Stage of prostatitis

Inflammation of the prostate gland at different stages are treated differently, and what works for one patient may harm another. What are the stages of prostatitis exist, and how to properly treat?

Classification of prostatitis according to stages of the disease

The development of the disease always occurs in stages, from the more simple level to the complex. Not always a transition from one stage to another prostatitis is accompanied by a clearly visible clinical manifestations. A description of the stages of development of this disease rather carries with it the understanding of what is happening at the moment in genitourinary organs of men.

Each stage of prostatitis is characterized by new changes in cells and tissues of the body due to the inflammation in it. Depending on what stage of prostatitis, a man went to the urologist, depends on the further course of the disease, therapy and complications after treatment. The earlier visit of the expert, the more chances of a full recovery with minimal complications. In total there are 4 stages of prostatitis.

The first stage

It is called primary, or exudative. The only pathogen has penetrated into the prostate and began to actively action. The inflammatory process is still very weak. Prostate slightly enlarged, which brings some inconvenience. A man feels discomfort and mild pain in the area of the authority. Urination is accompanied by pain that many men are mistaken for cystitis.

Very often men take painkillers, the pain muted, and patients calm down. The man is still able to lead a normal life, including intimate. The duration of sexual intercourse is reduced, but this is also a symptom few people pay attention, considering it a consequence of stress at work. An unusual amount of pain during intercourse can be a strong erection.

The symptoms of the initial stage of prostatitis can be expressed explicitly or weak, it all depends on the immunity men. The stronger it is, the brighter will be manifested clinical picture. So, some men there is a strong fever, but this symptom is not characteristic. The initial stage of prostatitis is very successfully treated. If the patient to see a doctor, full recovery is nearly 100%.

Problems in the genital area can begin at the first stage of the pathology

The treatment of early stage prostate involves taking:

  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. They are selected by the physician in accordance with identified analysis pathogen.
  • Painkillers. They are needed to relieve pain.
  • Immunomodulation. At the initial stage of prostatitis such drugs have been particularly successful.
The second stage

It is also called an alternative phase. The body is a while struggling with inflammation in the prostate gland, and the local immune system begins to weaken. The regeneration of tissues and cells is reduced, the immune system is unable to cope with the increased workload. The inflammatory process already has a clear localization in the body. Local blood flow is deteriorating. The swelling can occur breaks some of the capillaries in the prostate.

The symptoms of this stage:

  • General weakness, lethargy. It appears because of reduced immunity, since all forces of the body goes to combat inflammation in the prostate. Some patients note a violation of the natural biological rhythms, they have insomnia or drowsiness, which further worsens the health of the patient.
  • Difficult urination becomes more pronounced and already becomes chronic. The stream of urine is weak, irregular, intermittent. After going to the toilet a man does not feel empty bladder and desire to urinate soon appears again.
  • Itching, burning, pain in the groin.
  • Serious problems with erection and ejaculation. Erection in men may be lost during intercourse, and then appear again, after the release of sperm.

A huge part of patients gets to the urologists for 2 stage.

Treatment will consist of:

  • of antibacterial drugs. This is the basis of treatment of any stage or form of prostatitis.
  • anti-inflammatory drugs. They needed to reduce swelling, reduce pain;
  • alpha-blockers. Inflammation of the prostate leads to muscle spasms of the bladder that is manifested in the form of sharp pains and pain when urinating. Alpha-blockers relax the muscles of the well and lead to a complete emptying of the bladder. These drugs relieve minor symptoms of prostatitis like any other, however, they are used for the symptomatic treatment that does not directly affect the inflammatory process in the body;
  • immunomodulatory means. This is the best assistants of the organism in the struggle for men’s health;
  • physiotherapy. Ultrasound, magnet, laser and other types of physical therapy have been successfully used for treatment of prostatitis and strengthen the result. At the stage of remission allowed to hold a course direct prostate massage.

The refusal of sex provokes congestion and worsens the disease

Important! Very often, when men notice a problems in the sexual sphere, stop sexual relationship, thereby causing yourself even more damage.

Man withdraws into himself, he has a fear of sexual intercourse. The extinction of sexual desire leads to more problems, in particular to the nervousness, worries, depression. Sex can be considered as part of the prevention that will not amplify the negative effect of the inflammation, after the release of sperm ejaculatory ducts cleaned in a natural way.

The third stage

Another of its name – proliferative. The clinical picture is already very clearly expressed. Part of the cells, that long time have been at the epicenter of the inflammatory process, can die. So, be scars which exert pressure on adjacent organs, particularly the bladder.

Sclerotic changes may be accompanied by hyperplastic processes of starting, and in addition to prostatitis, a man may buy another diagnosed with prostate cancer. Very dangerous is ignoring the state, because the patient can deal with cancer.

The symptoms of this stage:

  • Urination frequent, literally several times per hour. Urine stream is weak, intermittent. Sometimes patients note a change in her character on the footy.
  • Men are disturbed hormonal balance.
  • Problem in sex even more significant. If a man still refused intimate relations, now they do not bring him pleasure. The sexual act is prolonged, this man wants to finish his ejaculation, but he fails.
  • Obvious pain is not only in the groin area, but in the lower abdomen, lower back.
  • Breakdown. Almost all men, who put this diagnosis, become unbalanced. It’s natural. Because the violation of the usual rhythm of life, the inability to lead an active life and problems in sex affect their own attitude to men. Anger, stress, rage, or, conversely, depression, depression, depression – all of this might face the patient.

Treatment of prostatitis stage 3 represented with the same drugs, with the only difference that make them the patient will have very long courses. To cure the prostatitis quickly the third stage will fail. Moreover, in the most severe cases have to resort to operational methods.

They are necessary when serious changes in the prostate tissue when the body does more harm than good. Unfortunately, the body has to remove. Also the man can be performed the operation to restore patency of the VAS deferens, which was blocked by connective tissue cells.

The fourth stage

Prostate tissue had changed completely. The development of inflammation occurs inside the body and outside it, as well as numerous complications. Pathogens are localized in the body, forming multiple purulent follicular bubbles. At the foot of the neck of the bladder is formed of hollow formation to mucous secretions on the inside.

Very often 4 stages of prostatitis in the prostate gland are synthesized stones, which again speaks to the inability of the body to resist external attacks.

Symptoms here such:

  • Pain appear not only when urinating, but defecation. Even filled rectum becomes for man a source of discomfort.
  • Pain in the groin area is almost constant, regardless of time and body position.
  • Sex life completely disrupted. A man does not want and can not carry out a sexual act.

Stage 4 prostatitis is characterized by the accession of other diagnoses, including Oncology, and therefore therapy is best done in hospital

Treatment 4 stages best done in the hospital, especially if the primary diagnosis – prostatitis – have been added. Many drugs at this stage it is better to enter intravenously or directly into the prostate. The forecasts here are not very comforting. To completely get rid of prostatitis or of its manifestations is not always possible, however, to return to the patient’s ability to walk independently to the toilet and the joy of sexual intercourse possible.

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