Feel sick, stomach hurts

With stomach spasms – a condition which manifests itself through involuntary contraction/shrink of smooth muscle and having the character struggles faced by almost everyone.

In medicine this kind of pain in the stomach are called in one word “gastralgia”. As a rule, to deal with it, try with the help of improvised means (analgesic drugs from a home kit or traditional methods), not thinking that it might be one of the symptoms of dysfunction of the digestive system. Especially suspicious is necessary when pain is present in addition to nausea.

Causes of nausea and gastralgia

Of course, a single combination of these phenomena implies the use in food of substandard products (additional symptoms of food poisoning – diarrhea, vomiting, fever, dehydration) or can be the consequence of physical exhaustion in which a person in addition feels a strong weakness, detachment from everyday life or irritable for no reason. However, regular bouts of nausea and epigastric pain (epigastric region where the stomach and some other organs such as the duodenum, pancreas, spleen) – clear symptoms of serious pathologies.

The nature of pain and the presence of accessory (secondary) symptoms it is possible to assume, what kind of developed the disease:

1. Gastritis – inflammation of the mucous layer of the stomach, accompanied by aching and dull pain. After eating (especially fatty, sour, spicy) observed the severity and bursting in a hollow organ of the digestive tract, frequent urge to vomit, heartburn, mouth an unpleasant taste, there are problems with emptying (constipation or diarrhea).

2. Ulcer – symptoms peptic ulcer disease duodenum and stomach are very similar: severe nausea, lack of appetite, sour burps, possible bleeding. The pain of different duration and intensity (piercing, sucking, cutting, spastic), mainly present in the right side of the epigastric region, but can radiate to the back and right upper quadrant. In the case of ulcers, which developed at the end of the gut pain transferred to the Central line nadrovia.

3. Pancreatitis is a frequent cause cramps in the stomach due to the inflammatory-degenerative process occurring in the pancreas. The character of the pain is described as cutting, blunt, with localization in the stomach, you experience dry mouth, tongue coating yellow in color, nausea, vomiting eaten food and bile, diarrhea or, conversely, the hardening of the muscles of the abdomen and constipation.

4. Stomach polyp – benign growths of the glandular structure at first does not manifest itself. However, with the development begin to appear aching pain in the stomach, aching lower back and near the shoulder blades during the meal. Symptoms of this disease is largely identical to the signs of gastritis and ulcers, so General body weakness, unstable stool (obstipation is replaced by diarrhea), heartburn, salivation, nausea, belching are also present here.

5. Appendicitis – inflammation of the Appendix cecum (the Appendix) may also be the reason why my stomach hurts and feel sick. Patients describe the condition as rapid occurrence of cramps at the bottom right, and after a certain period of time, the capture of the greater part of the abdomen. Also, patients notice a whitish tongue, loss of appetite, fever up to 39 C. the Treatment of appendicitis is based on the immediate operation, since the neglect situation is dangerous to the development of peritonitis (inflammatory process of the abdominal cavity, accompanied by poisoning of the body and disruption of most bodies).

Stomach cancer is the most terrible pain in the epigastrium. If untreated, this steadily progressive disease can lead to serious complications and even death. Her symptoms at different stages of excellent. So, if the 1st phase is characterized by: fatigue, aversion to animal protein, anemia, weight loss, 2-Oh – stomach pain, nausea, belching air, disorders of defecation, flatulence (but applications are periodic in nature), the 3rd phase is added to the obstruction of food, vomiting with the smell of rotten eggs increased severity of primary and secondary signs.

Speaking of the 4th stage of cancer, we can say that all the symptoms become continuous. The patient suffers pain in the stomach, which stopped only for a short time with the help of narcotic analgesics. Unfortunately, most people do it at the last stages of cancer only begins to suspect something is wrong with the body and seek doctor, but the prognosis is unfavorable. That’s why it’s so important to listen to their bodily sensations initially.

In some cases, need professional help?

