Tests for prostatitis

Treatment of inflammation of the prostate begins with a complete examination of the patient, where, among other things, and testing. What are the tests for prostatitis, and if they informative?

The list of tests

All doctor prescribed tests must pass to the patient in the near future. On the primary admission for suspected prostatitis doctor conducts examination and palpation, questioning the patient regarding symptoms and lifestyle, and also gives direction for research (MRI, TRUS, ultrasound of the bladder) and tests. What are the tests for prostatitis in men required medical attention.

Qualitative diagnosis of prostatitis to be sure the procedure includes:

  • General blood and urine tests;
  • a urine culture for sensitivity to antibiotics;
  • a blood test for DOG;
  • semen;
  • the secret of the prostate;
  • smear and blood for infection;
  • a biopsy of the prostate.

In some cases, the patient may be asked to pass additional tests, e.g., urine on Nechiporenko.


First of all, the specialist will interesting quantitative content of bacteria in urine. Terrible symptom is considered to be identified in urine protein. When in your urine red blood cells can safely talk about internal bleeding. An important indicator is the presence of sediment in the urine. It says elevated levels of salts which cause the formation of stones in urinary organs.

The physician should consider this fact when prescribing, because some drugs contribute to enhanced functioning of the body and the possible movement of the stones. Absolute contraindication is holding a man massage prostate, otherwise the excretion of stones can lead to blockage of the ducts, and to cope with the situation will only be possible in an urgent manner on the operating table. To refute or confirm the presence of stones on ULTRASOUND study.

It is very important to pay attention to the hygiene of the penis and hands, and the room where there is a fence analysis

Important! Proper urine samples for prostatitis is of great importance. First, the container must be completely sterile, without impurities. Fence urine is preferably carried out in good hygienic conditions to the interior of the container did not get the bacteria, which in large quantities contained in the air.

Second, before testing you should prepare. You should rinse the penis with warm water and thoroughly rinse the folds without the use of soap. Third, the “freshness” of urine at the time of receipt to the laboratory should not exceed 2 hours. Otherwise, the indicators of urine are distorted under the influence of light and air.

General analysis of blood

General analysis of blood is the basis of diagnosis of any disease. It is possible to assume the probable way of life of a man, his habits, diet and possible diseases. If you suspect prostatitis for a doctor will have a value such indicators as ROE and ESR. In inflammatory processes in the body they increase, and such situation could be when an asymptomatic course of the disease.

Also the inflammation in the body will show increased level of white blood cells. Low hemoglobin, but rather, just tell the doctor about poor nutrition men or of internal bleeding. Low hemoglobin also provokes lack of energy and decreased immunity, causing an inflammatory process in the prostate gland aktiviziruyutsya. Special requirements for preparation of the analysis no. Most often, the procedure is preferably performed on an empty stomach.

A blood test for PSA

He dealt exclusively with men, since this specific antigen is synthesized only in the male body. Women can determine only traces of it in a very minimum quantity. Why the need for the DOG? It is a marker of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland, and more – and cancer in this organ. The norm in healthy young men up to 50 years up to 2.5 ng/ml.

With the age limit of the indicator is increased by 1 unit about every 10 years. This blood test for prostatitis or BPH will be raised to 10 units. An increase of 10-20 units say about a possible cancer of the organ, and values of about 80-100 ng/ml probably talking about the metastasis of pathology.

Important! PSA values may be inflated due to improper delivery, namely insufficient preparation for it.

A week before delivery of the analysis it is necessary to stop any stimulation of the prostate gland. First and foremost, this applies to sexual acts, because of frictions during sex and ejaculation stimulate the functioning of the body. If a man attends physiotherapy for a groin or goes to a massage of the prostate, they need to stop a week before the blood drive PSA.

Heavy physical labor, including use of the gym, you also need the preparation time to cancel. The same applies to visiting the baths and saunas. Finally, you should eliminate from your diet spices, pickled and spicy foods, and alcohol.


Ejaculate is a source of valuable information. To suspect or identify prostatitis it is very simple. When the disease increases the number of white blood cells and in severe cases, red blood cells. In addition, reduced sperm count will indicate to the specialist that the inflammatory process has affected the area of the testes, happens in the chronic form of the disease. Often the ejaculate pass in order to find out what are the chances of this man to father a healthy child.

Semen analysis is better to pass in a special Cabinet in a medical facility, or at home through Masturbation

Analysis of prostate secretion.

This study among all is considered the most informative for definition of prostatitis. Secreted gland fluid will tell you not only about whether men inflammatory process in the prostate, but in what form it is in. Here it is possible to detect any pathological impurities, including a small number of cancer cells, detecting cancer at a very early stage and to carry out timely treatment.

Most importantly, gives the patient the prostate secretion analysis is the identification of the specific pathogen. In the matter of treatment of this step is crucial, it is not enough to learn about the disease we need to cure it.

It is separately necessary to tell about the methods of study of this biological fluid. Thus, fluorescence microscopy allows to detect even a small number of isolated skin cells, indicating a chronic inflammatory process in the prostate gland.

Unfortunately, this procedure cannot be conducted on those men who have prostatitis is an acute form. This means that with very strong pain and a clinical picture clearly points to acute prostatitis in men, you need to temporarily refuse delivery for this informative analysis.

Smear and blood for infection

We are talking about sexually transmitted diseases. To determine their presence in different ways. For the detection of most pathogens take scrapings from the urethra, which will show the presence of the pathogen in the biological fluids. The blood ELISA test will show not only the presence of pathogen and stage of the disease primary acute or chronic. It is possible that man is the carrier, and in this case, his body is only detected antibodies to the pathogen.

Finally, descriptive analysis for prostate for infections considered to be PCR diagnostics. The presence of the pathogen it shows up to 99.9%.

To detect prostatitis using this analysis, as the presence of infections in this analysis does not indicate a diagnosis, but the risk is amplified many times. Finally, if prostatitis in men will not be detected, then infection he treat still necessary, because the inflammatory process in the urogenital organs – only a matter of time, and activation can begin at any time.

It is very important to prepare for this analysis. You need 3 hours before the delivery stroke to abandon the use of hygiene products with disinfectant, including ordinary soap. You cannot urinate for 3 hours. If a man is being treated and uses antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents, the analysis will also be uninformative. Finally, sex for 36 hours before analysis should be discontinued.

Infection, even if they have not yet led to the prostatitis, should be promptly treated

A prostate biopsy

Biological material for examination in this case is the inner tissue of the body. The fence performed under General anesthesia, by puncture through the rectum. A prostate biopsy is needed not so much for the diagnosis of “prostatitis” as to exclude a possible cancer of the body.

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