Virtual colonoscopy

Thanks to this method it is possible to provide a non-invasive inspection, except for severe discomfort caused by required to other ways fibrocolonoscope and a barium enema. In the end, the procedure is no additional taking of sedatives.

It should also be noted there is minimal risk of perforating intestinal walls, access to hard to reach places in the form of contractions, the hinge bends.

To conduct the research even if the patient has a weakened immune system.

The features and benefits

Colonoscopy bowel is carried out with observance of certain rules:

1. Before the examination the patient needs to change into disposable underwear.

2. The study begins by introducing into the rectum a special tube with a small tip, through which is provided the flow of air into the bowel to stretching with the aim of obtaining the most informative picture.

3. At the beginning of the procedure, the patient must hold his breath for half a minute, then there is a change of position (a coup in the stomach) and repeat examinations of the intestinal tract.

4. Besides the position on the back and stomach, colonoscopy can be performed on the right and left side.

5. Virtual to explore not only the intestines but also the liver, kidneys and pancreas. Sometimes the process requires the use of intravenous contrast agent based on iodine that improves visualization. In this case, the day of the survey need to increase the drinking regime.

6. When examination of the bowel and other organs is complete, the specialist uses computer software, which allows to obtain three-dimensional image of the lumen of the intestine.

7. After analyzing the data the results are written to disk and given to the patient with the appropriate conclusion. Additionally may be issued to a printed image.

The term virtual colonoscopy involve a diagnostic study of the large intestine different from the endoscopic method. For the procedure used multislice computed tomography, by which, without introducing into the intestine obstructions the virtual performed the inspection of the mucosa with the aim of identifying polyps on it.

Colonoscopy of the colon, carried out by virtual, lasts from 5 minutes to an hour, depending on which model of equipment used for the study (the value is the number of sensors). The total number of pictures at the end of the survey is on the order of thousands. At the end of the procedure through a tube the bowel free from air. If after removing it is noted bloating, it is recommended to walk a little.

Are there any drawbacks?

Some patients demonstrate a number of negative aspects associated with the virtual gut check:

1. The inability to obtain the necessary amount of information about the changes of catarrhal nature. For example, virtual hard to appreciate how the mucous membrane is affected by erosion.

2. Virtually no visible tumor of the intestine that has folded or flat shape relative to the surface of the mucosa (these tumors are the cause of the cancer less than 3 % of cases).

3. If the procedure was against the rules of training, the diagnostic value is questionable.

In General, one can note the predominance of positive aspects over the negative, so virtual colonoscopy is considered as one of the most effective methods.

Indications for

The reviews about passing virtual colonoscopy confirm that basically this survey is done to identify the mucous membrane of large polyps.

Prescribed procedure within the framework of primary screening in the following situations:

  • The patient crossed the 50-year milestone.
  • Test for tumor markers gives a positive result.
  • Fecal tests detect the presence of occult blood.
  • A diagnostic has discovered anemia, the causes of which are unclear.
  • Unable to complete in full endoscopic colonoscopy.
  • The likelihood of developing bowel cancer due to genetic predisposition and bad heredity.

Virtual colonoscopy a method shown in any of the following symptoms:

  • Periodically re-occur gastric or intestinal bleeding.
  • Altered bowel function.
  • There are persistent pain in the lower abdomen.
  • The clinical picture provides reason to suspect abnormal development of the colon.
  • Discovered the inflammatory process.
  • The weakness and deterioration of health due to iron-deficiency anemia.

Virtual colonoscopy is also used to track the dynamics of the development of polyps.

Contraindications include the presence of acute abdomen (noted strong swelling, tension and pain), strangulated hernias of the colon, toxic megacolon (abnormal enlargement of the colon for a short period of time). You cannot perform a virtual examination of the intestine using the imager during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in the first days after the operation and the absolute claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces).

How to prepare?

According to reviews, the procedure you need to prepare for a couple of days prior to the event.

Training begins with the organization of dietary food according to the following guidelines:

1. From the diet excludes grains and wheat bread. Also not allowed to eat cakes of wheat flour, oatmeal cookies, food, a composition which contains bran or whole grains.

2. Require a waiver from wheat, oat and millet porridges, muesli, nuts.

3. For cooking do not use vegetables that are hard to digest, rough skin, thus reducing the consumption of aubergines, tomatoes.

4. It is undesirable to leave in the diet of jam and fresh berries or fruits, in which many small seeds (raspberries, kiwi).

5. It is important to provide abundant drinking regime, drinking a day at least 2 liters of fluid.

On the eve of the day on which the planned virtual colonoscopy preparation is the cleansing of the intestine with the help of the drug Fortrans, a couple of packages which is dissolved in two liters of water and drink within 2-4 hours. The day of the procedure only drink water.

Thus, speaking about the technique, colonoscopy, is effective if it is necessary to identify pathological changes in the intestinal walls during their initial development, to get a good picture of the colon and other abdominal organs. The study detected a clear localization of the affected area, an assessment of the condition of the surrounding tissues. It is even possible to diagnose the metastasis.

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