Burning in the kidneys

Many diseases of the urinary system share a common trait – a burning sensation in the kidneys resulting from irritation of the kidneys.

Why is there a burning sensation

The burning sensation is caused by many different reasons:

  • Urolithiasis.
  • Diseases of the urethra.
  • Infection.
  • Cyst.
  • Malignant tumor growth.
Causes of burning sensation in the kidneys with urolithiasis

The reason for the formation of kidney stones are violations of metabolic processes. Predispose to inflammation in the doubles on. Increase risk of stones is increased due to the violation of the acidity of urine. The outflow of urine is disturbed, which causes stagnation, with the risk of disease increases. The presence of stones found in the ureter, causing urine stagnation, why is sealed in the lumen of the ureter.

Additional symptoms – aching pain, accompanied by spasms. If the stone moves, it causes damage to mucous membranes, a burning sensation occurs in the kidneys, as well as the characteristic pain syndrome. The increase in stones causing colic. Paroxysmal renal colic occurs because of hypothermia, sports, weight lifting.


To inflammation of the kidneys include:

  • Pyelonephritis. Bacterial and inflammatory kidney disease. In addition to a strong burning sensation, there is a high temperature, swollen face, nausea, dark urine color, blood in the urine.
  • Glomerulonephritis. Main symptoms: burning sensation in region of kidney, changes the color of urine, swelling of the face, reduced amounts of urine, increase in blood pressure (BP).

The tumor occurs in adulthood. A cyst appears when there is a free cavity. If there are multiple nodes develops polycystic. The disease may affect one kidney or two at a time.

Stomach ulcer

Ulcerative lesions of the stomach a burning sensation in the kidneys appears after a heavy meal, and burning pain can be observed with sudden movements.

Cancerous lesion

Tumors of the urinary system provoke the failure of the process of the outflow of urine, while there is a strong burning sensation in the kidneys.

Urine flow may be blocked with the growth of the tumor, the patient experiences painful symptoms in the lumbar region


To determine the signs of kidney pathology is very difficult, it requires serious research.

However, having some information, the patient can assume the presence of pathology in your body:

  • The emergence of renal colic early in the morning after a dream tells about inflammatory processes.
  • If the pain appears in the field fresh body after lifting weights, exercising, you should think about kidney disease.
  • When sensations of pain, itching in the region of the right kidney or left kidney, which appear and disappear, may suggest renal colic.
  • A person suffering from renal disease, the skin has a grayish hue.

To identify the cause of the burning are turning to a urologist who will prescribe the study. Ultrasound is used to detect inflammation, cysts, stones. X-ray the body to determine the size, localization of stones. You also need laboratory examination of urine to determine the presence of sediment of salt. Analysis of the bacteriology of the urine gives the real picture of the presence of the causative agent of kidney disease.

Syndrome treatment

After diagnosis the patient is prescribed conservative therapy:

  • Urolithiasis is accompanied by severe pain. To relieve the troublesome symptoms, apply antispasmodics: no-Spa, Drotaverine.
  • There was also a need to prescribe a medicine having the property to dissolve small stones and remove sand.

Perhaps the appointment of surgical treatment if the size of the kidney stone is larger than 4 cm, the Inflammatory process appears when getting into the urinary system of bacteria causing the disease. One of the factors frequently hypothermia. Treatment of disease is carried out with the help of antibiotics. In the treatment of cysts it is necessary to consider the size of tumors.

In the presence of small nodes use puncture, eliminating the liquid composition. With a significant size of the cyst uses surgical treatment.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Kidney is a very vulnerable organ. Poor nutrition, contaminated water, infections, medications coming to clean in the kidneys, reduce the level of functioning that leads to pathologies. Prescription drugs traditional medicine can help to restore the body.

Means to cleanse the kidneys

Main filter of the body needs periodic cleansing. It is best to use fruits and vegetables that have diuretic abilities: watermelon, melon, cucumber, raspberries, and currants.

In winter time it is necessary to drink a decoction of flax seed, shepherd’s purse, rose hips, elderberry. Plants have an advantage over medications, as it does not contribute to the leaching of potassium and reduce the protein levels found in urine.

To improve the main filter of the body, the food you need, add the parsley and celery. To maintain blood purifying function use crushed juniper berries.

Anti-inflammatory recipes

While it is best to use oats, and bearberry. Inflammation of the kidney most often goes along with cystitis. Irritation in this case, removed the tea from yarrow and birch buds.

Pyelonephritis therapy traditional methods should be aimed at removing from the body fluid

To bring the stones

Upon detection of sand, small stones diuretic herbs to prevent stagnation of urine, as in the increase of the outflow of salt precipitates, which prevents the formation of stones.

In diuretic fee must include:

  • The knotweed.
  • Nettles.
  • Birch leaves.
  • Parsley.
  • Rose.

To not have to treat the main filter of the body, use the advice of a physician. Minimize salty, smoked, spicy. Fatty foods are harmful for our body in large amounts, but completely to exclude it is impossible. When consuming only low-fat products in the kidney can become loose due to the lack of fat, it is washed with liquid.

Eat more foods containing vitamin A, which helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Adjust the amount entering the body fluid and derived. It is necessary to remain in motion. Eliminate hypothermia.

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