Atonic constipation and its treatment

A feature of atonic constipation is the development of disorders on the background of necrosis of nerve fibers in the intestine or too weak irritation.

In the end, the peristalsis or partially deteriorates or disappears completely.

Start the destructive process may regular unhealthy diet, lack in the diet of nutrients, fiber, provoking the formation of feces in scarce quantity.

Characteristics and symptoms

Characteristic symptom of atonic constipation is stool output several times a day in copious quantities. While the consistency of the bowel movements become hard, so the act of defecation is accompanied by pain. Perhaps even cracks in the anus (this symptom is manifested in both adults and children).

Also, there are the following symptoms of atonic constipation:

  • Delay bowel movement for 2 days or longer.
  • The presence in the stool, bloody streaks.
  • Difficulty emptying with a heavy stool output.
  • The feeling of bloating.
  • Flatulence.

Additionally, there are signs of atonic bowel disorders in the form of poor appetite, fatigue and weakness. In severe and prolonged constipation become apparent symptoms of intoxication, including fever, pallor, nausea, headache.

From all kinds of violations of bowel function with constipation atonic constipation is the most common pathology associated with the inability of the intestinal muscles to perform its function due to loss of elasticity. The result is a rare evacuation of the intestine, causing the lumen of the colon clogged stool, putting pressure on nearby internal organs. The result is not only discomfort, but also pain, so treatment is urgent.

The reasons for bowel dysfunction

Atonic constipation from dysmotility of the colon in children and adults can develop for the following reasons:

1. Daily unhealthy diet. To symptoms of bowel dysfunction results in a lack of presence in the diet of foods of plant origin, the abundance of processed or refined foods, the monotony of the menu, with a predominance on the table of meat dishes, pastry. In the end, the body lacking natural stimuli, resulting in the reduction of the intestine by the nature of the physiological mode.

2. Failure to comply with drinking regime and food on the move dry. Especially important from childhood to teach children to proper organization of the diet and monitor the composition of water consumed, which should not contain a large amount of lime. Failure to comply with such conditions atonic and spastic constipation will become the norm for the child and go into a chronic disorder.

3. Dictated by modern life, reduced physical activity, spending time not for sporting activities and active games (e.g., a child), and computer or tablet. The result is a weakening of the abdominal muscles and the appearance of negative symptoms of deterioration of the intestinal motility.

4. Too often, laxatives or regular cleansing enemas, which can cause the exhaustion of the nerve receptors located in the intestinal wall. In this scenario, there syndrome lazy bowel, which cannot enter normal independent operation.

5. Inflammatory processes in the digestive system. For a child the presence of inflammation in the digestive tract often becomes the main cause of atony of the intestine due to a serious violation of production of enzymes.

The discomfort and is characteristic of the constipation symptoms can occur due to constant stress, emotional instability, physical exhaustion, bad habits in the form of Smoking or alcohol abuse. In women, the symptoms of atony of the intestine often occur during pregnancy or after cesarean section. A similar effect give and other operations on the abdominal organs, so the treatment of the disease begin immediately after the postoperative period.

How to eliminate the disease?

To cure atonic constipation in a child or adult and to organize the work of the intestine is possible only with an integrated approach to the problem.

1. A review of the diet.

Paramount importance is given to the proper organization of the diet with the following recommendations:

  • Treatment of constipation is possible only if enrichment diet dietary fiber. In a large number of much needed bowel vegetable fiber is found in pumpkin, carrots, beets, prunes, and porridge with buckwheat and oat groats.
  • To treat the disease and to intensify peristalsis help fresh vegetable juice from carrots and beets (the best result can be obtained using the mixture of the two juices).
  • For cooking fish and vegetables it is recommended to use only the mode of cooking.
  • To cure constipation help dairy products, therefore, the table must daily attend kefir or yogurt.
  • For effective treatment it is important to eat for yourself a fixed schedule, strictly observing the time intervals.

2. Exercises.

The treatment of atonic constipation is Supplement diet special exercises with exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles. After melanoma has been diagnosed, shown to therapeutic massage the stomach, which can hold only a specialist.

3. Drug therapy.

If the symptoms are atonic constipation persist for a long period of time and is not curable through diet and exercise, on prescription you can start taking laxatives medicines. In addition, the scheme of treatment includes antispasmodics for the relief of pain, tools that contribute to increasing the contractility of intestine in the form of Neostigmine.

You can replace laxatives tablets for oral administration rectal suppositories with glycerin, which gently effect on the intestinal wall, causing the urge to defecate. To soften the stagnant fecal masses hold an oil enema.

4. Recommendations of folk medicine.

To treat atony of the intestine can not only medicines, but also folk remedies. Especially effective following recipes:

  • Buckthorn bark connects with a crushed caraway seeds and chamomile color in the ratio of 4:1:2, and then spoon collection pour a glass of boiling water, put in a water bath and boiled for 10 minutes and then leave to cool. To drink a decoction need for the night.
  • Mature fruits and seeds of anise, fennel, cumin (each component is taken in quantities teaspoon), pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 30 minutes then filter and drink a third Cup before the main meals.
  • Collect flowering cherry sprigs, washed, dried and placed in paper packages. As soon as there are symptoms of intestinal atony, begin to treat the disease, pouring a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of broken twigs. Cherry tea only drink fresh every 3 hours during the day.
  • Atonic type of disorder stool can be treated effectively using infusion of coffee, making a teaspoon of ground natural product poured half a glass of just boiling water and insist for at least 30 minutes. Drinking coffee is a medicine in the form of heat twice or thrice a day.
  • BlackBerry leaves, fennel fruit, Rowan, grass, nettle and oregano combine in equal amounts, and then three tablespoons of collecting pour three cups of boiling water and leave to infuse for 3 hours. Drink herbal tea for the treatment you need before meals three times a day.

If atony of the intestine is constant, disturbing a child or an adult, you should not delay a visit to the doctor. Self-treatment and elimination characteristic of the disorders symptoms only helps to alleviate the condition, especially if under the guise of atonic constipation there is a serious internal disease that requires careful diagnosis and therapy under the supervision of a specialist.

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