Stomach pain accompanied with nausea, serious phenomenon, so a visit to the doctor (internist, gastroenterologist, surgeon, oncologist) it is better not to postpone.

Especially medical help is needed if:

  • cramps lasting longer than 1-2 hours and is stopped from doing usual work;
  • vomiting yellow/green or blood;
  • stomach hurts while eating/sleep;
  • there is an increase in body temperature (38 °C);
  • the pain is accompanied by loss of consciousness;
  • the chair is a dark black, tar-like consistency;
  • diarrhea contains an admixture of bright red blood;
  • pain occur periodically for a long time;
  • complaint from a pregnant woman or child.

In order to prevent serious diseases, diagnosis and treatment of pain in the stomach must engage a qualified technician. Only he will be able to determine what is developed the pathology, the degree of its severity and prescribe appropriate therapy.

If the cause of dyspepsia (painful digestion) has been inflammation of the pancreas, the doctor writes the patient enzyme preparations – drugs that contain a special digestive enzymes (compounds involved in the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates), for example, Kreon, Mangrol, Mezim, Festal, Pancreatin. With the disease of the stomach can be used Famotidine, Maalox, De-Nol, Omeprazole, Ranitidine, Almagell. In the case of ulcerative lesions these funds gastroenterologists add antibiotics.

If you have experienced diarrhea, nausea and pain after eating epigastric, but the General condition is satisfactory, we can assume light food intoxication. With her easy to fight at home: you need to take a few tablets of activated charcoal (1 piece per 10 kg of weight) and to drink more fluids for the withdrawal of toxic substances from the body. Pain will help to manage medication, such as no-Spa, Analgin, Ibuprofen, Papaverine, which are located in each first aid kit. In the case where analgesics does not give the desired result, and the stomach continues to hurt, do not refuse professional medical care.

The relief of the patient, even if very sore stomach and feel sick, will contribute to the following:

  1. 1. activity lying position or close to horizontal;
  2. 2. the weakening of the strap, elastic bands and other clothing items, constricting the epigastric area;
  3. 3. drinking water without gases and adherence to starvation diets.
What you can and can’t eat?

When the stomach, the food should be gentle and soft. Therefore, experts recommend limiting, or preferably eliminating the use of these products:

  • pickles, smoked products, pickles;
  • vegetables with bitter taste (e.g. onion, radish, cabbage, radish);
  • any kind of sauce (mushroom, fish, tomato, meat);
  • baking;
  • fried foods;
  • fruits and berries, sour taste;
  • a hard-boiled egg;
  • chocolate;
  • kvass, carbonated drinks, coffee.

Diet for stomach pain – allowed products:

  • cereal (rice, oats, semolina, buckwheat);
  • boiled/steamed meat and fish;
  • cheese, baked milk, butter (unsalted);
  • baked fruits;
  • soft-boiled eggs;
  • vegetarian soups;
  • vegetables, steamed;
  • honey, jam;
  • kissel, compote, weak tea.

Diet for pain in the stomach and nausea is based not only on the intake of beneficial and gentle products that can be adjusted in every situation, but proper diet, therefore, all suffering from gastrointestinal diseases should not eat less frequently 4-6 times a day (preferably at the same time with the last meal no later than 2 hours before bedtime), and doing it in small portions.

What to do to prevent dyspepsia?

In the treatment of pain in the stomach, special attention is paid to the prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. While preventive measures include diet, refusal alcohol and tobacco products and the use of certain folk remedies, for example:

1. tea of plantain (dried herb of this plant is always sold in a pharmacy), to brew and to drink it should be 3 times a day for 1 week; this recipe is perfect not only for prevention but also during pain and nausea;

2. mixture of 1 teaspoon honey and 3 drops of oil of Bay leaf or cinnamon (for internal use);

3. dandelion syrup – chopped dandelion flowers (500 g) backfilled with sugar (1 kg); before use 1 teaspoon diluted in 100 ml of water; course unlimited.

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