of the brain. It manifests itself in the form of vision problems, weakness of facial muscles, increase in blood pressure, and discomfort in the eyes. Also unpleasant feelings may provoke osteochondrosis of the neck that destroys the bone tissue. In such a situation the person will experience stiffness in the cervical, and pain, which often give in the shoulders or neck. Such manifestations can also be numbness in hands and tingling feeling on the skin.

Neck injuries and traumatic brain boxes also can lead to unpleasant symptoms. In such a situation it is important to immediately consult a doctor to prevent deterioration. Often, as additional signs of dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness. If untreated, there can be negative effects such as brain hemorrhaging or swelling.

Meningitis is one of the most dangerous reasons due to which people have hurts on the left side of the back of the head. The disease is characterized by inflammation of the brain, which can even lead to death. A person can suffer from photophobia, experience nausea and muscle soreness. Often there is a high temperature level exceeds 38 degrees and can reach up to 40 degrees.

Myositis is an inflammatory process in the cervical muscles, which occurs due to infection, injuries, poisoning by toxic substances, and as a consequence other diseases. Pain is noted in one place and wears a stupid character. It can spread from the neck to the nape of the neck with one hand. At the same time, the discomfort can become stronger.

Neuralgia is also quite common, when it occurs intense pain in the head, often the symptom is accompanied by pulsation and backache. Can disrupt the sensitivity of the skin in the problematic area. Often the person becomes even difficult to move, because any movement of the neck causes severe pain. Such pathology can lead to various injuries, and infections and neoplasms.

Migraine can also lead to what is often a sore head. Seizures can be of varying intensity, but generally, they are temporarily deprive the person of capacity to work. In order to remedy the situation, you need to stay in bed, take medication and try not to provoke attacks.

A specific diagnosis will be able to know only after the diagnosis. Only the symptoms can not be guided, because in this case can be seriously wrong. In order to get rid of a headache, first of all, you will need to eliminate the cause.

Treatment options

Quite hard to say with certainty exactly how to treat headache on the left in the back of his head. The fact that a particular therapy depends on the diagnosis. If unpleasant feeling provoked by external factors, for example, emotional tension, or weather conditions, then you will need to relax and try not to worry. It is helpful to drink chamomile tea, and use aromatic oils for massage. You can also sleep, usually after that pain just disappear.

If the pain persists and it is necessary urgently to get rid of, then it is necessary to use analgesics. It is desirable to have anti-inflammatory effect. Suitable Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Analgin. Some people are good at helping Allergy headache.

It is also worth to do a neck massage, and use VapoRub. It is effective in the case when there is a pathology of the cervical spine. Should definitely ventilate the area and go for a walk. Fresh air helps to relieve headache.

Sometimes it happens that a headache even after the measures taken is not going away. If the health of the person deteriorates, the cause is not identified, then you should call an ambulance. It is important to take timely action, because the symptom may provoke a dangerous disease. For example, it can cause encephalitis or meningitis, these diseases are life-threatening.

Diagnosis involves blood analysis, MRI brain and cervical spine, as well as in the study of blood vessels. Only a doctor will be able to say clearly what tests need to pass. The sooner will be carried out diagnosis, the more chances to quickly improve health.

To less frequently encountered headache, it is recommended to get rid of bad habits, balanced diet, and to try to be less nervous and to not overdo it. If possible, you should avoid draughts, so as not to inflate the neck and does not freeze the head. In the hot season should not be under the open sun without a hat, otherwise you will risk to overheat.

In General it can be noted that the pain in the back of the head with the left hand not always talking about serious diseases. This should not forget about the risk of pathologies, if you do not want to worsen the condition. Most diseases are effectively treated only in the initial stages, and then pass into the chronic stage and progressing. Self-treatment is permissible only in cases where the headache pain is mild and does not have a permanent character.

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  2. Seizures can be of varying intensity, but generally, they are temporarily deprive the person of capacity to work. In order to remedy the situation, you need to stay in bed, take medication and try not to provoke attacks.

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