The signs of disturbance of the adrenal

The symptoms of disorders of the adrenal glands is very diverse and can resemble different diseases, so it is very difficult to immediately put the correct diagnosis. The adrenal glands are responsible for many functions in the human body.

They belong to the glands of the endocrine secretion and are located near the upper poles of the kidneys. Hence the name – adrenal glands.

Paired organ is responsible for hormone production in the body and participates in metabolic processes. Each gland weighs about 14 g. on the Right in the shape of a pyramid, and resembles the left hemisphere. The adrenal glands have a very complex structure: 90% is bark and the remaining 10% – part of the brain.

Common symptoms

No one in the world is not insured from possible health problems, therefore, it can easily fail in the adrenal glands. Any pathology of the endocrine glands does not act selectively. Can get sick both man and woman, and problems can occur even in young children. In most cases, disruption of pair of the organ are due to the development of a certain pathology.

Diseases that affect the adrenal glands and lead to certain symptoms will be described below.

Now will be described the common symptoms of adrenal pathologies, these include:

  • excessive pigmentation of the skin, or, conversely, its absence;
  • the ladies can be viewed a pilosis on man’s type (mustache, beard), and change of shape;
  • overweight or sudden loss, despite the same diet;
  • the problem with the gastrointestinal tract.

Disorders in the adrenal glands affect all organs and systems.

Primary adrenal insufficiency

Primary adrenal insufficiency has a second name Addison’s disease. Pathology begins to develop after the collapse of the gland tissue. The age range varies from 20 to 40 years.
Addison’s disease occurs in people 20 to 40 years

Symptoms of Addison disease the following:

  • depressive disorders, weakness, fatigue;
  • decrease appetite, with subsequent weight loss;
  • under the influence of sunlight, the patient may receive a burn or severe sunburn;
  • areas with sensitive skin are becoming more intense tint (lips, nipples, cheeks);
  • the development of SARS;
  • violations of the urogenital system;
  • the decrease in blood pressure;
  • nausea, followed by vomiting;
  • constipation, upset stomach;
  • in women, there is loss of hair on the pubes, and armpits;
  • menstrual cycle;
  • decreased libido.
Secondary adrenal insufficiency

Secondary adrenal insufficiency occurs because of violations on the part of the brain, which, in turn develop because of abnormalities of the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland. For example: traumatic brain injury of different origin, malignant and benign tumors. Symptoms of the disease practically does not differ from that of primary adrenal insufficiency, but the secondary may be absent pigmentation of the skin either as it is unmarked.

Join the manifestations of hypothyroidism, hypogonadism and deficiency of growth hormone (the hormone responsible for the growth of the person).


Pheochromocytoma is a tumor that affects the brain part of the adrenal glands. This pathology of the endocrine glands begin to synthesize an excess of dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline.

The bright signs of the disease include:

  • a sudden increase in blood pressure;
  • tachycardia;
  • depressive disorder;
  • headache;
  • lack of energy;
  • weight loss;
  • emotional instability.

In the presence of pheochromocytoma affects the adrenal medulla


Hyperaldosteronism (Cohn syndrome) occurs due to the development in the human organism of such diseases: heart failure, renal failure, cirrhosis. The result is disruption of the adrenal glands and they begin to synthesize aldosterone in large quantities. He is responsible for the overall blood volume and the content of sodium and potassium. Irregularities in the cardiovascular system very often leads to the development of the syndrome of late.

Symptoms of hyperaldosteronism include:

  • increase in blood pressure;
  • long-lasting headaches severe intensity;
  • constipation;
  • swelling of tissues;
  • convulsive episodes;
  • the temporary paralysis;
  • rapid loss of health;
  • muscle weakness.
The Disease Itsenko-Kushinga

With increased hormone production by the adrenal gland, namely the cortex and irregularities in hypothalamuses and pituitary area, it is possible to judge of a disease Itsenko-Kushinga. According to statistics, the disease is most common in women between 25 to 40 years.

Syndrome Cushing’s is a disease that affects the advantage of the female body

The main symptoms that indicate violations of the functional properties of the adrenal cortex, are a depressive disorder, sudden weight gain, in accordance with masculine features, menstrual irregularities, circulatory disorders, severe headaches. There pilosis on man’s type, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, the formation of a moon shaped face, develops abrasions, decreased libido, even with a light blow, immediately a bruise. At the first sign of a crisis, you need to call an ambulance.

Acute adrenal insufficiency

Acute adrenal insufficiency or Addisonicescom crisis has a number of characteristic features, namely:

  • can occur sudden loss of consciousness, followed by coma;
  • reduces the number of trips to the toilet;
  • blood pressure drops sharply;
  • diarrhea that is accompanied by painful sensations in the stomach.

In the presence of at least one symptom, you should immediately call the ambulance, and if you have the skills and ability to provide first aid.

Cyst of the adrenal glands

Cyst belongs to the category of benign tumors, its cavity filled with fluid, has no clear localization, so it can be placed in any part of the gland. Cyst is not dangerous for the human body, as it belongs to the category of benign tumors.

Usually cystic formation does not cause symptoms, but if it starts to grow and increase in size, you will notice soreness in the lower back, back and side spasms of the gastrointestinal tract, and the feeling of being crushed, if the formation compresses the renal artery, increased blood pressure, disturbed the normal functioning of the urogenital system, including kidneys.

Tumor formation

Like any other organ, the adrenal glands can be cancer, namely, tumors. Among the brain the endocrine glands secrete: aldosterone, aldosterone, glucocorticosteroid and corticosterone. The disease can be both benign and malignant. There are two reasons for the development of the cancer process: the growth of cellular structures of the adrenal glands and inflammation.

Tumor formation can greatly exceed the size of the adrenal

People with a tumour of the adrenal glands feel the following symptoms:

  • the skin on the face become crimson or pale shade, and the rest of the skin has a blue color;
  • nausea turning into vomiting;
  • blood pressure increase;
  • convulsive episodes;
  • the dryness in the mouth;
  • painful sensations behind the sternum and in the stomach;
  • the level of glucose in the blood can rise as well as fall;
  • irritability;
  • tremor of the limbs.
Depletion of the adrenal glands

Under the influence of prolonged stress or a severe stress situation may occur depletion of the endocrine glands. Unfortunately, this disorder is not uncommon in the modern world, as people are constantly somewhere in a hurry, running is experiencing a nervous excitement at work, in General, is under constant negative influence.

For adrenal burnout characterized by: sudden changes in blood pressure, fatigue, General weakness. Appears hair loss, dry skin, bleeding gums and dental disease, and pain in the knees and lower back, lightheadedness, tinnitus, emotional instability.

Fatigue is one of the signs of adrenal burnout

You should carefully monitor the state of health, not nervous over every little thing, as the mood swings affect the adrenal glands. No one is immune from possible changes in the body, therefore, is to pay attention to their own body. At the first unpleasant impulses or painful sensation, necessarily should to consult a doctor, as this will help to avoid adverse effects.

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