Inflammation of the Appendix

Unfortunately, to make an attack of appendicitis is capable of any, regardless of gender and age. But people 30-40 years are more at risk, he also inflamed in women two times faster.

Doctors have put forward several hypotheses of the origin of the disease.

Factors that can cause disease

1. Psychosomatic factor.

Many people don’t pay attention to such cause of appendicitis, which is a profound mistake.

  • Often, surgeons or internists don’t find an adequate explanation. Emotions and feelings can not only cause stress, but to provoke the inflammation of appendicitis. Psychological attack creates a spasm and blocks the entrance to the process, promotes the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Thus, the unseen source turns into tangible.
  • Another indicator is anger. People, unable to cope with emotions and to suppress them, unsure of himself, unable to make the right decisions on time. This means that the first symptoms of inflammation of the Appendix has not been given due attention. People go to the doctor too late, given that the disease can be prevented.
  • The most dangerous is fear. On its soil get complication. In women there is often a delay period for appendicitis. Every patient is nervous during the disease, afraid of surgical intervention on a subconscious level. In addition, ladies are worried about the scars that remain after surgery.

2. Mechanical.

It is considered the most common. Blockage of appendicitis involves the growth of microbes and inflammation. This state give the following reasons:

  • Crowded the Appendix provides a compression of the walls of blood vessels, accumulation of mucus. It promotes the death of cells, purulent secretions. When the content falls out of the perforation in the intestine, doctors diagnosed peritonitis.
  • Chronic diseases of the abdominal cavity or pelvis cause compression of the upper part of the appendage. Similar expression is observed in case of cholecystitis, enteritis, adakite.
  • Also cause serve as a foreign body. Despite the fact that patients think that the husk of sunflower seed is the most dangerous way to inflammation of the Appendix, doctors are much less likely to ascertain the etiology of such. More common are the origin of tumor formation, cysts.

3. Infectious.

  • Tuberculosis, typhoid type, yersiniosis, vasculitis, parasites can help to trigger the disease. The theory is that appendicitis begins to manifest itself after the simultaneous inflammation and infections that serve as a catalyst.
  • The etiology is accompanied by purulent problems, then prescribe powerful antibiotics. Women who underwent such a bouquet of diseases, it is often asked whether appendicitis cause a delay of menstruation. According to researches, the complex of these abnormalities leads to disruption of the cycle. Treatment in this case involves the use of vitamins, lectores.

4. Food.

  • People who eat a lot of fiber, the risk of inflammation of the Appendix is much lower.
  • Plant foods helps to improve peristalsis, leads to constipation and accumulation of fecal matter that clog the Appendix, in children the most common cause is the use of chips, fast foods.
  • Fatty, salty and smoked foods overload the stomach too abundant food is becoming unaffordable for digestion, the Appendix does not have time to cope with the delay of waste. It is inflated, the bacteria get a favorable environment for the reproduction, stops the inhibition of microbes.

Appendicitis is a disease that is eliminated only by surgery, the forecasts generally are favorable. With timely diagnosis of the Appendix bowel problems in treatment arise. Long time to appendage have been treated as an excess body, but modern medicine says otherwise. To provoke appendicitis may be several reasons. It depends on a combination of indicators that are crucial to the completely healthy person and patients with disorders in digestive system cannot affect.

Bad advice

No one is able to anticipate a failure in the system, the more inflammation of the Appendix. But you can get a few recommendations on how one should not treat your body. These tips serve as a kind of prevention that helps to prevent problems and to avoid surgery:

1. Appendicitis – a storehouse of harmful bacteria, which get into the process, remain there forever. Generally, the food there didn’t pass, but if the digestive tract often overwhelm salty, spicy, smoked and any bad food, sickness will come very quickly. Start constipation, which will turn into chronic, the stool will compress the appendage, as a result, people can make inflammation and purulent manifestations.

2. Seeds – healthy product, rich in vitamins and trace elements. If you eat it in large quantities, and even with the shucks, the Appendix will become clogged in one day. The same applies to grapeseed. And it is not recommended to wash the fruits, so how do I connect to an infectious disease, which will aggravate the situation and will instantly bring on the surgical table.

3. Constant stress help to appendicitis in a short time. You need to be nervous, angry, afraid each step, then the body to properly react and give a range of different ailments, able to trigger complete disorder of all systems.

4. Uncontrolled use of drugs has a great impact on the emergence of negative processes. It is a dysbacteriosis, gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, ulcers. Each pathology may give rise to appendicitis. Let the antibiotics will completely destroy the microflora and create the perfect conditions for reproduction of pathogens.

5. Should not be serious about personal hygiene. Dirty hands are a proving ground for pathogens. Especially good they feel under my nails and after using the toilet. At the table for meals it is better to sit without prior water treatment.

6. If a person has a sedentary job and sedentary lifestyle, blood circulation in the pelvis and the intestine takes stagnant. Walks in the fresh air, morning exercises, swimming is the prevention. Therefore, it is possible to abandon the physical education and recreation, to appendicitis inflamed.

The Appendix currently forces doctors to pay special attention to it. The tonsils serve as an insulator against the penetration of infection in the stomach, angina, and appendage works more reliable barrier. Its mucosa has a large number of lymph follicles, which protect the intestines from cancer and other diseases. Make appendicitis a day is possible, but then the patient loses the important protective function, because nature couldn’t think of anything extra when he created human body.

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